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Love which cannot be expressed. Rads Family Tree (MM,SR,BD YHM,IPKKN,YRKKH)

Hi guys a very sorry i am unable to post due to some reasons so thought of telling you about Radhika’s family tree so that you dont get confused in the future chapters. I have decided to change Mala’s name to Divya, Ahalya’s name to Aliya and Dilip’s name to Philip.

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Love which cannot be expressed………..Chapter-3 Radhika is back home (Manmarziyan)


Suraj – Sarah (Rads gandprarents. Nani – Nani)

7 children

Philip Mishra -Married Divya, 2 children Ankush (Age 20) and Ria (Age 22).

Neha Mishra- Married Rehan Mawan and she is now Neha Mawan, 2 children Aditiya (Age- 31) and Sonia ( Age 20).

Naira Mishra – Married Karthik Singhania and is now Naira Singhania, 3 children Om( Age – 25), Arun (Age – 24) and Radhika (Age 23)

Madhavi Mishra- Married Kuber Malhotra and is now Madhavi Malhotra, 2 children Abheer (Age 34), Krish ( Age 28)

Shagun Mishra – Married Rahul Singh Raizada and is now Shagun Raizada, 2 children Aarav (Age 28) and Sherya ( Age 26)

Annapurna Mishra – Married Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Is now Annapurna Maheshwari, 2 children Adarsh Age32 and Lakshya Age 26

Sujata Mishra – Married Ram Prasad Maheshwari and is now Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari, 2 children Sanksar (Age 27) and Uttara (Age 21)

Married Grand Children

Abheer, Married Meher (Age 32), 2 children Ishan age 8 and Ishani age 2 months

Adarsh, Married Parineeta Age 31 and childless.

Aditiya, Married Aliya ( Age 29) and 1 child Amy 5 years

Aarav (ASR) Married Kushi (Age 27) and 1 month old child girl.( Please suggest a name for her.)

Krish, Married Trisha( Also known as Trish) and 6 year old daughter name Trashika.

Sanksar Married Swara ( Age 25) and she is 7 months pregnant.

Lakshya Married Ragini ( Age 25) no kids.

Om, Married Vritika ( Is dead) 2 year old daughter Ruhi. ( She taken care by Arun and Radhika)

Single Grand Children

Sherya – Age 26

Arun – Age 24

Radhika- Age 23

Ria – Age 22

Uttara- Age 21

Ankush- Age 20

Sonia – Age 20

So guys this is how much I could type. Will try to post as soon as I can. And please suggest a name for ASR and Kushi’s daughter.

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