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Love Is Blind (Episode 49)


Happy Janmashtami to everyone!…even if u don’t celebrate it. Thank you all for all the love you give. It really truly makes my day.


Thank you Franciee, Priya, Divya, Shreya098, Angita, Ayu, Sidvee, Sidmin, Kruti, sujina, Thanmy, Aksa, Sana, Kinjal, Purnima.agrawal30, Twinjfan.tamana
Romaisha- Hmmm….let’s see who our dushman turns out to be…
Sidmin-daamini- I guess these little ideas just pop into this small brain of mine. Let’s see what happened to Twinkle…
Baby- All ur questions will be answered in the next few episodes. Just keep reading and loving ?

Ria- Aww thank you! Well u seem to be always right in ur predictions…let’s ee what happens this time ?
Laddoooooo- Yaar u found out my whole story line! Wow….so do I continue writing it? Lol.
And obviously a big thank you to all the silent readers out there. Now let’s get on with the episode…



Kunj opens the curtain from the window and lets the sunshine into the room. He looks out the window and looks at the beautiful scenery down below.
Prisha- WOW! Papa, what is this place called?
Kunj- Manali.
Prisha- Malali?
Kunj laughs.
Kunj- Manali.
Prisha giggles.

Prisha- Oops…Manali.
Suddenly Kunj gets a call. He goes far from Prisha so she can’t hear him.
Kunj- Hello.
Person- Sir we just found out that the information was correct and the guy is here in Manali. There is a huge pooja happening today. He was spotted there.
Kunj- Good job. This was the reason I came to Manali. Now I am one step closer to finding out who Twinkle’s killer is.
Kunj hangs up.
Kunj- Ok let’s go Prisha.

Prisha- Where?
Kunj- There is a big puja happening. Don’t u want to go and pray for mumma? Time to go to the temple and wish ur mumma a Happy Birthday!
Kunj and Prisha go to the temple. They see a huge arrangement done for the puja. A big crowd is gathered to see Lord Krishna swinging on a swing.
Pandit- If anyone wants, now is the time to offer ur pooja ki tali. Make sure to put that one item that is very special to the person u are praying for.
Prisha- Papa, can we do a pooja for mumma?
Kunj smiles.- Of course we can.
Kunj buys a plate for the pooja which has all the things needed. He takes out Twinkle’s watch and puts it on the plate. A man bumps into him and the watch falls and rolls off.
Kunj- Prisha, u stay right here. I’ll be right back.

Kunj runs after the watch. The watch stops in front of a lady’s foot. She had her hands in a praying notion, with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and looked at the watch. She picked it up. Kunj ran to her from behind.
Kunj- Thank u so much. U don’t know how much this means to me.
The lady hands Kunj the watch. Kunj eagerly takes it. His fingers touch the lady’s hand and he feels a shock. Kunj is shocked and looks up to see the lady walking away. He tries to follow her when someone holds his arm. Kunj looks down to see Prisha.
Prisha- Let’s go papa.

Kunj- Umm…yea….
Kunj constantly looks back at the lady walking away.

Kunj and Prisha go to do the puja.
Kunj (praying)- Hey Baghvan, please give ur blessings to Twinkle and Prisha. This girl is very young and she doesn’t have a mother. Please solve this problem of hers.
Kunj opens his eyes and turns around. In the crowd, he spots the guy who shot Twinkle.
Kunj- Prisha, u stay here.
Kunj follows the guy into the crowd. The guy sees Kunj and starts running through the huge crowd of people. Kunj catches up to him and holds the guy by his collar.
Kunj- Who will save u know huh?

Kunj puts the guy in a headlock and wraps his arm around the guy’s neck.
Kunj- TELL ME! Tell me now who ur boss is. Who ordered u to take my Twinkle away from me….to take my son away from me! ANSWER ME!
The guy pleads- I don’t know anything. Please let me go!
Kunj- LET U GO! U bastard! U stole my wife and son from me, I won’t let you go!
Kunj bends down, while still keeping a firm hold on the guy. Kunj lifts his pant leg to reveal the knife tucked into his boot. He reaches for the knife.
“Ji Pandit Ji!”

Kunj looks up, hearing the familiar voice. He quickly turns around and is shocked at what he sees. There, in front of his eyes, he sees Twinkle giving laddoos to little kids. He realizes that it was Twinkle who returned the watch back to him. Kunj is speechless, as well as shocked. They guy escapes from Kunj’s hand, and Kunj is too shocked to notice.
Kunj- Twinkle…..
His eyes waters as a huge smile creeps onto his face. Kunj runs towards Twinkle, bumping many people on the way, but never taking his eyes off of Twinkle. He finally reaches her. He holds her arm and makes her face him. Twinkle looks at Kunj confused. Kunj suddenly hugs Twinkle, tightly, in fear of losing her again. The plate falls from Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj (still hugging)- I knew u would come back Twinkle. I knew u couldn’t leave me alone!
(Sajna Ve plays).
Kunj breaks the hug and sups Twinkle’s face.

Kunj- Where were u all these years Twinkle? Do u know how much I missed u? And…and Prisha…ur little girl. She’s all grown up now. Look at the game destiny played on us. It was this watch that first brought u to me. Because of this watch, our love story was born. And now it is this watch that returned u back to me. But now that I got u back, I won’t leave u. I won’t let u leave me again.
Twinkle moves Kunj’s hands off of her face. She pushes him slightly. Kunj is shocked and stares at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Excuse me! Who are you and why are u touching me?
Kunj cups Twinkle face again.
Kunj- Twinkle…what are u saying…tu..
Twinkle pushes Kunj again.
Twinkle- Bola na meine. Don’t touch me!

Kunj- Twinkle tu…
Twinkle- Kya Twinkle Twinkle laga raka hai. My name is Jasmin. Jasmin Bhansali.
Kunj is shocked. (Let’s imagine the dramatic music and black and white flashes).
Kunj- Ok Twinkle enough of the drama. Instead of calling u Siyappa queen, I should call u drama queen.
Twinkle- Ok listen mister. I don’t know who you are but please go from here and stop disturbing me.
Kunj- Twin…
A guy comes and stands next to Jasmin.
Guy- Jasmin, chale?
He looks at Kunj.
Guy- Do you know him?

Jasmin- No. I don’t know who he is. Let’s go Ankush.
Kunj- Who is he?
Jasmin- He’s my husband, Ankush Bhansali.
Kunj is again shocked and heartbroken. (Some more black and white flashes ?).
Anush holds his hand out to Kunj.
Ankush- Hi I’m Ankush.
Kunj is speechless. He stares at Jasmin with tears in his eyes. Jasmin holds Ankush’s arm.
Jasmin- Let’s go Ankush.

Ankush- Ok….weird.
They walk away. Kunj watches the leaving. Kunj remembers Twinkle’s words: “I am Jasmin. Jasmin Bhansali”.
Kunj- NO!
He covers his ears and screams. A few people turn and looks at Kunj.
Kunj- Jhoot! Sab Jhoot! Ur my Twinkle! U can’t do this to me Twinkle. Why are u doing this to me? No! I won’t give up. Now that I got u back after so many years, I won’t lose you again! Never!
Prisha comes to Kunj and tugs on his pant leg.
Prisha- Papa! Are you ok?

Kunj carries Prisha.
Kunj- Prisha…guess what.
Prisha- What?
Kunj- Mumma’s coming back.

Precap: Kunj goes to Jasmin and Ankush’s house and faces him.

GUYS!!!! Guess what the next episode is!!! I will try to make my half century a treat for you all. ??

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