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Love is Stupid (Swasan) 12

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“Why are you here, Caleb? Please just get out of my life.” Jessica cried and Jack held her shoulders to control.
“Because I love you, Jessica. I really love you.” Caleb said.
“What the f***, you moron? Don’t tell her things that you don’t actually mean.” Swara yelled at him and he was taken back. Now, Sanskar was at Swara’s side to calm her down but calm was far away from her.


“You don’t interfere in between me and Jessica.” Caleb pointed at her and the next second you know, he was on the floor. Swara punched his jaw and Jack gave him a punch on his stomach. He lay on floor writhing with pain when Swara was going to go harsher. She was about to kick him when Sanskar held her with her waist and picked her up. She was kicking his legs and telling Sanskar to let go of her.
“I’ll kick your a*s if I see you following Jessica again. Sanskar let go, I’m going to beat this douche bag black and blue.” She was furious at Caleb and was struggling so hard to be free from Sanskar’s captivity. But he was strong and he led her to his car and drove home.
At the same time, Jessica was controlling Jack’s anger. Lisa also had to get up to control him and they both led him outside. Caleb got embarrassed and left too ashamed and angered.
“Why did you held me back from hitting that a*s? He doesn’t know with whom he conflicted with, I’ll knock his teeth off from his mouth if I see him again. I mean how can he be so shameless?” Swara was trying to control her anger.

Sanskar was driving the car totally shocked by this side of Swara. He knew that she was Jhansi ki rani but didn’t know to this extent. He was falling for her all over again.
“Calm down Jhansi ki rani. He already learnt his lesson from yours and Jack’s punches. He’s never going to dare to come back again.” Sanskar said while trying to suppress his laughter. Swara looked at him and started laughing. Sanskar couldn’t either so he joined her too.
After reaching home, Swara invited him inside. He was reluctant at first but then agreed. She unlocked the door and asked him to come inside. They both were feeling a little uncomfortable when Swara spoke.
“So are you hungry because I am?” Swara said and led him to the kitchen.
“Very much.” Sanskar said and they both laughed.
“Let’s see what’s in the kitchen. Oh lasagna, found you.” She looked in the fridge and got excited on the sight of leftover lasagna. Sanskar also got happy and she put it in the oven to heat it up.
“I love lasagna. It smells delicious.” Sanskar said and he was starving.
“I am sorry, it is leftover from the other night.” Swara said as she got it out from the oven.
“Are you kidding? This is more than enough.” Sanskar said and they both settled on the kitchen counter with lasagna in between. They both got their forks and dig in the lasagna. It was delicious and they finished it in no time. After that, Swara brought two glasses of wine and they both settled on the couch.
“So where are you staying?” Swara asked casually.
“In the hotel nearby. It’s not far from here so I’ll be here early tomorrow to pick you up for the airport.” Sanskar said and Swara nodded.

“Do you wanna watch a movie?” Swara asked while taking out all the DVD’s. Sanskar agreed and they both started to choose one. They both got one movie and held it above excitedly.
“No way.” Both said it in unison seeing each other’s choice.
“Why is every girl obsessed over The Notebook?” Sanskar complained and made faces to which Swara replied, “Like every boy is obsessed with the Star Wars.”
“That guy was so cheesy and didn’t even know what he was doing.” Sanskar tried to change her mind but she was stubborn.
“Really? That movie can’t be even real. Hypothetical is what it is.” Swara made faces and they both couldn’t agree on one movie so they dropped the idea.
“Now what?” Swara said by keeping her hands on her chin sadly. Suddenly, Sanskar’s eyes fell on the x-box. He signed Swara towards the x-box and their eyes lit up.

“Do you have Halo 5: Guardians?” Sanskar asked as they were setting up for the play-off.
“You bet I do.” She took out the game and showed it off. They both smiled like teenagers and settled on the carpet floor with pillows on their laps. They challenged each other and for the first few game, she busted his a*s out. He had to agree that she was really good at it but then; he also came in his game mode and beat Swara for the rest of the games. They both enjoyed so much and didn’t even realize that it was dark outside. When they got tired, they looked at the time and were shocked to find out that it was 9 already.
“Oh my god! It’s so late and I have to go to the hotel. I gotta go now.” Sanskar said but he knew that he didn’t want to go. Swara also got sad that he was leaving now.
“By the way, did you book your room yet in the hotel?” Swara asked him suddenly hoping for a no answer.

“No, I didn’t yet. But I’ll do it when I get there. I came directly to meet you guys and thought to go later there.” Sanskar said while picking his car keys.
“You can stay here then.” Sanskar looked at her wide-eyed and Swara was also shocked at what she said but now, there was no going back. “I mean I am alone here too so I wouldn’t mind a company. Plus you can save your room money to take me somewhere in future.” Now, Swara didn’t even know what she was saying and for the record, she was so embarrassed by her blabbering.
“Are you sure?” Sanskar asked to which Swara nodded quickly. “Okay, then. I guess, I’ll be doing a sleepover at your place tonight.” They both smiled and Sanskar went outside to get his luggage from his car. In the mean time, Swara also arranged her brother’s room for Sanskar. When he came inside, he got settled in his room. He came outside and saw Swara preparing dinner. He also came to help her and they both decided to cook pasta. Swara was actually surprised by Sanskar’s cooking skills.

“Damn it.” Swara said by looking at Sanskar who was not looking less than a chef.
“WHAT?” Sanskar looked at her confused.
“You know cooking too.” Swara said but she actually wanted to say, “You are so hot and on top of that, you are a surgeon and now a chef. Hot chef.” But Swara quickly pushed her thoughts away and found Sanskar laughing.
“I do.” Sanskar broadened his chest and showed off his talents where Swara clapped for him. They soon finished preparing it while having fun talking.
“I gotta take a shower.” Sanskar said and Swara agreed too.

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