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Love strengthens relationship (Episode 1)

Hey!! Guys.. this is my frst stry..hope u ll lyk it..it’s just a introduction..i ll continue this stry only if I get some response..okkiiee let’s go to the stry

Character sketch:
Durgaprasad maheswari(dp): head of d family
Annapurna(ap):wife of dp
Sujatha:sister of dp
Ram prasad: husband of sujatha n son in law of maheswari family


Adharsh,laksh,sanskar: sons of dp n ap
Ragini n swara: daughters of sujatha n rp

Adharsh n laksh take cares of their family business.. while Sanskar having no interest in those stuffs went abroad to pursue his higher studies..

Ragini jus finished engineering n helps her uncle and dad in business along with adharsh n laksh

Swara is a dental student and a studying n abroad and will finish her studies by this year

Its a festive mrng in cholappur which is a small village..it’s coz of marriage of adharsh who s d elder son of maheswari family..

Laksh: maa..come soon I hav more works to do..it’s my bro’s marriage..

Ap: ya..ya…I know it’s ur bro’s marriage..so wat?

Laksh: so wat?
Wat r u talking ma I hav to do al works ..as no one s here.. I hav to take care of al d things. Huh…!

Ap:ohhh…so my son became so responsible..Huhhhh!! I m so proud of u..

Laksh: hmmm…okkiiee..I hope u understand ma..I hav so many works come soon..I’ll drop u n temple

Ap: hmmm…don’t shout.. I came right.. then wat?!come..n why r u hurrying wat’s tat work..? Ur dad did al d thing’s right?! Wat’s tat imp work tat he left?

Laksh:ma…I told right..my bro’s marriage.. Huhhhh.. so I hav so much of work

Ragini: hahhaha..

Laksh: hae pagal..y r u laughing?!

Ragini:nothing nothing…hahhaha..maa hav u forgot?! Today swara is coming naaaaaaa…..

Ap laughs..

Laksh: whyyy are u dragging?! Ugh..

Ragini: laksh..don’t try her okkiee..she will not get trapped into ur stupid tactics..she s my sister..so modern..well educated lyk me..so u btr

Laksh cutted her at d middle

Laksh:I hope she ll not look lyk u devil..

Ragini: wattttt??!!

Saying dis ragini started to chase him..while ap was laughing at them..

By evng..
ragini n laksh got ready to pick swara from airport as others are busy in marriage preparations..

Laksh was wearing a T-shirt of orange color with green color Jean

Ragini with a cute pink top n blue jeans

Ragini : laksh wat r u wearing …hahha..v r gng to airport n not to buy any cow from market..okkiee?

Laksh: haee!! Stop …dis s new fashion..OK..see how my darling will fall fr me

Ragini:hahha… but y r u dng dis much huh.

Laksh: see I’m not at all interested in talking to u.. I’m n romantic mood okkiiee..so jus shut up

Mean while ap comes there and seeing laksh she started laughing..

Ap: beta what is dis?! Please beta go n Change ur dress..hahah

Sujata:laksh..u don’t worry beta..u look very handsome.. this ragini na she s always lyk dis nly..! She s telling these al as she s jealous of u..

Ragini: hahah..ma..I m jealous ugh…see him…even mental will not get jealous of him..

Laksh: I know aunty.. as Im looking good than her…she has that feeling it’s okk ..aunty..see how sweet u r..n how stupid ur daughter is..I m just praying to God atleast ur other daughter is sweet

Sujatha:but beta..she s also lyk her sister only..haha

Laksh: so..al my effort got waste uhh?!
He said n a dramatic tone

Ragini: okkiieokkieekk…enough of talking come let’s go

They left..even on their way they kept pulling each other’s leg..

In airport,

Swara came down with the angelic smile on her face…wearing lavender color top n black jeans
..she looked so cute

Ragini: laksh see she came..

Saying this she ran towards her..laksh was still searching for swara..he haven’t even checked her fb profile..but today he became crazy about his aunt’s daughter?

He even missed ragini n that crowd..

Ragini:swara h r u? U know how much I missed u..

Swara: I too missed u a lot ragini..love u a lot..y didn’t others come to pick me up..

Ragini:u know na al r busy in adharsh marriage..tats why..but laksh came..see he ‘s there..I think he s searching for us..

Swara:okokkkk…hahahhahah..why he s wearing this sort of dress

Ragini:hahahhahah…ya…okkiee u go n talk to him ..I ll come after buying water bottle..

Swara; okkiiee

Precap: laksh, ragini, nd swara’s masti..sanskar’s entry

Hope u like it guys..comment plz as it is my frat try.. nd if u lyk.. i ll upload the next part soon..luv u all

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