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Love needs realisation (OS Intro)

hello guys! I thought to write an os Actually im not the writer and its my first os(one shot) so plzz forgive me if I will do any mistake.

************************Love needs realization**********************************


so, here is the INTRODUCTION .
sanskar maheshwari , laksh chopra and adarsh mehra are best friends and business partners too who married to swara , ragini and parineeta who loves their husband a lot and don’t know that their husbands are cheating them.

Sanskar maheshwari- best friend and business partner of laksh and adarsh . husband of swara ,loves swara but didn’t realise it and had many affairs.
Swara maheshwari-friend of ragini and parineeta .wife of sanskar loves sanskar a lot and trust sanskar blindly.
Laksh chopra-best friend and business partner of sanskar and adarsh .husband of ragini he also love ragini but didn’t realise and treat ragini badly not that much just try to control her.
Ragini chopra- friend of swara and parineeta . wife of laksh loves laksh and she also trust laksh blindly .and obeys all order of laksh also scard of laksh.
Adarsh mehra-best friend and business partner of sanlak also loves his wife parineeta but didn’t realise it and once caught by parineeta and her friend ranveer but he didn’t stop and have affairs not more then sanlak
Parineeta mehra-friend of swaragini caught adarsh red handed with the help of her friend and after that always try to control adarsh

Ranveer vaghela(fromMATSH)-friend of parineeta and a private detective always try to protect husband wife relationship and had a painful past.
There is also one character which I will introduce later.
And there r also supporting role
Sharmistha –mother of swara and ritika(from MATSH)
Ap and dp- parents of laksh and always try to protect ragini from laksh
Rp and sujata-parents of sanskar

Sahil-whole new York knows him as king and husband of kavita and his case is same as sanlak and adarsh he also had affair and he also had realization problem (hope u guys understand)
Kavita- wife of sahil and love sahil also hab doubt on him
Kamlnaayaran- father of kavita and sahil is scard of him coz he is not a king but he is a king maker

Kavya – girlfriend of sahil with whom he had affair

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