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Love Is Blind (Episode 46)

Sorry for being so late…was kinda busy. And Laddoooooo! Omg people called me all other names (drama queen, sleeping beauty), but u are the first to call me Multicolor Queen. THANK U! I love it. Lol. Please don’t be miffed with me. I will try to post asap. Love you all. Now let’s get on with the episode.

Recap: Twinkle handles a drunk Kunj. Yuhi and Twinj funny scene. Kunj decides to use the jealousy test on Twinkle. Twinkle gets jealous but Kunj thinks she didn’t. He tells her that he will leaver her alone…forever.



Kunj leaves the room and Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- What did Kunj mean about leaving me forever? Never mind, he always says those things. It was probably one of his sad wala jokes.
She gets ready and goes to work.

Next Scene…

Twinkle comes back after work. Aarav runs and hugs her.
Twinkle- Aww my baby.
Aarav- Mumma? Papa didn’t come?
Twinkle- Papa’s not home?
Aarav- No papa didn’t come. Where is he?
Twinkle- Don’t worry Aarav, he’ll come home.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Twinkle walks in confused and worried.
Twinkle- Where is Kunj? Y is he still not home?
She puts her purse down on the table and notices a note. Twinkle reads the note.
Note- “Twinkle, I know that u want space from me. U don’t want me to be anywhere near u. I know I have made a mistake, but I came back after realizing my fault. Still u didn’t accept me. I yearned for a chance to look at u and feel ur touch for these two years. I always loved u, and u know what they say, if u truly love something, then set it free. So, I am setting u free. I left our divorce papers on the table. I have signed it. U can sign them and then u will be free. I am going away from ur life forever. I am leaving back to London on tonight’s flight. Goodbye Twinkle. I will always love u. -Ur Sadu Sarna.
The note falls from Twinkle’s hand. She picks up the divorce papers and looks at it. A tear falls on the papers. She quickly runs out the room with the papers held to her chest. Bebe sees her running down the stairs.
Bebe- Are Twinkle puttar! What happened? Where are u going?
Twinkle (crying)- Bebe. I was wrong! I was too late. But no, I won’t let Kunj leave me this time. He can’t leave me like this.
She runs out of Sarna Mansion.
Bebe- Jaa puttar jaa! Jee le apni zindagi!

Twinkle gets in the car and starts driving.
Twinkle- Kunj, I thought u were strong, our love was strong. I’m so sorry Kunj. Please come back.
Meanwhile, Kunj checks his bag through security. (Zaroorat from Ek Villian plays).
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe

Kunj sits in the waiting area for his flight. Twinkle gets tuck in traffic. She honks the horn, but the traffic does not move. She gets out of the car and starts running. Kunj thinks about all the memories he had with Twinkle.

Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Hardum ye keh raha hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai (x2)
Kunj gets up and takes his suitcase towards the boarding desk.
Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya
Ab lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phir
Toh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya

Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

Kunj goes to the boarding desk and takes out his passport and ticket and scans it in. 
Kunj turns around and sees Twinkle, breathing heavily and walking towards him. She comes to him and looks him in the eye. (Sajna Ve plays).
Kunj- Twin…
SLAP! Twinkle slaps Kunj. Kunj holds his cheek then looks at Twinkle in shock. Twinkle holds Kunjs collar and pulls him towards her.
Twinkle- What do u think of urself? Huh! Who do u think u are that u can just take decisions about my life. It’s my life and I can do whatever I want. If u love something, u can set it free. This is my life, and if I love something, I WON’T set it free. Do u understand Kunj Sarna! So don’t tell me what to do. I won’t sign this!

Twinkle throws the divorce papers on Kunj’s face. Kunj looks at the floor. Twinkle suddenly hugs Kunj. Kunj smiles, while a tears drops from his eyes. He hugs Twinkle back. The crowd that had gathered, slowly walks away. Twinj break the hug.
Kunj- Oye Siyappa Queen! Look what u did. Emotional ho gaya yaar!
Kunj wipes his tear and Twinkle laughs. She entangles her fingers with Kunj’s fingers.
Twinkle- Now enough rona dhona. Let’s go home.
Twinkle starts walking but Kunj doesn’t walk. Twinkle looks back at Kunj.
Kunj- I love u my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle smiles- I love u too my Sadu Sarna.
They smile at each other and go back to Sarna Mansion.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Twinkle and Kunj come to Sarna Mansion hand in hand. Usha stops them at the door. She looks at them angrily. Twinj let go of each other’s hands and look at the floor. Suddenly they look back up when they notice Usha doing their aarti.
Kunj- Ma….
Usha- My bahu came back after so long, I have to do her greha pravesh, permanently this time. No more leaving this house.
Aarav runs to them.
Aarav- Papa!
Kunj carries him. Usha does the aarti of all three of them. Twinkle kicks the grain pot and enters Sarna Mansion, holding Kunj’s hand.

(Twinj’s room…)

Aarav- U know mumma. Today my friend was very lucky, but Aarav is not lucky.
Twinkle- Y?
Aarav- He has a little sister who tied a rakhi on his hand. But I don’t have a sister. So no one tied a rakhi on my hand. Papa please can I get a sister please!
Kunj raises his eyebrow. Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Sure beta! If my partner wants something, I have to give it.
He looks at Twinkle, who is still blushing.
Uv- Aarav, come to mamu. Today u will sleep with me and Mahi.
Twinkle- Are! But why?
Mahi- Offo Twinkle! U ask way too many questions! Just enjoy ur night.
Mahi winks. Yuhi laugh and take Aarav. Kunj goes and shuts the door. He sees Twinkle setting up the bed. He goes and back hugs her. Twinkle smiles and places her hands on top of Kunj’s hands, which are on her stomach.
Twinkle- Ok Kunj now let me go.
Kunj- Kyun?
Twinkle- We have to go to sleep.
Kunj turns Twinkle around and makes her face him. Twinkle puts her arms around Kunj’s neck, while Kunj holds her waists.
Kunj- Ur so selfish Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hawww! What did I do?
Kunj- Our little Aarav wanted something and ur not going to give it to him?
Twinkle blushes.

Kunj- Haye! This blushing is going to kill me one day!
Twinkle playfully slaps Kunj’s chest. Kunj holds Twinkle’s wrist. He carries her and lays her on the bed. Kunj traces his finger from Twinkle’s toe, up her legs, up her stomach, her chest, and finally, to her cheek. Twinkle closes her eyes and shudders. Kunj kisses her forehead, her cheek, and finally her lips. They engage is a deep and passionate lip lock. Twinkle runs out of breathe and slightly pushed Kunj. Kunj, in his deep voice, let’s out a slight laugh. He holds her hand and kisses her arm. Then he moves to her neck, placing little love bites. Their hands entwine with each other and Twinj become one once again.

Precap: The story unravels…..and secrets revealed….

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