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Love Is Blind (Episode 44)

Happy Independence Day to everyone! ?

Recap: Aarav’s third birthday! He makes a wish to Twinkle for them to saty with Kunj for one week. Twinkle agrees and they go back to Sarna Mansion. At Sarna Mansion, Twinj have some romance.



Kunj opens the door and goes in the bathroom. Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- Kunj! What are u doing here? Get out!
Kunj locks the door.
Kunj- U were taking so long that I didn’t have anymore time to wait so I had to come in.
Twinkle- Well u have to wait until I take a shower.
Kunj- No problem, we can take a shower together.
Twinkle- Kunj! Get out!
Kunj puts his finger on Twinkle’s lips to shut her up.
Kunj- Shhhhh! How much do u speak. What get out get out? If u forgot Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, this is also my bathroom so I can come in and leave whenever I want to.
Twinkle is speechless. She stares at Kunj. (Sajna Ve plays). Kunj walks forward while Twinkle walks backwards. Twinkle hits the shower and it turns on, making both of them wet. Twinkle tries to leave but Kunj pulls her back and stops her against the wall. He leans closer and kisses her cheek. Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj moves towards her neck and kisses it. Twinkle’s hand moves to Kunj’s head as she caresses his hair.
Bebe comes to Twinj’s room and looks for them.
Bebe- Are where are they? Twinkle puttar? Kunj!

Twinj come back to reality. They look around awkwardly.
Kunj- Oh no Bebe!
Twinkle- What do we do now?
Bebe- Kunj puttar? Where are u?
Kunj- Ji bebe? I’m in the bathroom taking a shower.
Bebe- Oh ok but where is Twinkle?
Twinkle- Uhhhh ji Bebe…I’m…I’m also in here.
Bebe silently laughs.
Bebe- Oh sorry sorry. We would all like it if u guys can quickly finish ur work and meet us downstairs for breakfast. But if u guys are busy then koi gal nai take ur time.
She laughs silently and leaves the room. Twinj come out of the bathroom and see Bebe left.
Twinkle- This is all ur fault. Now what must Bebe be thinking? Hai Babaji, phir ek siyappa ho gaya.
Kunj- What! My fault? U forgot ur clothes and u blame me? Shaiyad tera birth certificate mein Twinkle Taneja ki vaje Siyappa Queen lika hoti to better hoti.
Twinkle shows attitude and takes her clothes and goes to the bathroom. Kunj smiles.

Next Scene…

Aarav- Mumma, Papa, I want to go to the carnival.
Twinkle- What carnival.
Mahi- Are Twinkle. Today is Independence Day na? So at the park there is a flag raising ceremony and a little carnival.
Kunj- Hey sounds like fun. Let’s go.
Twinj and Yuhi go to the carnival. The Indian flag and it’s colors decorate the whole park. The flag raising ceremony starts. Twinj, Yuhi, and Aarav salute the flag and sing.

sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara
hum bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara

ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men
samjho vahin hamen bhi, dil hain jahan hamara

parbat voh sab se uncha, hamsaya asman ka
voh santari hamara, voh pasban hamara

Aarav leaves with Yuhi. Twinkle later heads to her car. She tries turning it on but it doesn’t turn on.
Twinkle- Oh God! What happened to this now?
She checks her watch.
Twinkle- Looks like I’ll have to catch a taxi otherwise I’ll be late.
Twinkle walks on the road trying to stop a taxi but no cabs stop. Suddenly a car stops in front of her. The driver rolls the window down. It is Kunj.
Kunj- Come. I’ll drop u off at work.
Twinkle- No thanks. I can go there myself.
Kunj gets out of the car.
Kunj- Twinkle don’t be stubborn. I don’t want u to be late. I’ll just drop u.
Twinkle- I said no thanks.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- Twinkle don’t argue. Let’s go. This street is not safe.
Twinkle pulls her hand away.
Twinkle- Kunj stop it or I’ll yell.
Kunj is both hurt and angered.

