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Love is stupid (Swasan) Chap-4

Thanks guys for all the comments, I really appreciate it. Without wasting any time, let’s start with the next chapter.

The next day, they boarded the flight and reached India. They went to their flat in Mohali and rested there for the whole day. (I am not sure of the destinations in India so please forgive me, if I added an imaginative place). Then, they all went to her nani’s house and met everyone. Her cousins who were all married teased her but she was least interested in all this. Like this, two weeks passed in just catching up with her cousins, her relatives who she never saw before. She asked her cousins that if they can go out for some adventure like hiking or some kind of activity that will get her out of this marriage topic. So, they all went out early morning for hiking. (I don’t if there’s a hiking place around that area) She was wearing sneakers with shorts and a sweatshirt. While they were hiking, Swara was ahead of everyone. All of her cousins were so behind but she didn’t wait for anyone as she was taking out all of her frustration on this place. She didn’t stop for a minute and was continuously moving up. And as the destiny planned, Sanskar was there but she was oblivious of this fact. She didn’t even see his picture but he did and he was a little excited to meet her. He was here at this place with his childhood friends.


Now, Swara lost the sight of her cousins but she didn’t care a bit. After moving for a little more, she was exhausted so she sat under a tree for a little bit. The voices were coming closer and she got relieved that they are not that far away from her. When the voices got louder, she understood they were very near so she put her leg in front so that someone trips. Unfortunately, a guy fell in front of her and he was obviously not from her gang. She panicked and stood up. She helped the guy to stand up and asked sorry from him.
“I am so sorry. I didn’t realize that it was you. I thought you are my cousin and I thought to play a prank with them. I am so sorry. Are you hurt?” She asked and was totally unaware of that the guy is obviously Sanskar. He just stood there mesmerized by her beauty totally impressed. After she shook him twice, he came to his sense and asked her not to worry that he is fine.
“Hey buddy, you okay?” A guy asked behind him and got totally shocked by Swara.
“Yeah I am fine.” Sanskar said while trying to wipe the dust off from his shorts.

But the guy didn’t listen to him and yelled, “SWARA!!!”
Swara got shocked and ran towards him to hug him. The guy moved back a little but balanced his weight with Swara’s weight. She was totally on top of him hugging and they both were laughing. Sanskar was a little shocked along with a little jealous but didn’t get himself to ask what’s going on.
After what seemed like an eternity, they both parted and asked million questions from each other. After a little while, Sanskar understood that they both were in the same medical program and they both were close friends. They both never were in a relationship as the guy, Laksh, loved some other girl from their group and now they both are married. Sanskar already knew his love story but never knew that Swara was one of his best friends.

“How come you are here hiking?” Laksh asked as they all moved further together now. They both forgot that Sanskar was also here and this made Sanskar a little furious. He liked Swara when he first saw her picture and he agreed the second after to meet her. Their date was the next day to which Sanskar was excited and Swara was nervous.
“I was just tired of sitting at home so though to do something productive.” Swara shrugged her shoulders.
“Aren’t you doing your fellowship now? Then why are you here in India?” Laksh asked.

“My parents forced me to come here. I am supposed to meet a guy for marriage tomorrow and not gonna lie, I am really nervous.” Swara said. Now, this caught Sanskar’s attention.
“Oooo, Swara is meeting a guy now. I thought you weren’t interested in this kinda stuff. I still remember when that guy proposed you in front of the whole college and how you let that poor guy down.” Laksh laughed but it made Sanskar relieved.

“Not funny, Laksh. We are on a good side now and we are both good friends now.” Swara defended herself.
“I believe you,” Laksh was totally being sarcastic. “So are you alone here?”
“Oh shoot! My cousins would probably be waiting for me. I have to go. Bye and please call your old friends, Laksh.” Swara smacked his arm and turned back when she noticed Sanskar.
“Oh god! I am so stupid. I am so sorry for before and also that I stole your friend.” Swara apologized.
“It’s cool.” Sanskar smiled and scratched his hair on the back.
“Now it’s my time to apologies that I didn’t even introduce you guys to each other. Swara, this is Sanskar Maheshwari and Sanskar, this is Swara Gadodia.” Laksh said and they both shook each other’s hands. After that, Swara left.

“That guy is hot, I must say.” Swara thought but quickly, shook it and started looking for her cousins. After that, they all went for lunch and enjoyed the whole day.

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