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Love Is Blind (Episode 47)

Sorry for not thanking u all individually. But if u had any questions I tried to answer them on the comments so do check those out.

Recap: Twinkle finds Kunj’s letter that says that he’s leaving for London. Twinkle realizes her fault and runs to the airport and stops Kunj and brings him back to Sarna Mansion. Usha does the aarti of Aarav, Kunj, and Twinkle. Aarav became upset because he didn’t have a sister who would tie a rakhi on his wrist. Twinj consummate their marriage and become one once again.


The sunlight peeks through the window and stops on the aftermath of a bed after a beautiful night. There, Kunj was sleeping with Twinkle on his chest, her hand resting on his bare chest. Both of them were covered by a blanket. Twinkle wakes up and looks at Kunj and smiles. She thinks something and blushes. Then she moves up a little, covering herself with the blanket and places a sweet kiss on Kunj’s cheek. Kunj, with his closed eyes, smiles.
Twinkle- U were awake?
Kunj opens his eyes.
Kunj- Yea.
Twinkle- Then why didn’t u open ur eyes?
Kunj- U know y.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Twinkle, I can’t believe that u remembered. After our first night together, I said that my morning has to start with ur kiss. So how could I open my eyes and start my morning without ur kiss?
Twinkle- But I can’t start my morning. There were two sides to the story. U start ur morning with my kiss, so I gave it to u. But u didn’t give me.
Kunj- Wow Siyappa Queen. I’m loving this new version of u.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s cheek with one hand and cups her chin with the other hand. He gives a long, childish kiss on her cheek.
Kunj- Muah!
Twinkle rubs her cheek.
Twinkle- Kunj!
They both laugh and Kunj pulls Twinkle closer to her and hugs her tightly.


Kunj suddenly jumps up from the floor and the picture of Twinkle drops to the floor. He quickly picks it up and puts it back in the drawer and looks at Prisha.
Kunj- What happened Prisha? Is everything ok?
Prisha- Papa I was calling u for so long, but u didn’t say anything.
Kunj- Oh voh…I had a dream….nothing. Let’s go dear, let’s get u ready and go down for breakfast ok?
Prisha- Ok.
Prisha holds Kunj’s finger and walks to the bathroom. She sees the blood stained gloves on the sink counter.
Prisha- Papa. Were u painting? Can I see the painting? Please!
Kunj looks at the gloves and quickly throws them in the trash. He helps Prisha brush her teeth and gets her ready and sends her down for breakfast. Kunj goes to the bathroom to freshen up. He sees the gloves in the garbage and looks at them intently.


Twinkle and Kunj were blessed with another baby. It was now ninth months that Twinkle was pregnant. Let’s see what our lovely couple is doing…

(Twinj’s room…)

Twinkle is sitting in a chair on the balcony reading a magazine. Her pregnant belly makes her look extra cute. On the other side, Kunj is cutting an apple and feeding it to Twinkle.
Twinkle- Ahh Kunj y are the pieces so big?
Kunj- Oh sorry baby.
Twinkle goes back to reading her magazine. Suddenly they both burst out into laughter.
Twinkle- U know Kunj, it’s funny that there are couples like that out there. Where the poor husband has to take care of the mother and baby.
Kunj- Vaise Twinkle…I don’t mind. This just gives me an excuse to stay with u.
Twinkle pulls Kunj’s cheek.
Twinkle- Awwww ur tooo cute!
Kunj- Stop it yaar!
Twinkle- AHHHH!!!
Kunj- Twinkle what happened? Ok sorry. I won’t yell at u.
Twinkle- Are idiot, she’s coming. Kunj quickly!
Kunj- Wait who’s coming?
Suddenly he understands what Twinkle was saying and panics.
Kunj- Omg Twinkle what do I do? Twinkle breathe!
Twinkle- Take me to the hospital!


