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Love or die? episode 8 Matsh

I love u thats my secret! No matter what u do i will love u still until i will die!

Our story continunes from ishveer sitting in teracce and ishani saying umm ranveer so what u wanted to give me she smiled with her shiny cute lips ranveer looked at her and said u know ishani i really wanted to tell u it earlier but i was uncomfortable around people and i wanted to give u this i hope u will like it ishani jumps on ranveer and hugs him tight and says oh ranveer thank u ur so cute ranveer says well open it ishani opens it and sees braclet and wears it to her hand ishani says to ranveer thank u i promise i will wear it everyday and is it true that u love me ranveer ?she says looking at him with her shiny cute eyes ranveer says ishani i didnt said that i love u yet ishani looks at him and rools her eyes and says ok bye then ranveer smiles and holds her hand and hugs her from back ishani closes her eyes ranveer whispers to ishanis ear ishani


i really love u ishani turns back and says so why didnt u tell it earlier ranveer looks at ishani and says ishani i wanted to tell u but ….ritika and shikhar comes ranveer looks at them and ishani says says seeing them so ranveer when ur going to show me that book ranveer looks at her and says ohhh yea i will show u it tomorrow ritika lsays to them guys please dont pretend that ur talking about somekind of book and says to both of them that ishani have to go downstairs to cut the cake ishani says ok and says also ritika we was talking about book and goes to to cut the cake ranveer goes after ishani shikhar looks at ranveer and all of them go downstairs in downstairs everyone was waiting for ishani after she came she cut the cake and everyone was cheering for her but after that everone was talking and having fun after birthday ended falguni called ishani to her room to talk about something …will be continued. Guys i hope u liked it i tried my best i hope u will like the next episode i registered so now my name is Nonosh2525 ok byeeeeeee ? ? ?

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