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Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 11)

Hi guys………. Jnana back again……
I know I’m not a great writer like you people are. I know my story is boring even then you people are supporting me…. thank you for that…. Please support me in the same way and let me know your reviews….

If everything was as planned all the members of MEHRA project must have been to delhi to work on it. Sam was fine but not fit. She was pampered by neil, arjun and radhika a lot. Anu hadn’t showed up after the day she cleared radhika’s confusion. Abhi would avoid speaking about anu’s health in front of them. Sam was discharged and she was going to birdsong. Their trip was postponed for about 15 days. Neil felt anu and abhi would have fought and maybe that’s the reason anu hadn’t showed up. He knew his sister quite well. She wasn’t going to listen to anyone until and unless everything was in her favor. She was too adamant to listen to someone. But now the situation wasn’t same. Day by day anu was losing her strength. She was feeling vulnerable. Abhi was worried about her. She could be operated but chance of losing her was more than chance of her survival.


Its been three days since sam started working and she wanted to see her friend. But anu didnt show up. This worried her and she thought of paying a visit to her. She called abhi to ask if they were in home so that she could meet them. Abhi didn’t answer the calls. Now her worry increased. She went upto arjun and informed him about her going to anu’s house. He told her that he would come with her. He informed neil and radhika also.

Maybe god’s grace or maybe his luck, arjun got almost everything he craved for, except his nandu. He was now calling himself as the world’s luckiest person. But in reality maybe he was the one among the most unlucky people in the world. He felt he had an inseparable bond with anu at the sight of her. But still he wasn’t able to guess what that was. And about radhika, he really tried maintaining a healthy relation with her. These two were not speaking like the usual couple (even sam and neil) do. But still they were happy around each other. Its not that arjun lost his fear of losing radhika again. Each and every step he took only after thinking for about 1000 times or maybe more. Now he wasn’t sure if she really loves him or not. But the day she confesses it, he would not let her go. Radhika was his life. He wanted to trust her but still could not after all these he went through. He still had no idea about his life before he met nandini. Whenever he tried thinking about it, he would get some flashes. But he was not able to remember anything. Even this morning he had got some flashes about someone trying to kill anu, and he got up with a jerk, but composed after he found that it was dream. From then he felt the urge to meet his newly found sister. None of them had clue about anu as they haven’t seen her for past five days. Abhi would come but would go back very early. Even when in office he would always be on some or the other calls.

Abhi was on call: are you sure anu is in that building? Please check once. It is becoming really difficult to handle. These people are planning to meet anu. After getting some response he accepted to do something.
He slowly and cautiously went near neil’s cabin as everyone was there itself. Even radhika was there. Now even she knew something about anu as everyone would speak about anu. She thought anu was different from everyone. The spark in her eyes which is always present was like telling everyone that she could conquer anything in the world. But she was sure that anu was really good from her heart.

Abhi slowly entered the cabin and he saw them chit chatting. He felt the news he was giving them would spoil their happiness that was the reason he sat quiet for five days but now it was enough. He went to them and they glared at him for not giving them enough time in these days. Abhi’s eyes were tearing up. He wanted to share this with them but still he feared. Finally he made up his mind. Abhi: guys anu is missing from 5 days. Everyone stood shocked. tears started to flow from his eyes and neil was numb. His sister, his doll was missing from 5 days and he didn’t give a damn about it he thought. Abhi: after we all had dinner that night, when we were returning back, before we left the hospital anu felt like using washroom, she went and that was last I saw her. I thought you people were already messed up so I didn’t inform you. Arjun went to him: we really don’t mean anything to you right? You both never tell anything to us…. He was interrupted. Abhi: I’m sorry arjun. You got your wife back only days ago and sam wasn’t well too. I know you people are really angry with me, but guys I got to know where she is. Please help me. He requested. Everyone agreed. Abhi told them that all the guys would go to that place and rasam would stay updated. They were asked to stay back so that no one doubts. The guys left.

Neil still didn’t speak up. He was shook literally. He didn’t even cry. Arjun was disturbed and abhi had a hope of seeing his wife. They reached the building. It was a building which was still under construction. They saw a number of guards standing. They didn’t want to alert everyone at the same time. They slowly entered. Abhi had a bottle of chloroform with him. All the three opened their hankys and the put some chloroform and entered the building making the guards unconscious one by one. Abhi had informed police about the same. They took all the guards with them. Now the guys thought they would encounter the person behind these, but they didn’t. They searched the whole building but there was no clue about her or her kidnapper. That was when neil’s eye fell on a wooden box laying on the floor. He went near that and heard someone’s breath. Abhi and arjun were still searching. He sat on his knees and lifted his hands to open it. His hands were trembling. He slowly placed his hands on the box and opened it. He opened the lid completely. His heart stopped. His found his sister. But she was unconscious. She had bruises on her forehead, arms and legs. He shouted for the other two. Soon they arrived. Abhi was happy to see his wife, but was equally sad for her fate. She had everything with her, yet she had nothing. She had everyone with her, yet she had none. Neil carried her to the car. All the while, abhi and neil were in tears. Even arjun was emotional. Neil suggested taking her to hospital, but the other two denied it. Finally they took her to their house. Anu was still unconscious. Abhi dressed her wounds and arjun informed the girls. Even they arrived. Abhi thought of sending anu’s blood for a laboratory test as he saw a syringe when they found anu. He took the sample and went to submit it asking others to take care of her.

Paralelly in spain, anand (anu’s dad) felt something was not wrong. His hands moved. His eye balls moved. His body shivered. He started sweating. Advaith who came to the room to check some files, saw his brother’s reaction. He called the doctors. The doctors were hoping about him getting his conscious. But no he again relaxed. Their hope faded away. They left with a gloomy face.

Sorry guys I could not keep up with the precap. But this was needed. So please forgive me. and sorry for not giving ardhika scenes. But in the next chappy I would definitely give some. Please give me your reviews.

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