Kunj- What the hell! What do u think of urself? Go ahead! Yell!
Kunj grabs Twinkle’s hand again.
A few people come to them.
Man- Excuse me mister. What are u doing?
Man2- U found a girl alone and u started teasing her. This won’t be happening. Leave her alone or I will call the police.
Twinkle- Excuse me but who asked for ur help? Did I yell or call out for help? This is my husband and this is a personal matter. So please don’t interfere.
Man- Oye madam y don’t u just solve ur personal problems at home. Y are u making a scene in public?
The crowd leaves. Twinkle turns to Kunj.
Twinkle- Don’t think I did this for u. I did this for my family, and for Aarav. If ma, bebe, and Aarav find out that their son/father is in jail then what must they be feeling? I did this for only them.
Kunj punches the side of his car. Twinkle jumps in shock. Kunj angrily gets in his car and drives off. Twinkle is left shocked.

Later, Twinkle gets home late at night. She tells everyone to eat dinner without her as she is not hungry. Everyone goes to sleep. Twinkle walks into her and Kunj’s room.
Twinkle- Kunj still didn’t come? It’s almost midnight. Where is he?


A guy is shown walking….well rather stumbling down an empty street. He has a bottle in his hand. It appears as if he is totally drunk. One side of his shirt is tucked in while the other side is out. His tie is hanging loosely around his neck. He appears to be singing a song.
Man- Twinkle Twinkle little star…how I wonder what u are….
The man is revealed to be Kunj.
Kunj (drunk)- How I wonder what u are…hmmm I wonder what u are Twinkle? What are u? U don’t understand me. ME! Kunj Sarna. I am Kunj……um Kunj what?
He scratches his head and thinks.
Kunj- Ohhhh! I am Sadu Sarna!
He laughs and the bottle falls from his hand and breaks.
Kunj- Oopsie!
He bends down to pick it up when suddenly a car comes towards him. He holds his hand up to cover the bright light from his eyes.
Kunj- Oh no I’m dead.
He falls on the floor and pretends to be dead. The car stops and Twinkle comes out.
Twinkle- Kunj!

She goes over to him. Kunj opens one eye and looks at Twinkle. Then he opens both his eyes.
Kunj- Oh My God! Twinkle u are in heaven also? Wow!
Twinkle makes Kunj stand.
Twinkle- Let’s go Kunj.
Kunj pushes Twinkle.
Kunj- NO! Don’t touch me. I don’t want to go.
Twinkle holds his hand.
Twinkle- Kunj let’s go now!
Kunj- Don’t touch me or I will yell.
He leans closer to Twinkle and whispers…
Kunj- That was ur dialogue right?
Twinkle feels hurt.

Kunj- U know Twinkle, u don’t understand me…NO! No understanding.
He shakes his head quickly like a no.
Twinkle- Kunj come on. Ur drunk let’s go home.
Kunj- Kunj? Who’s Kunj? I’m Anju! Sundhri Anju Singh!
Twinkle looks at Kunj. Tears fall from Kunj’s eyes.
Kunj- Y did u do this to me Twinkle? I love u…but u don’t love me. No body loves me!
He starts crying.
Twinkle melts.
Twinkle- No Kunj everyone loves u.
Kunj- No u are a liar. U don’t love me. That’s y u always hurt me.
Twinkle- No Kunj I don’t want to hurt u.
Kunj- But I get hurt.
Twinkle- Where?
Kunj takes Twinkle’s hand and places it over his heart.
Kunj- Here.
(Sanjna Ve plays).

Twinkle- Ok Kunj let’s go.
Twinkle makes Kunj sit in the car and drives him home. She quietly takes him into the house. Kunj starts singing again.
Kunj- ? Jana gana mana adhinayaka jaya he…
Twinkle covers his mouth. She sees Usha coming down the stairs. Twinkle makes Kunj hide in a corner while covering his mouth.
Twinkle (whispers)- Kunj please be quiet.
Kunj takes her hand off.
Kunj (whispers)- Y? Is there a ghost there?
Twinkle- Ummm yes. Now be quiet.
Kunj- No!
Twinkle- Kunj shhhh!
Kunj- Then u have to make me be quiet.
Twinkle- How?
Kunj- How I make u be quiet….like that.
Twinkle thinks for a second.
Twinkle- Kunj stop all this and be quiet.

Kunj- No! I won’t be quiet! I won’t……
He is cut off by a pair of soft lips on his own. Kunj stares with his eyes wide open at Twinkle, whose eyes are closed. He closes his eyes and gives into the passionate kiss.

Precap: Kunj’s decision….

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