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Love is for ages-Kasam,Naagin and Arshi Episode 1

Hi guys i am Siddhi hope you all will like this ff.


Arnav Singh:He is famous business man and he have two brothers named Ritik and Rishi.

Rishi Singh:He is a fun loving boy and always flirts with girls.

Ritik Singh:He is a warm guy and flirts with girls.

Raj Singh:He is Arnav,Rishi and Ritik’s father.

Rano Singh:She is Arnav,Rishi and Ritik’s mother.

Khushi Khurana:She is a beautiful girl who does a job with her sisters Shivanya and Tanu.

Shivanya Khurana:She is extremely beautiful girl and is innocent and she does a job with her sisters.

Tanu Khurana:She is truly innocent and she have very much faith in God.She does a job with her sisters.

Veer Khurana:He is Khushi,Shivanya and Tanu’s father.

Sharda Khurana:She is Khushi,Shivanya and Tanu’s mother.

Two boys are seen in their room playing video games.

They are Rishi and Ritik.

They both are playing when Raj comes to their room.

Raj:Rishi and Ritik stop playing video game.

Rishi:Papa just 1 minute.

Ritik:We are going to win.

After they finish their game they go to Raj.

Ritik:Papa what happen?

Raj:Now a days I am getting very much worried for you.

Rishi:Why papa someone is going to kill us?

Raj:Never say like this.This can happen.

Ritik:Papa what happen tell us why are you worried for us?

Raj thinks

Raj:Should I tell them the truth that they have markesh dosh in their Kundli.

Ritik:Papa tell.

Raj:Actually you both have markesh dosh in your Kundli.

First both are seen in shock then both start laughing.

Rishi:Papa why are you joking?

Ritik:Let me guess you want to make us laugh.

Raj:It is the truth.

Rishi:This just illusion papa stop imagining it.

Boy:Just shut up you both nonsense.

They hear the sound.Arnav enters their room.

Arnav:What papa says follow him.

Ritik:Bhaiya this all is nonsense.

Arnav:It would be nonsense for you but not for papa.

Rishi:Come on Ritik bhaiya doesn’t care for our views we will go out.

Both get out getting angry with Arnav.

Raj:Arnav they are like this only.

Arnav:Papa I dint feeled bad of their words.I know them very well as they are my sweet brothers and I also don’t want that they go away from us because of markesh dosh.

A girl is looking out of the window looking at the moon.She is Tanu.Shivanya comes to her.

Shivanya:Tanu when I see this moon then I feel that someone is their who is made for me.

Tanu:Shivanya moon knows everything.He knows that who is made for us.Moon knows everything and he sees everything.

Khushi comes there and says

Khushi:Moon knows everything except the sadness which is inside me.

Shivanya and Tanu turns to Khushi.

Khushi:Your moon knows everything but he down knows that inside me their is a big sadness.This moon sees everything but doesn’t does anything.That day took away everything from me.

Khushi goes from there.

Precap:Arnav to keep pooja in house for Rishi and Ritik’s markesh dosh.

How is this episode? HOPE u will like it.

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