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“Love, is not a spoken language at all, so listen not to tongues of silver. Love is in kind deeds, thoughtful actions, truthfulness, trustworthiness and self-sacrifice. Within that definition of love lies true passion, not at all the same thing as lust – a transitory satisfaction for the ‘hungry ghost’ soul.

I love you, that means I would defend you with my life even if the odds were insurmountable. It means I will comfort you in the difficult and painful times. It means I will dance and rejoice with you when times are good. It means I will never betray you, never give up on you. It means finding my fire when you, my loved one, is threatened, yet never waging war – only doing what is necessary.”


“What the hell? How can someone write such cheesy lines?” Swara said looking into the book she was reading.

She didnt stop. She started reading further.

“There’s a reason love is invisible, undetectable with anything but our minds. We aren’t evolved enough to be trusted with it. We’d try to engineer it, alter it, use it, weaponize it. Aren’t there always great reasons to do immoral acts?

Or are they excuses to allow us to follow our more basic desire for dominance? Power addiction is always the wrong route to escape fear. The only way to understand love is to feel it, embody it, embrace it. The power of love will always be greater than any other and the keys to reality will only ever be given to true students of the only master”

“Off!!.. This Naina wont change” she said reading further.
Naina Talwar, the famous romantic writer of this generation and Raginis favourite.

“How can you read this book yaar?? The preface itself is boring” Swara complained looking onto Raginis picture.

She started creeping from her bed to the cupboard.

“I miss you di. Where are you? I love you di. Come back please! Where are you?” with that she started sobbing.

“After you left, ma too left me di!!.. What was my fault? Why am I suffering?” Swara said caressing the picture.

“Miss you di!!..” she fell into deep sleep.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I didn’t know the meaning of love
Till I met you….
I ??? LOVE ??? YOU SwaSan

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