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love is not blind for swasan (episode 2)

Here we go..
Recape: leads entry
The epi starts with the principle of college comes to stage for announcing the result.He greets to students and starts announcing the result
Principle: As u all know…this college is the best among all.Our students are always a source of proud for us.From last 20 years we are on top.And today im like on 9 cloud because today our students have broke 20 years old record..the result for top student for this year is 99.2% its just like a miracle.
All claps ( swara and ragini both are confident for their success… They look at each other..their eyes met for a moment.and both give victory smile to each other)

In sanskar office…


Sanakar: (on intercom) whats the news??(aggressively)
Manager: im sorry sir but the principle is yet boasting about his college.it might take some more time to announce.
In the college.
Principle:and the topper for this year and may be future many years is….
(Swara and ragini both are shown tensed yet confident) ( even sanskar is yet connected to intetcom and waiting eagerly)
Principle: And the topper is Miss.SWARA GADODIA….
(Swara jumps with excitment…ragini closes her eyes sorrowfully… And sanskar punches on table with full anger)
Sanskar to manager: what the hell is this?? I think i had made it very clear.i dont think u like your job?? Well i have a better replacement… You are….
Manager: sir plzz the announcement is still going on plzz listen for some time more…( manager is listening the announcement on phone and speaker is o sanskar is also listening..he made an alternate resource…because he does not want to knw to anyone…that he is interested in result)
In college
(Swara was about to go on stage..when principle continues and she stops)
Principle: as i said before i m on nine cloud actually i want a correction i m on 18 cloud because this year two students got top and 99.2% marks.and second student is none other than MISS.RAGINI BOSE..
( swara and ragini both were super shocked…ragini in happiness and swara in amazment…both were not able to understand what had happened just now…)( well having mix feelings of happiness and shocked they proceed towards stage)
On the other side.

Sanskar: (smiles littlely) well done mr.khanna(manager)
Manager: thank….
Sanskar disconnects…
Swara and ragini reaches the stage from opposite sides to eachother…they both approach eachother..
Ragini: (extended her hand towards swara and say) congratulations miss.gadodia
Swara: ( smiles slightly and hugs ragini.ragini even full heartly hugs her back) congratulations to you too miss.bose and broke the hug.
Later principle gives them their certificates and medals and extend a trophy which they both accept happily…

They both then go to dise and say
Swara:thank you sir for apparitions and am very happy..
Ragini:its a great honour for me to get it but i want to take a decision not only me i even want to ask miss.gadodia…may i have plz 5 mint miss.gadodia and sir?? I want to ask her about this( pointing at trophy)
Principle: yeah sure..
Both leave the dise and discuss somthing at stage silently.every one looks on.
After 5 mints swara and ragini come on dise and say
Ragini:as principle said.we made them proud today so even i no no actually we want to tribute a little to our college.as its all because of our principle our professors and most importantly this college so really want to do this.so miss gadodia would u like to say.
Swara smiles and say: as miss.boss said very much so i just want to annouce what we want… We want that this trophy will be in this college itself.its a return gift to our college. And there be written something on it that is SWARAGINI…

ragini looks at swara in shock but she smiles back..
Everyone claps including staff and principle…
After the function ends ragini comes to swara and says angerly
Ragini: SWARAGINI….????what the hell is this miss.gadodia???
Swara calmly listens and say tauntingly
Swara: so what miss.bose u did not even asked me…u asked it on stage when i was not having any other option…soi said it when u were not having any option..
Ragini:(more angerly) so it means that big sayings about college was just to say huh?? U never mean that…i must say u are a very good acteress
Swara: enough….mind your language miss.bose i mean each and every word what i said so u juxt shut up…

Ragini: whatever
And they both leave oppositely… Angerly

Precape…swasan meeting

So how’s it i hope u like it…and thanks for your response on previous episode….

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