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love is not blind for swasan (episode 18)

Recap:swara asking for divorce…and a little romance…
Here we go again,,,,

Swasan are sleeping in each other embarrass…swara gets up and sees sanskar sleeping… A smiles comes on her face and she thinks to herself…
I know sanskar you love me so much.. But your this pain is killing you…i cant see you like this…you will have to come over it….i love you sanskar and i will make you always happy..and for that i will have to do this….and i will make sure that it would happen…she then slowly removes his arm from her belly and gets down the bed….she picks up her saree and goes to washroom… After sometime she comes out and sees him still sleeping… She opens his wardrobe and searches for something… She suddenly sees a small box written”sanlak”on it she smirks and picks up the box…before leaving she takes out a blue dinner suit for sanskar and leaves a note…”meet me where you dont wanna meet…”she leaves the room…
After sometime sanskar wakes up and sees swara no where he gets super tensed and was about to shout her name when his gaze drops on couch.he sees his suit and smiles understandingly…he picks up suit and leaves for bath…he takes shower and comes out..he goes to dressing..was about to pick up his watch when he sees a note there…he reads the note and a lot of emotions come across his face..anger fear helplessness…..his eyes shooted red…he hurriedly goes towards his wardrobe and starts finding something like mad he messes up the wardrobe but does not find what he is trying to search…..he fists in anger and says…no swara not again i m not so strong to handle it…by saying this he runs out of room and climbs up the stairs… He stops a little steps away from laksh’s room and sees the door open…he slowly and with much difficulty goes towards the room…and sees swara standing there in blue saree facing him without any emotions on her face…swasan are still outside the room…swara sees him and says…..
Swara:so mr.maheshwari this is what i want you to do….you will have to spend whole night in this room…with ME…
Sanskar looks at her with teary eyes and says in a pleading tone…
Sanskar:plz swara…dont do this with me..i cant do…
Swara cuts him off rudely and says in cold tone…


Swara:yes or no???
Sanskar keeps mum…
Swara:ok then i will call the lawyer here at the time and we will meet in court for divorce…
Sanskar gives her shocked her…but suddenly he bows his head and was about to fall on floor being helpless… But before he could swara comes to him and gives him bone clutching hug he also hugs her tightly as a support system for him…(while hugging) swara says
Swara:(in a teary tone)no sanskar…you are not so weak that you cant overcome this problem…come on you the sanskar maheshwari who can do anything…you are my sanskar and you can do anything and i know that very well….
Sanskar(with a deep voice) no swara i m too strong to break my bachu’s last wish…i cant swara
Swara slowly breaks the hug and cups his face and says…
Swara:i m not asking you to break his last wish…you will not cry…ok??ok we can a deal you will tell me all funny moments of you both ok…..??(they both are not crying… Not even a tear escaped from their eyes…but both hearts are crying….crying with immense pain but are unable to think how to get rid of it….)
Swara holds his hand and proceeds towards the room as the cross the door…its like someone has snatched sanskar soul from his body….he is not able to feel anything as if all the feelings from his heart are drenched out….there are so many pics of laksh along with ragsan….sanskar is looking at them with empty eyes and blank impressions….swara is still holding his hand but he is unaware of all the surroundings…suddenly he stops at a pic and smile sorrowfully…and says…swara u know my bachu is looking in this pic just like a girl…look my sweet innocent sister…..swara sees the pic its looking like a rakshabandhan occasion and laksh is tying rakhi on sanskar wrist…she smiles seeing the pic….in the same way they both keeps roaming in the room and gives the description of each and every pic alongwith date and time…but At last pic he stops and gets red eyed with pain…he does not speak a single word…swara looks at him deeply and then sees the pic….in the pic there is laksh and sanskar….laksh is making a fake pout and showing “he is angry”look while sanskar is laughing ear to ear his smile is reaching in his eyes swara has never seen him laughing like this…she then looks at him who is lost in pic…she slowly keeps her hand on his shoulder and whispers

Sanskar speaks up and says..
Sanskar:u know swara this is my bachu’s last pic ever….its just before he was leaving with sameer…u know(smiles)he was angry with ragini because she was teasing him by calling him bachu…and he was so annoyed with her that why is she calling him with this name only his bhai can call him like that…but ragini continued…u know i was getting recall fun by watching them fight like tom and jerry…then bachu got angry with me too…but everything got sorted before his departure”
Swara slowly makes him turn around herself she was having tear in her eyes…she cups his face and says just like whispering…
Swara:(in a hopeful voice)sanskar plz look at me…look into my eyes…(sanskar who was till now looking down as trying to control his tears..looks at her and gets into a lock….an eye lock)swara continues…you know na i m always with you…just dont think about anything else…you know what sanskar who in this world is hurting laksh the most???its you sanskar…(sanskar’s eyes who were yet blank gets shocked and questioning) u know sanskar you are breaking laksh last wish each and every second till now…he just wanted you to get happy…but look at yourself you are not happy at all….you are still bound to that pain which you had to leave a lot ago but its never too late to rectify….you will have to be happy sanskar else laksh would never be happy….i dont know i m right or wrong by saying a man to cry but still i will say plz sanskar shed your tears…. Because its really needed now plz sanskar you will have to cry….(she shouts)your laksh has
Left you….your bachu has died sanskar….but you are not crying…. I think you never loved laksh its all fake…why sanskar why are you faking that you love laksh huh…?? She tries to provoke him atmost but he was sitting there like a statue as is unable to hear anything….to provoke him more she takes a pic of laksh and sanskar from wall and smashes it on floor with full power…with the noise of breaking glass….sanskar comes out of his trauma and screams….LAKSH….swara looks at him in a shock…. Sanskar breaks down in tears and cries vigorously…swara hugs him tight…sanskar cries a lot hugging her tightly… Even she gets tears….they both cry a lot hugging each other…after sometime swara breaks the hug and wipes his tears and says that’s it sanskar…but sanskar hugs her back and says pleading…swara plz some more time…he closes his eyes and even swara closes her eyes and they continue hug for atleast 20to25 mins….then sanskar breaks the hug and says cupping her face…
Sanskar:i m sorry swara…i have hurted you alot…i forgot your pain in mine pain…i m so….
Before he could complete…..swara pecks his lips…sanskar gets shocked and then smiles naughtily… He kisses her passionately….after some time he breaks the kiss and sanskar picks up swara and takes her to bed…he looks deep into her eyes and seeking for permission… She smiles sweetly and blinks her eyes in acceptance….. He makes her lay and comes over her….having an eye lock…

