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Love strengthens relationship (Episode 6)

Guys it’s Varun’s bday right!! this chapter only has sanskar baby !! IOkkiiee without too much talking we can go to the story..

Sanskar: am I in love with swara?

He remembered all their meeting..

(Swara studied in singapore, sanskar in London..he often used to fly to Singapore to meet her)

He remembered their  talk and meeting..

In singapore..

Two years back..

Swara was sleeping in her hostel room..

It’s 10.00 pm..

She received a call from an unknown number..


Opp side: Hi.. is tat swara..
(He was mesmerized hearing her voice)

Swara:ya…nd may I know who u are?!

Opp side: I’m sanskar..I hope u remember me..

Swara: haa..yaa…wat a surprise..how are u?!

Sanskar:I’m fyn! Wat about u!

Swara: ya fyn..

Sanskar: I just wanted to talk to u about ragini..

Swara: about ragini..

Sanskar tells something (that’s secret guys)

Swara: then we ve to do something!!(she said I’m a worried tone)

Sanskar:hmmm…ya I think we should meet and discuss about this?!

Swara: but how?!

Sanskar: I ll come to ur place!

Swara: hmm..okiie..and wen?!

Sanskar: now!

Swara: what??!!!!
(She shouted!)
But how?!

Sanskar: just come out

Swara got tooo shocked..!

She came too her balcony..

Sanskar was sitting in his car..he saw swara in her balcony with her phone..

Sanskar (thinks): wow!! She looks so cute!! She s  having her phone in her hand…!may she s swara..

Swara was searching for him..

Sanskar: just come down..

Swara came down..

She saw him..

Swara:(thinks): wow!! He’s so cute..

Sanskar: Hi swara!


They both talked for sometime..

Sanskar:okkiiee tomorrow i ll meet u in ur clg..

Swara: hmmm..okkiee done..

Sanskar went to his hotel room and was thinking about swara..

Next day..

In swara’s clg,

Sanskar came there..swara was in canteen..and seeing him,she came along with her friend arjun..

Sanskar looked at him..he was so handsome and has more well built body than him..he was feeling uneasy seeing them both close..

Sanskar: hi swara..

Swara: hii.. Sanskar..
Meet my friend arjun..

Sanskar:ohh..hi arjun..

Swara: arjun..I told na..he s sanskar..

Arjun: haa…! Ur …

Swara jumped and closed his mouth with her hands..

Sanskar was fuming with anger..but didn’t show it up..

Sanskar: haa!! Swara..i have some work I’ll come soon..

Swara:but y so soon?!Sanskar..

Sanskar: I’ll come some other tym..and bye arjun


Arjun also bid him bye..

(Guys I ll add their past whenever necessary, if u want more tell me guys I’ll add it..!)

He remembered all those days and smiled remembering his jealousy!!

Why I felt jealous

Y I told all those dialogues to lucky..

Am I in love with swara..!

Yaa!!!! I think so..!!!! I luv her!!!!

He shouted I love you swara..

Laksh: yo! Idiot..! I know it already.. why are u shouting and waking me up..let me sleep..

Sanskar: lucky ..!!! I love swara!!!

Lucky: now wat shall I do for it..!!??!

Sanskar pulled him from bed and started dancing with him..

Laksh: arrey!! Pagal u already love her na.. now y r u ovr acting?!
He shouted in a sleepy tone..

Sankar:(thinks) shall I say him the truth…!!?!no …I ll say after he confess his love to ragini..!

Sankar: aah.. !! my love for her increased now!! Tats y;)..
And he smiled shyly

Laksh: okokok!!! U do whatever u want??but don’t be shy okk!! I just can’t see that!!;)

Sanskar:(started shouting) I’m the happiest man in the world..!!

Laksh: aah..!! My grandmother already told me..!!

Sanskar: wat she told?!

Laksh: she told me not to have company with those who love..!!

Sanskar:hahah..but we can’t do anything..!! U r my bro..so u have to tolerate this…
He said laughing

Laksh: but..instead of this torture..u better join me in any home..

Sanskar: but u will start flirting with all the  grannies who r there..tats not safe for them..so better u be here..

Laksh: Huhhhh!!! How mean…!

Sanskar suddenly jumped over laksh and started kissing him..

Laksh: ohhh myy god!!!arey idiot wat r u dng..??!!

Sanskar: I love swara… laksh..I’m so happiieeeeeeeee..

Laksh: Huhhhh..

Laksh moved away from him..and covered his chest with his hands crossed..

Laksh: plzz.. stay away from me..I ve to b careful with u…
Tat too I’m alone.. no one is there to help..

