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Omg don’t kill me guys! ?Lol almost all ur comments were saying u will kill me but sujina, tum toh sach mein mujhe mar dala yaar! I was on the bus reading ur comments when I say ur comment. Literally I probably made the worst face ever when I read ur comment. My huge smile suddenly turned into a frown and my mouth went open in shock (let’s not forget I was in public). Sujina, u were the first where I heard the news of TEI ending. I swear my heart dropped and I took off my headphones and stared at ur comments the whole bus ride home. Even if Sidhant left the show and the show lost its charm, I still can’t imagine it ending. Like omg…I’m actually speechless I can’t express my feelings right now. I don’t want to waste ur time blabbering here so I’ll get on with the episode. If u want, u can read my little speech at the end of the episode to know a little about my discovery and connection with TEI…hope u like this little treat and a bit longer episode….

Recap: Kunj and Prisha come to Manali. Kunj reveals his real reason of coming to Manali was to catch Twinkle’s killer. At a surprising turn of events, Kunj sees Twinkle there. However, Twinkle denies herself to Kunj and claims herself to be Jasmin Bhansali and her husband is Ankush Bhansali. Kunj is shocked.


Kunj drops Prisha off at the hotel. He calls his manager, who then later comes to Manali. Kunj’s manager and Prisha had a very good bonding. Kunj leaves Prisha with his manager and sets out to find Twinkle. He goes around showing a picture of Twinkle and asking people for her, but no one seemed to know where she lived. When Kunj had lost all hopes and was returning back to his hotel, dejected, he heard a man’s voice.
Man- Saab!
Kunj turns around.
Man- Saab, I think I know where to find the girl.
Kunj’s eyes immediately light up as he waits intently for the man’s answer.
Man- That girl is Jasmin. She is a very pyari girl. She often takes my fruit stand and sells the fruit for me when I am sick. Very good ladki I must say.
Kunj- Can u tell me where she stays? Please it’s very important.
Man- It looks like u have a very big reason for coming here. She lives on the other side of this mountain, in the hills. She has a little house with her husband. A very strange kahaani uss ladki ki.
Kunj- Thank you so much!
Kunj runs off when he realizes something.
Kunj- The man said Twinkle had a strange story? I have to know the story.
Kunj turns around and looks for the man, but the man was long gone. Kunj then goes and reaches Twinkle’s home. (Imagine Krrish’s home in the mountains from the first movie). Ankush opens the door.
Ankush- Are aap?
Kunj pushes Ankush slightly and barges into the house. He looks around the house and calls for Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle! Twinkle! Look I’m here. We can go home now. Twinkle!
Ankush- Excuse me but how dare u barge into my home!
Kunj- Twinkle!
Ankush- Hello! Please leave!
Ankush pushes agains Kunj’s chest. Kunj immediately pushes Ankush and Ankush falls on the floor. Jasmin comes and picks Ankush up.
Jasmin- U! U followed me all the way to my house?
Kunj- Twinkle please stop all this and let’s go home.
Jasmin- I’m not Twinkle! I am Jasmin! Kitni bhar bolu?
Kunj- Twinkle, why are u doing this to me?
He cups her face.
Kunj- Please Twinkle u know how much I love u. U can’t just forget all the moments we spent together in just the blink of an eye.
Twinkle looks at the tears in Kunj’s eyes. (Sajna Ve plays). Their eye-lock is broken when Ankush takes Kunj’s hands off of Jasmin’s face and pushes him. Ankush hold’s Kunj’s collar.
Ankush- How dare u touch my wife! How dare u say u love her! How dare u! Only I love her! Get out right now!
Ankush pushes Kunj out of the house and closes the door. Jasmin is speechless at the actions that just occurred around her. Kunj walks away heartbroken.
Jasmin- Ankush, why did u say all that?
Ankush- What did I say wrong?
Jasmin- U didn’t have to be that rude.
Ankush- Oh come on Jasmin, another man came and touched my wife. How can I stay calm?
Ankush cups Jasmin’s cheek.
Ankush- U know how much I love you.
Jasmin slowly removes Ankush’s hand from her face and takes one step back from him.
Jasmin- Ankush u know I don’t remember anything. After that accident, I don’t remember anything.
Ankush- Oh come on Jasmin. It’s been six years and I told u that we are married then why are u keeping urself far from me?
Jasmin- Please Ankush. Just give me some time. When I remember about our marriage and our love then I will give myself into u.
Ankush- Fine. I’ll wait for u.
Ankush leaves.
Jasmin thinks- Ankush said he’s my husband. Still why do I feel weird every time he touches me? Why do I feel as though I belong somewhere else? And that man…..when that man came into our house and touched me, his touch felt so familiar. It felt as though I didn’t want his hand to leave my hand. But why?
Ankush quietly watches Jasmin.
Ankush thinks- When will u come to me Jasmin? When?