Kunj is pacing back and forth in front of the Operation Theatre. Bebe, Usha, Leela, Uv, Mahi, and Aarav come there.
Aarav- Papa? Where’s mumma? Is she ok?
Kunj- Partner, mumma is absolutely perfect.
Suddenly Kunj hears a baby’s cry. The OT light goes off and the doctor comes out carrying a cute sa, small sa baby.
Doctor- Congratulations Mr. Sarna. U are now a proud father of a daughter.
Kunj tears up as he carries his daughter and looks at the little sleeping face.
Kunj- My daughter….
Everyone smiles and crowds around Kunj.
Kunj- Wait doctor….Twinkle?
Doctor- Mrs. Sarna is absolutely perfect. U can go meet her.
Kunj carries his little girl and goes inside Twinkle’s room. Twinkle sees Kunj and smiles. Kunj puts the baby in the crib and goes to Twinkle.
Kunj- Wow my Siyappa Queen, for once u created no siyappas, instead, u gave me an angel.
Twinkle- How mean Kunj! I create siyappas all the time?
Kunj- Twinkle…thank u for everything.
Kunj laughs then lays on top of Twinkle and hugs her. Twinkle hugs Kunj back. Yuhi come into the room and see Twinj hugging in that position. Mahi covers Aarav’s eyes. Uv coughs. Twinj still don’t break the hug. Yuhi are shocked. Uv goes and awkwardly taps Kunj’s back. Kunj turns his head and looks at Uv. He quickly gets off Twinkle and stands up.
Uv- One child just came into the world and u guys are already ready for the next? Are give my poor sister some rest.
Kunj gives a death glare to Uv and Twinkle blushes. Aarav runs to Twinkle and hugs her.
Aarav- Mumma thank u!
Twinkle- But y?
Aarav- Now I have a sister who can tie a rakhi on my hand.
Everyone laughs.
Aarav- But what is her name?
Twinj- Prisha.

A few days later…

Mahi finds out that she’s pregnant. The Sarna Mansion is filled with even more happiness. They were all together enjoying and talking when Chinki and Rishi walked in.
Twinkle- Chinki!
She runs and hugs Chinki.
Kunj hugs Rishi.
Kunj- Good to see u again man.
Chinki gives Twinkle a card.
Twinkle- What is this?
Chinki- My wedding card.
Twinkle- WHAT! Ur getting married? OMG!
Twinkle holds Chinki and spins her around.
Twinkle- By the way, who is the lucky guy?
Chinki blushes.
Twinkle- Are bol bol.
Rishi slowly raises his hand. Twinj are shocked. Kunj softly punches Rishi’s stomach.
Kunj- Abbe saale! U two had a thing and u didn’t even tell me?
Rishi- Sorry yaar.
Kunj- Acha chod. When is the wedding?
Chinki- Next month. U both have to be there.
Kunj- What do u mean be there? I’ll come there, eat there, sleep there, use the bathroom there…
Twinkle gives a death glare to Kunj.
Kunj- Sorry. Kuch zyada ho gaya?
Everyone laughs. Next month rolls by and Twinj are getting ready to go to the wedding. Twinkle takes out the necklace that Kunj gifted her and kisses it. She hands it to Kunj.
Twinkle- U put it on me.

Kunj makes Twinkle wear the necklace. He then puts sindoor on Twinkle’s forehead.
Kunj- What happened Twinkle? Today ur making me put sindoor on u.
Twinkle- I don’t know Kunj. Today I’m having a weird feeling. U are here in front of me yet I feel like u are so far from me.
Kunj- Twinkle tu zyada dimag maat chala. U have a limited brain. Don’t use it all up.
Twinkle- U know what Kunj. Just keep ur sad wala jokes to urself.
Aarav walks into the room. He is wearing a cute blue sherwani with a silver brooch.
Aarav- I’m ready!
Kunj- Wow partner. U are looking handsome. Just like ur papa. Hai na Twinkle?
Twinkle- Aarav u are looking more handsome then ur papa.
Kunj- Aarav I have something for u. Hold out ur hand.
Aarav holds out his hand and Kunj puts a bracelet on him. The bracelet has Aarav’s name on it.
Aarav- Wow papa! Thank u!
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj- I have one for my little princess also.
Kunj puts the bracelet on baby Prisha. The bracelet also has her name on it.
Kunj- Now my family is complete.
He side hugs Twinkle.

Precap: Humaari Adhuri Kahani……

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