Sanskar:areyy idiot..

Laksh: no I’ll not believe u..

Sanskar: okokkkk baba.. before u say me something else…I ll stop..okk..u sleep..

Laksh: but maintain distance okk

Laksh arranged pillows btw them and slept..
Sanskar kept dreaming abt swara

It’s sharply 12..!

Both swara and sanskar got up from their bed..without disturbing ragini and lucky respectively!

They both came to garden..

Seeing sanskar swara remembered her possessiveness over him but didn’t show up..
Sanskar was in a happy mood..

Sanskar: gud mrng swara!

Swara: ohh..!! Gud Mrng ( she said tat with a smile)

Sanskar: okkiiee.. let’s come to our mission..

Swara: sanskar..I hav a happie news!
(She said tat lyk a child and started dancing with him)

Sanskar: hahah.. swara stop it..nd say Wat’s tat matter ?!

Swara: ragini loves luckyyy!!!!!

Sanskar being so happy lifted swara and started turning around while swara was laughing wholeheartedly..

After few minutes..Sanskar slowly let swara down..while both felt their heartbeats..and they were last in each other’s eyes..

Swara felt so happy..

Sanskar just wanted to hug her tight and propose her, but he controlled himself to propose her in a surprise manner..

Swara was feeling so shy..

Sanskar: I already told laksh that ragini loves him to know his feeling…

Swara:wat he told?!

Sanskar; he was too excited..I think he to have feelings for her..but he is not realizing it..

After some time

Swara: Sanskar, I think I have to leave…ragini will search for me..

Sanskar: she ll not search for u..she knows about our love na..

Swara: wat?!( She said in shocking tone but was smiling inside)

Sanskar: woh! Woh!! Tat is…( he started brushing his hair)

Swara : okokkkk…I understand..( she said it with a smile)

Sanskar (thinks): sanky u r too much distracted with her presence in this beautiful romantic surrounding let’s get out immediately…!

Sanskar:okk swara..gn..sweet dreams..

Swara: gud nit sanky..

Swara left..

When sanky was about to go Sasha came..

Sasha: hae! Sanskar! U haven’t slept yet?!

Sanskar: I wasn’t getting sleep..and tats y came for a walk..

Sasha: oh..tats good..I’m too in same situation..shall I also accompany u.

Sanskar: am sry Sasha..I think I’m getting sleep now..

Sasha: it’s ok..sanky..gud nit..

And sanky left..

Sasha: now u can go sanky..but one day I’ll never let you go.. especially to swara..(she smiles evilly)

Ap who came to drink water  saw sanky leaving..

Ap (thinks): where dis sanky have went at this tym?!
Then she sees Sasha in garden..and went to her room in a confused state..

Next mrng,

sanky and lucky got ready and came down..

Sujatha: see here..even u boys got ready and came here but my lazy daughters haven’t waked up still now..!

Sanky: but swara is an early riser na aunty..!?!

Sujatha: ya beta..but today she s too sleeping..nd beta how do u know about her?!

Sanky was shocked and was thinking wat to say..

Laksh: ragini told aunty..
And He smiled at sanky..sanky smiled sheepishly

Sujatha: ohh…!
sanskar and lucky ..u both go and wake them up..I have many more works to do..

sanlaK: ok aunty

Swaragini room,

Swara and ragini were sleeping at each corner of the bed..

Sanskar was smiling seeing swara…

Laksh was trying to wake up ragini..

Laksh:ragini get up..

Ragini:swara let me sleep for some time..( she mistakens lucky as swara, as swara is a early riser)

Sanky smiles as ragini was calling lucky as swara..

Laksh: no ragini..get up

Ragini: u too sleep..( saying this she drags him..so that he falls next to her..and ragini hugs him thinking as swara..)

Laksh was shocked.. while sanky begins to laugh..

But his laughing expression was changing into a horror expression when swara turned..she was about to put her leg over lucky.

In the Nick of tym sanky rushed and he felled between lucky and swara..

Now they were in the order as,

Guys I know his realisation part might not b up to ur expectation..I’m so sorry for that..! Many of u asked sanskar jealousy part…so I tried to add it fb..but I didn’t get tat much tym to write it fully..!
So i just added their frst meet..plzz tell me if u want, I’ll add more scenes..!

U can imagine arjun character as arjun from dosti yaariyan manmarzian..!

I know this chapter is full of swasan..but I ll give u assurance that next part will have more raglak!!!
And I think it’s a long update ! Plz forgive me if it’s boring!

Do comment guys!! U can even bash me if u don’t lyk?!! But plzz don’t b silent!!?

Luv u all!!!!????

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