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Hi all,
Hope all are doing gud. This is my first attempt. A remake of my fav show Yhm. Please read this and motivate me as I luv writing. Sorry for any mistakes. As per my perspective they should have shown Ishu-Amma’s reunion like this.
My story starts after the 7 years leap and ishitha coming to iyer house with Mihika and Mani.

Iyer House
Door bell rings
Amma rushing to open the door but get shocked and stay put while Appa calls out for her
Appa and Amma shell shocked seeing their daughter alive before their eyes after long 7 yrs. Tears rolling down from Amma’s cheeks. She tried to control her emotions and without a word retreated to her room.
Ishitha hugged her Appa and both stood speechless for a moment. The long 7 years had changed many things between the once adorable father-daughter pair.


Mani: Ishu, Go to aunty only you can console her today. Come out of your shell you forced around you all these years. Be the same old Ishu , Aunti’s loving daughter. Only she can convince her today.
Ishitha glanced towards her Appa and he nodded in acceptance.
Ishitha entered the room and moved close to her mother standing near the window staring in to the darkness outside
Amma : Where were you all this while? What’s the point of coming here now? My daughter can never do this to me. How can my beloved daughter stay away from me all these years while I was dying every single minute with the thought that I lost my dear ishu. In your grief of losing your daughter you chose to be anonymous . 7 years is a pretty long time ishu. You should atleast have ringed me once to let us know that you are safe. You never thought of a mother who lost both her daughter and grand daughter in that fateful day.

Ishitha with unshed tears filling her eyes and happiness arousing in her heart on getting a glimpse of her mother after a long while moved near to her and took her hand in hers
Ishitha: Amma, you know how much I loved Ruhi. How can I face all of you after losing Ruhi just because of my folly? Raman hates me. He held me responsible for ruhi’s death. He told me I am a selfish mother who chose pihu over Ruhi. He raised his fingers against my motherhood and my unconditional love for Ruhi. I couldn’t bear it Amma. You know the truth. Ruhi is my life. Without mani I would’nt have survived.
Ishu broken down infront of Madhu’s eyes reminiscing those heartless words of Raman. Madhu was visibly melting down seeing her daughter in such an agony

Amma: But it was not your fault Kanna. It was his damn idea to give in to the demands of Nidhi. And he himself suffered a lot for that. That unfortunate day had turned him to be the same insensitive and arrogant man once he used to be. The only one who can control him is Pihu – your daughter. She is 7 years now. You don’t want to see her dear.
Ishitha: Of course Amma. I want to see her. That way I will be fortunate to get a glimpse of my old Ruhi.
Amma: The barriors between Bhallas and us were deep rooted with time that we always long to get a glimpse of our own Grand daughter. She is such a lovely girl. Thanks to shagun who took well care of her all these while.
Ishitha: I don’t know how I spend all these years without you beside me to console me and without your lap to find solace. After all these years I am back only to find peace in my mother’s love. Need nothing more. With all my sacrifices in my life I never gained anything only insults and blames. Please Amma don’t shove me away from you as every one always does with me.

Amma cupped her face in her hands and embraced her. All the sorrows they enclosed in her heart washed away with the tears rolling down from their eyes.
Through the corner of her eyes Madhu saw Vishwa‘s eyes happily observing them
Madhu: Vishwa see my daughter is back home.
Mihika and Mani was so happy with the union. Mani felt relieved after seeing ishu smiling heartly after all these years.

Stay tuned for the next episode

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