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Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 2)

Thanks to all who read my story & supported me through their valuable cmnt..& tash..u gave me a really mini heart attack..but seriously thank u all guyzz…now let’s strt the story…

Manan ~ It’s You ~ my firefly


Manik entered the hall & disturbed nyonika in her thought process..
Manik : mom,what r u thinking??
Nyo : nothing beta..
Manik : ok…
Calling bell rang..
Manik : may b the doctor has come..I’ll go & check..
Manik opened the door & welcomed the doctor…
Nyo : thnk God doc u came.. Plz check this girl..what has happened to her?!
Doc checked nanidini..
Doc : do u know her??

Nyo : no doc..we don’t..
Manik : what happened to her doc ??
Doc : she fainted because of shock..may b she was going through a lot of mental stress..she is weak also..she needs proper care & rest..she shouldn’t take any stress as it is harmful for her..try to keep her happy..I’ll prescribe some medicine.. Give them to her tym to tym & make sure she takes healthy food..
Manik : ok doc..we’ll take care of that..thank u..
Doc : do call me if u need any help..
Nyo : sure doc..
Doctor left..
Nyo : manik..let’s take her to the guest room..
Manik : ok mom..
Manik carried nandini & took her to the guest room..he made her sleep in the bed & covered her with a blanket..

Manik’s pov :
Looks lyk she has been going through a lot..what might have happened with her ?!!
End of pov

Nyonika noticed manik staring at nandini..so she made a fake cough that disturbed his thought process..
Nyo : someone is lost..
Manik : what mom ! I was just thinking what might have happened with her !!
Nyo : yeah..r8..today u r thinking a lot..so stop thinking & go to sleep..I’m with her..
Manik : yeah..whatever.. Gd n8 mom..
Nyo : gd n8 beta !!
Manik went to his room & slept thinking about nandini…

Next morning :

Someone is chasing Nandini.. Nandini is running & running.. She is hiding behind a tree..suddenly someone caught her from behind..she turns & gets scared..
Man : where will u go now ??!!
He gives an evil laugh.. Nandini screams loudly..

She got up from bed with a jerk..yes..it was her dream..Manik & nyonika came to the room immediately listening her scream..Nandini was panting badly..
Nyo : r u f9 beta?? What happened to u ?? Do u need something?
Nandini stares at nyonika..then manik..
Nyo : say something beta..
Nandini : how did I come here? Who r u?
Nyo : I’m Nyonika Malhotra & he is my son Manik Malhotra.. What is ur name??
Nandini : I’m nandini..but who brought me here & how ?!!!
Nyo : my son.. Manik..he has brought u here..
Nandini looked at Manik.. Both were looking at each other..
Nyo : actually last night my son was coming back from a party..u suddenly came in front of his car at highway..then u fainted.. So he has brought u here..
Then nandini got a flashback of last night..she became numb & scared.. Manik was continuously looking at nandini, her expression.. He was cmpltly observing her..Nyonika gave her some water & told her to relax & take rest as she is safe here..then they left the room..

Nandini’s pov :
Oh…God ! I had a very bad dream.. But where am I ?! Whose house is this ?! If its his house then?? What will I do & how will I run from here?!!
Suddenly two people entered in the room..may b they heard my screams.. But who r they?! The lady is looking lyk my mom’s age & the boy..he is really tall & handsome.. Just looking lyk a Greek God..
The lady introduced themselves & asked me some question about myself.. Then she told me how I came here..I was just staring at the boy..then I got some flashback of last night.. Shivers ran through my body thinking about it..the lady gave me some water & told me to take rest & both left..
I felt relaxed as it was not his house..they won’t be able to find me here easily.. But what next ?!!
End of pov

So this was chapter two.
What do u think ?? About whom nandini was thinking about? & what happened with her ??
To know stay tuned..
& if u lyk it then plzzz do share ur feedbacks.. I really need it..till then..

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