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Love is Stupid (Swasan) 18

Thank you guys for supporting me and I promise that I will not let you down. You guys are so sweet to me and I am so happy that you guys are still siding with me after reading this boring ff… Let’s go with the next chapter ?

After 2 days on the marriage day,
Swara was sitting in a room at the hotel where the marriage was supposed to happen. She was completely ready with her bridal lehnga. She looked like a perfect Indian bride. But inside there was a turmoil going on in her mind. Her little niece came in and sat with her. She was so excited to see her massi in this avatar.
“Hi baby, can you do me a favor? Swara sweetly hold her chin and she raised her eyebrows. “Can you get your mom here? I need her help with something.”
“Sure massi.” She ran to get her mom.
Ragini came in the room when was pacing in the room so fats. Her high heels were sitting in the corner and she was bare feet.
“Oh My God, Swara! What is going on?” Ragini asked.
“Just tell me something to distract my mind.” Swara quickly said and held her shoulders and looked in her eyes.
“Wait what?” Ragini was totally confused.


“You are my maid of honor so you gotta come up with something in the next 2 minutes. Because if you didn’t, I think I would jump out of that window and run away from all this marriage.” Swara confessed and Ragini was shocked. She didn’t know what to do. The running away thing with that maid of honor is just a pun but Swara totally took it seriously.
“Are you freaking out about this marriage? Because if you are , you are totally being irrelevant.” Ragini said and tried to calm her mind but it wasn’t working.
“That didn’t work and I am being serious. I am surely taking a run and I made a full proof plan already. I’ll take a cab outside and then just go home. I’ll pick up my already packed stuff and then just head to the airport. I will get a emergency airplane ticket and…” Swara was totally freaking out and Ragini was too scared because she didn’t know what to do.
“You are not doing anything like that.” Ragini cut her in between and warned her with pointing a finger at her.
“I am really scared. What if I don’t make a good wife or a good daughter-in-law or a good surgeon? What if they expect so much from me and I let them down? What if I don’t get to have my own space? What if Sanskar and me start hating each other? What if…” Swara poured her thoughts out in front of Ragini and Ragini was listening to her patiently. She asked Swara to take deep breaths and listen to her carefully.

“Tell me how was your first date? What was your first reaction after knowing him?” Ragini asked her.
“The first thing I noticed was how hot he was.” This time they both laughed. “Then, I found him humorous, kind and cheerful person. He has so many skills that I couldn’t think of. He just easily handles me after I become annoyed or angry at something. He just knows stuff.” Swara said remembering his cooking, their first kiss and his funny talks.
“You answered your own question. So now, please let me go because I have so much stuff to do. Hang in here bride of the day. Don’t make a run or I’ll be pretty mad at you.” Ragini went after laughing at her poor little sister’s silly mind. Swara just gave a big sign and sat on the couch. After a little while, people start coming in to see the bride and the photographer was taking pictures of her. It got really busy and made Swara forgot her insecurities.
(I don’t want to drag this marriage part, as I don’t know how so I’ll just quickly finish all this.)
Ragini was coming with Swara giving her courage to take her every step towards where Sanskar was sitting.
“Just please don’t let me fall, Ragini.” Swara said carefully walking with high heels.
“Shut up and now, concentrate on your special day. Look how Sanskar is staring at you.” Ragini said teasingly.

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