There’s a deep silence between them, only their heartbeats are making noise of their emotions. He slowly comes more nearer to her by bridging the gap & makes her lay down on the mattress. She intertwines his neck by her both hands and closes his face towards her.They have a deep eye lock, their sounds of breathing make a tempo of rhythm in the room while their emotions are the starting point of their joyous dance moves. Their heartbeats are perfectly synchronized with those sticks beating on the drum. Sanskar puts his lips on her. She tightens her grip around his neck and rubs her feet with him to give the sensation of realisation that she only belongs to him. He touches her right cheek and inhales the sweet, rosy & jasmine fragrance of her body. He licks a bit and puts a mark there by indicating his authority over her. Gradually he turns to her earlobe to utter those three magical words & sucks it in a passion which creates a rhythm of his desires on her ear. He flutters inside the earlobe like a bee is sensing the sweet nectar to completely shallow it. Swara feels extreme pleasure by his vivid touch. Swara can now feel that her existence is fully dependent upon sanskar. Without him she is like a lifeless corpse, like a torso without heart.

“Banke maala prem ki, tere tan pe jhar jhar jaaoon
Baithun naiyan preet ki sansaar se har jaoon main,
Tere pyaar se tar jaaoon
Saiyaan, Saiyannnnn.”

His emotions are creating burning desire in his heart and now it’s impossible to resist himself. He looks at her with all his concern and kisses her passionately. He wants to feel the softness of every part of her body. And this time her clothes are becoming a barrier between them, he doesn’t want to allow even the passage of gentle air between them, where as these clothes are more than that. Now his only wish is to perceive her as his; so that no bitterness of this world is able to apart them. He removes the saree from her shoulder and slowly puts his lips there. A slow breathing sound of her continuously rises to become deep and heavy.

“Yeh naram-naram nasha hai badhta jaaye.
Koi pyaar se ghunghatiya deta uthaye,
Ab baawara hua mann,
Jag ho gaya hai roshan,
yeh nayi-nayi suhagan,
ho gayi hai teri jogan,
koi prem ki pujaran mandir sajaye.
Saiyaaan, Saiyaaaaaaaan.”

Swara resists a bit to remove the barriers between them because of her shyness while Sanskar uses his right and kisses on her cheek slowly which assures her that he’s only hers and she only belongs to him. So it doesn’t matter to devote herself to her husband.Meanwhile his hand removes the pallu of her saree like the moon is now revealing itself behind the cloud to witness the vigorous love making scene of this heavenly couple. The blouse clad upper body is perfectly visible and toned to expose his manly desire. He sucks it in ardour & reaches to the collar bone. Unable to meet his gaze, Swara blushes and closes her eyes. Sanskar stares at her expressive eyes. Now sanskar’s emotions are full on high and he removes the barrier between them completely for their intimacy. Swara feels extremely shy that she’s unable to look at him with complete sight. She sighs slowly and closes her eyes to let him justify his rights on her. After removing the barriers between them he comes over her and expends his body to her. Now their bodies are clothes of each other because they’re the bodies of heaven which has destined to mingle on earth.When two hearts, which are connected with each other speak the same language, throb for each other comes instantly & creates an unending desire of being together. This time love crosses all its earthly boundaries to blend in eternity forever.

“Heere moti mai na chahu mai to chahu sangam tera,
mai na jaanu, tu hi jaane mai to teri, tu hai mera…
mai to teri……
tu hai meraaa..”

Sanskaar takes his own time to savor every part of her body and she reaches into a blissful world by this ride with her husband. He then fully undresses her and himself and makes ardent love to her. He leaves his presence on each part of her torso. When she cries out in pure ecstasy, he comforts her by gently kissing her lips. After a while, both of them reach the climax. Swara falls on his arms due to exhaustion and sanskar hugs her tightly even not letting the air pass between them.

Obviously enduring love is more than just enduring. Enduring closeness may be divine. But enduring relationship without closeness is a life sentence in solitary confinement. To set aside the solitude, souls must be shared to forge a tie between two people to become one flesh, like a part and parcel of each other. When love is imbibed in two souls, the pangs of loneliness can be discarded by generating a new & finer soul. Often due to commingling of souls in purity, this tie is a hard knot to untangle. We are spiritual beings and indebted to our bodies. Through the sphere of bodies, we connect to our souls. Bodies are not an impure matter but an alloy. Bodies are fitted with sense organs which help us to reveal and penetrate to soulmate’s soul and bind together in unison. Swara, on that day, finds her companion in sanskar who embraces her life with harmonious manner without any distress of future ratiocination. The enchanted moon has become the testimony of their immaculate love.
Episode ends….

Precape:swara’s accident

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