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love is not blind for swasan (episode 5)

Recap:swara gets a panic attack and swasan first hug??

Here we go again,,
A car stops at bose mansion.. A guy opens the door of car and extends his hand to swara…swara gets shocked by his gesture…and sees that guy’s face and its none other than sanskar….he is wearing a Velvet coat with black shirt…he is looking killingly hot??????
Swara gives her hand to his and comes out of car by holding his hand…she is wearing the same dress sanskar gifted her…( its the same black dress which aishwarya rai wore in movie muhabbatien…the song hum ko hum hi se chura lo..) Swara has arranged her duppata as same as aishwariya did…wearing the same diamond studs as same as aishwarya’s…she has done lossen curls with her hair…she is looking gorgeous…i think you guys can imagine her..
Sanskar looks at her mesermizingly well he composes himself… And greets her
Sanskar: hi miss.gadodia…you are looking gorgeous in this authentic dress and smiles naughtily
Swara: thankyou sir should we proceed
Sanskar:yeah sure…by the way even i m not looking so bad
Swara: i m sorry sir…you are lookin nice.
Sanskar:nice..??? Well leave it..come


And they proceed towards the mansion…as soon as they enter…sanskar notices bose family…he leaves swara’s hand…swara gets alert but then ignores his gesture…
Shekhar: welcome snaskar how are you
Sanskar: i m good uncle…congratulations…where is the girl???
Shekhar:smiles and says thank you beta and u know these girls they take so much time to get ready.. By the way who is this pretty lady..(pointing towards swara)
Sanskar: well she is my P.A…and she is not so pretty..(looking at her)
Swara eyes him angerly…
Shekhar laughs and keeps his hand on sanskar’s shoulder and says
Shekhar: u got a good sense of humor
Everyone smiles..
Swasan proceed in the hall and shekhar welcomes some other guest
Sanskar meets some other businessmen and introduces swara to them..

In the mean time ragini comes from upstairs…she is wearing a beautiful black net barbie gown..(the same pretty zinta wore in chori chori chupke chupke) she has tide her curly hair…she is wearing diamond earrings and a beautiful diamond pendant…
Everyone looks at her as she is in moon light…
Suddenly sanskar speaks slowly and swara looks at him
Sanskar: well… This is what we call a “pretty lady” says naughtily taunting…
Swara gets angry again
Shekhar extends his hand to ragini as she is coming down…she holds his hand with a fake smile…and he comes to stage and addresses everyone
Shekahr: excuse me ladies and gentlemen…thank you so much guys…thnaks a lot for coming and being a part of our happiness…it really means a lot to us…
Everyone claps…
Shekhar continues
Shekhar:well for tonight i have so much to celebrate…i dont know what good deeds i have done that God is giving me so much happiness.. And i m having a surprise for all of you guys…today my daughter is gonna engage and its a great blessing of God that i m living this moment…

Everyone claps more loudly…even swara is happy for ragini…but ragini and sanskar both are shown tensed…
Shekhar:i m proud to have him as my son-in-law…and his name is…
Suddenly light gets off..and a moon light is thrown on…MR.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…
Swara look at sanskar in shock as he proceeds towards the stage…he goes to stage and stands besides ragini
Shekahr:well mr.sanskar maheshwari is my son-in-law…and ring ceremony will happen today itself…
Everyone claps..including swara
Ragsan stands for ring exchange ceremony…
Ragini makes sanskar wear a ring hesitantly…ragsan both gives a fake smile to each other as they are trying to manipulate their self…even sanskar makes her wear the ring….everyone claps and raised a toast for them
After that they leave the stage
Everyone starts to congratulate them…swara just stands and sees here and there suddenly someone taps on her shoulder… She turn and sees ragsan standing she smiles at them and says
Swara:congratulations sir…and hugs ragini and says congratulations miss.bose
As she broke the hug ragsan thanks her and sanskar says
Sanskar: i brought ragini here to introduce both of you to each other but looks like u know each other already
Swara:yes sir we have been class mates…i thought u know it…
Sanskar:how could i know..??
Ragini looks at both of them confusingly and before swara could say anything she interrupts
Ragini: sanskar miss. Gadodia….u know each other…and miss.gadodia how do u know sanskar
Before swara could say anything..
Sanskar: well ragini miss.gadodia is my P.A…right miss.gadodia??
Swara: yeah right sir..
Ragini: oh nice
And she looks at sanskar suspiciously