(The Street…)

Kunj is walking on the street dejected and thinking about Twinkle.
Kunj- Why are u doing this Twinkle? That man…that Ankush. He’s married to u? That means….
Kunj’s fists clenches in anger.
Kunj- That son of a bastard! How dare he touch my Twinkle! No! No one has a right over Twinkle other than me!
Kunj punches a tree and his hand starts bleeding.

The Next Day…

Jasmin- Ankush I’m going snowboarding!
Jasmin leaves her house with her snowboarding gear. Meanwhile, Kunj walks the streets with his arms folded across his chest. It is early in the morning. He puts his hands inside his jacket pocket and takes a walk through the morning chill and fog. Suddenly Kunj sees the same fruit seller who gave Kunj Jasmin’s address. He quickly catches up to the fruit seller and stops him.
Kunj (breathing heavily)- Bhai saab please wait.
Man- Are aap? So did u find Jasmin?
Kunj- Yes. I had some questions about her. U said that there is a strange story linked with her. Can u please tell me that story please.
Man- Umm…yes but why should I tell u?
Kunj holds the guys’s hands and pleads to him.
Kunj- Please bhai saab. It’s a matter of my life.
Kunj explains his whole life story to the guy, how he met Twinkle, how they fell in love, got married, and how he lost her, but then came to see an exact look alike of her here in Manali.
The guy was shocked after listening to Kunj’s story.
Man- Wow. I think what I know may be able to help u. Come to my house. I will tell u everything.
Kunj follows the guy to his house. They sit on small stools (as the guy was not that rich) and Kunj listens intently.
Man- All this happened about 6 years ago. I have known Ankush since he was a little child. One day, in his house comes a girl with a little boy. He said that she was his wife and the boy was his son. Ankush said he got married in Mumbai and that’s where his wife and son lived until they were brought here. But the strange part is, the girl didn’t have any of her memory. She had gotten into an accident and lost all her memory. Since now, Jasmin has not yet gotten back her memory.
Kunj is shocked listening to all this.
Kunj- I knew it. Twinkle….
Kunj immediately gets up.
Kunj- Thank u! Thank u so much!
Kunj runs out of the guys house, tripping over a chair in the process. ?

(High Peak Mountain…a snowboarding site…)