In the mean time shekhar comes to them and sanskar says
Sanskar: ok uncle i will seek ur permission as its getting late and i have to drop miss.gadodia at home…so see you soon
Shekahr:yeah sure youngman see you soon…he shakes hand with swasan
Swara say
Bye mr.bose and miss.bose
Sanskar hugs ragini lightly and says bye to her…
Swasan bids bye and leave from there…in the gate way
Swara: u no need to get tense sir i will go by myself…
Sanskar:you will not get your bus this time miss.gadodia…
Swara remembers their meeting at bus and is about to ask him…when he says
Sanskar: no need to ask miss.gadodia…that was just a accidental meeting…and i love to travel in public transport…

Swara makes faces…and they reached to car
Sanskar is driving the call and swara is sitting with him on front seat..swara thinks to herself
Swara:OMG…what is happening to me..why i m thinking that miss.bose is not happy with this engagement… But will she not??? Afterall sir is owner of top company of country…he is rich,young and dashing… Every girl will watch the dream to be his mrs…but even sanskar sir was not looking so much happy…he was smiling all the time…but his eyes…??? His eyes were saying something else…as he is not happy…there is fear in his eyes…fear of losing someone… And me..why i m so concern about him and how i m able to read in his eyes which others cant not even miss.bose…
Her rail of thaughts was stopped by sanskar’s words
Sanskar: so miss.gadodia has a brain??
Swara:what do mean??(little irritated)
Sanskar: i mean you are thinking something from a long…so i thaught so must be having a brain?.? (Smiles)
Swara: yes i have…
Sanskar: by the miss.gadodia…why was you behaving odd with ragini…and why you called her miss.bose as you both are class mates…right??
Swara:its nothing important sir..we are just used to of it..
Swasan gets silent…after the silent of 8 mints…swara breaks the ice and says
Swara:sir i have a simple request…??
Sanskar:if you want a leave than not granted and if you want money you can ask mr.khanna he will help you…i cant help you in any matter…
Swara:its not like that sir…and only you can accept this request..
Sanskar: ok if is that so then say…
Swara: i want you call me swara instead of miss.gadodia because i want to be known as swara..this is my name and identity…so plz call me swara…even my sirname is not mine…its given to me by orphanage authorities…but swara…i gave this name to myself..so its juxt a humble request…i will be thankfull to you
Sanskar: well i will think about your request miss.gadodia….by the way we have reached…and stops the car…
Swara: thanks for dropping me sir…
She opens the door and gets down
Sanskar was about go when she bents down and says
Swara: thank you so much sir for this prize(pointing at dress) it really means a lot…bye(and smiles)
Sanskar smiles back and says bye and leaves from there….
Swara goes to her home…changes her dress and goes to her bed..and thinks
Swara:what has happened to me…why i was thinking that miss.bose and sir is not happy with this engagement…i think i m thinking so much…she smiles remembering when sanskar admired her and sleeps???

Sanskar is sitting in his study…when his phone rings…
Sanskar:hi,how are you??
Ragini:(on the other side) you are asking this to me sanskar…why u did this…u broke your promise…why are you trying to snatch my love from me…plz dont do this…(cries badly)
Sanskar:(really hurt).. Shh plz dont cry ragini…i promise i will give u every happiness… But i cant see you crying…it makes me remember how helpless i m…plz
Ragini:u can give me all the happiness sanskar…but cant give me love… Because you love her…and even i love someone else…he left me but it does not mean that i will also leave him…i love him sooo much plz do something…
Sanskar: u know ragini…i m helpless i cant help u at all…
Ragini: if u want to help me…then just back off from this relation…and do some arrangement..i dont want to live in this country…plz
Sanskar: i cant let you go like this alone…u need someone who will take care of you
Ragini: ok fine then go to hell…she cuts the call angrily…and hugs to the same pic and cries
On the other side…
Sanskar watches someone’s pic on his mobile and caresses the pic and says
Sanskar: I LOVE YOU…
Episode ends..

Precap:swara gets injured due to sanskar…

So how was the surprise cum shock…after all what can be more shocking than ragsan engagement in a swasan ff??…well let me know what you are thinking by your comments

So hows it guys…hope u like it…and thanks for commenting on previous ones….hope for best

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