Kunj gets tot the mountain site and looks up at the mountain.
Kunj- Finally, I’m here. I’ve always wanted to go snowboarding, but I wanted Twinkle with me. Soon, very soon Twinkle, u will be with me.
Kunj rides the lift and gets to the top of the mountain. He puts on his goggles and starts snowboarding down the mountain, having the time of his life. Suddenly he starts losing control and is not able to slow himself down. He sees a person in front of him and shouts for them to move out of the way.
The person looks back at Kunj with shocked eyes as Kunj collides with the person. The impact of the collision removes the person’s goggles, revealing her to be Jasmin. Kunj falls on top of Jasmin and they roll down the mountain and off the tracks. They get lost inside the forest. They stop rolling as Kunj hits a tree and falls unconscious.
Jasmin- Omg!
Twinkle pats Kunj’s cheeks and tries to wake him up. She rubs his palms.
Jasmin- Hey mister! Please wake up. Hello!
She looks around for help, but there is no one there. Suddenly Kunj starts breathing heavily. Jasmin panics. She pushes on his chest, in hopes of keeping him breathing. All of a sudden she stops and with her shaking hand, holds Kunj’s cheek. She leans in and her lips finally meet Kunj’s lips. (Sajna Ve plays). Twinkle gives mouth to mouth respiration and stops and presses on Kunj’s chest. She repeats the process a few times. Suddenly Kunj takes a deep breath and Jasmin lets out a sigh of relief. Kunj breathes regularly but still has his eyes closed.
Jasmin- He’s still not in his senses. Omg he’s shivering.
Kunj starts shivering. Jasmin takes off her scarf and wraps it around Kunj. Still he doesn’t stop shivering. She holds Kunj’s hand.
Jasmin- Oh my God! His hands are freezing! What am I going to do? If this keeps up, then he might get hypothermia! No no he needs heat…but where do I get heat from? There is one way but…..no…..I can’t just let a person’s life become at risk like this. I have to do this…..body heat.
Jasmin opens the zipper of Kunj’s jacket. Then she opens the button of his shirt, revealing his bare chest.
Jasmin- Is he an idiot? People put on five layers of clothing in this cold and he goes and wears a shirt….and that too with nothing under. Mana ki he has a nice body but that doesn’t mean…..
Jasmin bites her tongue.
Jasmin- Chi! Jasmin what are u saying? Don’t forget u are married and are only doing this to save a person’s life. But then again, this man couldn’t find any one else in the world to bump into? He had to find me only? When he wakes up he’s going to start with his drama again…Twinkle Twinkle I love you! Who is this Twinkle?
Jasmin then takes off her jacket and sweater. She lays on of Kunj and puts the jacket on top of them. She holds Kunj’s hand and entangles her fingers within his. They lay there for about 10 minutes.
Jasmin thinks- Y is this feeling so familiar and close to me? Why do I want to stay like this forever? What is happening to me? He is just a stranger, yet he feels so close.
Jasmin closes her eyes. A few minutes later, she feels Kunj’s fingers move. She tries to get up but Kunj holds her down.
Kunj (softly)- Please don’t leave me.
Precap: The truth…if u have not caught on yet….

Thank You all for 50 EPISODES of this ff. I still can’t believe it. I feel as if it was yesterday that I was just on episode 10 and then writing about Twinj’s confession. I would just like to take some time and share with u guys how I stumbled upon this TU family. I didn’t really watch TEI when it started…actually I never watched it. I only watched Jamai Raja. One day, Jamai Raja had a cross-over with Tashan when Twinj were stuck in a chess room maze. I saw Twinj there and my first reaction was: “awww they’re so cute”. I fell in love with the couple instantly and decided to start watching Tashan. I’m so glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have found the best show on earth, broadcasting the world’s cutest couple. However, because of school, some days I would come home late and not be able to watch it. I would get anxious and could not wait to watch it. Then one day I found out about written episodes of TEI on TU. From then on, whenever, I was a school late or I could not watch it, I would read it, then later watch it online. One day, I saw Tashan E Ishq Intense Love. I clicked it and started reading It, that’s when I noticed that this wasn’t the actual show and was a ff by a fan. My curiosity took over me and I continued reading it. This was the first ff I ever read. It was amazing and left me stunned at how many talented people there are. Next I read Ishq Ka Junoon. I started from the middle so I went back and read all the previous episodes (it was a lot of reading). I can’t express how much I loved that ff. I don’t remember who wrote it so please if anyone knows please tell me. When this ff ended, for the first time I felt such an empty feeling. From then on, I started reading more, including “It was love that brought them together (one of my favs and I loved Pluto), A Virkia and Twinj ff ( u need to continue this…I have been waiting forever for it) and Tashan E deewangi. And obviously I am reading more ff now. All these creative ideas somehow went and rang the doorbell to my brain and invited themselves in…thus…Love Is Blind was born. I can never forget the moment I discovered Tashan E Ishq. I wouldn’t trade my experience with it for anything. As I mentioned before, writing about Twinj reduces my stress from my already very stressful life and makes me happy. Even if the show is ending, I wish that these ff and OS do not end and all these wonderful writers keep writing and keep TEI alive amongst us. I will miss Sid, Jasmin, and Zain tremendously. (Will probably cry during the last episode…?). Sorry if I wrote too much, actually my heart has broken after hearing the news. But thank you all once again. If it weren’t for u guys, none of this would have happened. U all complete the awesome family we have in TU and I hope TEI and Twinj will forever live on.

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