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Love Is Blind (Episode 40)


Thank u all for ur comments. I’m so glad that u guys like this track. Now let’s get on with the episode….


Recap: Two years pass when Kunj leaves for London. He finds out that it was Sia’s plan to defame Twinkle and Twinkle was innocent. Kunj returns back to India to win back Twinkle and sees his two year old son Aarav. A new nanny comes to take care of Aarav, named Anju. It turns out that Anju is actually Kunj is disguise and Leela is helping him.


Twinkle- Kunj…
Kunj steps back in shock.
Anju (Kunj)- Ummmm…..who is Kunj?
Twinkle opens her eyes and comes back to reality.
Twinkle- Oh umm no one.
Kunj (Anju) is hurt hearing this.
He leaves Twinkle’s room with a sad face.
Twinkle- Why did I suddenly remember Kunj’s touch?
Kunj stops at the door and listens.
Twinkle- After all these years, his touch was back. The same touch from our first night. Babaji y is it all coming back? I loved him and I still do, but he doesn’t love me. Babaji please give me strength. Maybe not for me, but for Aarav please give me strength.
Kunj listens to Twinkle and smiles. He goes to his room.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle still loves me! She remembers my touch.
He hits his head.
Kunj- Kunj ur such an idiot. Because of ur stupid actions, Twinkle thinks u don’t love her. Are how can I not love my Siyappa Queen? Voh toh duniya hai meri.
Leela comes in the room.
Leela- Kunj puttar is everything ok?
Kunj- Ma! U know ma, today I found out that Twinkle still loves me!
Leela- Puttar, Twinkle never stopped loving u. Every breath she took had ur name in it.
Kunj smiles.
Leela- By the way, kinna sona lag raha hain meri jamai. Nazar na lag jaye. I thought my daughter was beautiful, but now I see that my jamai is not only handsome but also beautiful.
Kunj- Ma! U think I am having fun walking around in a salwar and wig? Meri izzhat ki dhajiya ur jayenge when Twinkle finds out.
Leela laughs.

The Next day…

Kunj is putting on his wig and makeup and struggling.
Kunj- How do girls do this everyday? I feel like my face is going to fall off. And this hair…..OMG it’s too much to handle.
Kunj is shocked to hear his words and hits his head.
Kunj- Kunj beta…zara dheere make sure that acting like a girl doesn’t turn u into a girl for real!
Kunj gets ready then goes downstairs and sees Twinkle watching tv.
Twinkle- OMG the Olympics are starting! Look Team India is coming! Go team India!!!
She watches the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Then she changes the channel.
Twinkle- Omg Jhalak is on.
Mahi comes to Twinkle.
Mahi- Twinkle, Jhalak started?
Twinkle- Bhabhi it just started. Come and see.
They see the performances.
Twinkle- Bhabhi pata hai, who my favorite contestant is?
Mahi- Who?
Twinkle- Sidhant Gupta! He’s sooo hot!
Kunj hears this and gets jealous.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle never called me hot. What’s in this Sidhant Gupta that’s not in me?
He goes to Twinkle and sits down next to her.
Anju- Umm…I don’t think he is hot. And look he can’t even dance.
Twinkle- What are u saying Anju! Do u see his perfect face…and omg his body!
Anju- Ha toh meri bhi six pack…..
Twinkle- What?
Anju- I said…six pack pencils sales mein hai. Should I get some for Aarav?
Twinkle- Oh no it’s ok. He has plenty of colors and pencils.
Kunj walks away jealous.
Kunj thinks- Wow what a hot body! Hot body my foot! Twinkle never complimented me or my six packs. My body is better than that Sidhant Gupta. U wait Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, I will make u compliment Kunj Sarna and that’s a challenge.

Next Scene (Twinkle’s Room…)

Anju- Aarav! Where are u?
Kunj walks into Twinkle’s room and sees Aarav looking at a picture frame.
Anju- Aarav what are u doing?
Aarav quickly hides the frame behind his back. Kunj is surprised.
Anju- Aarav what is that? U can show me.
Aarav shakes his head no.
Anju- Come on beta. I’m ur friend right?
Aarav thinks for a second then whispers to Kunj…
Aarav- No tell mumma…
Anju- Ok I won’t tell mumma.
Aarav gives the picture frame to Kunj and Kunj is shocked to see that it is a picture of himself.
Anju- Aarav who is this?
Aarav- Papa.
Kunj gets emotional to hear “papa” for the first time.
Anju- Then y were u hiding it beta?
Aarav- Mumma hides this picture. She is sad every night. When I say goodnight she thinks I leave. I see her hold this picture and cry. Mumma miss papa and Aarav miss papa also.
Anju- Then why were u hiding it?
Aarav- Aarav comes and secretly looks at papa’s picture. Mumma don’t want to tell me about papa.
Anju- Why not?
Aarav- Mumma say papa left us and don’t love us….
Aarav gets scared to see Twinkle standing in the doorway.
Aarav looks at the floor. Twinkle comes to him and holds his shoulders.
Twinkle- How many times have I told u not to go through my drawers and take my things out? Aarav do u understand when I tell u something?
Aarav starts crying. Kunj goes and takes Aarav away from Twinkle. Aarav hugs Kunj.
Anju- Twinkle what are u doing? He’s just a child.
Twinkle breaks down.
Twinkle- Do u know how hard it is to explain to him everyday. Everyday he comes and looks at the picture and everyday I have to tell him his papa will never come back. It breaks my heart to tell him those words.
Aarav goes to Twinkle and wipes her tears away.
Aarav- I don’t need papa. I only need mumma.
Twinkle hugs Aarav. Kunj is heartbroken to see this scene.
Kunj thinks- Kunj u idiot! The day has come where u see ur wife and child heartbroken and u can’t do anything about it. Babaji please take my happiness and give it to Twinkle and Aarav please!
Twinkle- Ok no more crying. Go play.
Aarav runs away.
Anju- Umm so who is this man? He’s very hot I must say.
Twinkle takes Kunj’s picture away from Anju.
Twinkle- He’s nobody.
Kunj is hurt but hides it.
Anju- He must be some kind of celebrity. But I’ve never seen him before. He’s sooo handsome and dashing.
Twinkle looks around awkwardly. Kunj thinks something then does his famous one eyebrow raise.
Kunj thinks- Time for my challenge. I will make u compliment me Twinkle.
Anju- On second thought, he’s not that handsome. He looks so terrible.
Twinkle looks at Anju with a surprised face.
Anju- Eww look at those eyes. It’s brown color makes it so murky and muddy. And that hair is like black wires. Omg those lips are the worst. They look like hard rocks.
Twinkle- JUST SHUT UP ANJU! Don’t u dare say another word about my Kunj. For ur information, those eyes are the eyes I fall for everyday. Those eyes are the eyes that showed me the world. Those eyes showed me love and friendship. Their brown color is like an emerald. And those lips are the softest and most gentle lips one can ever have!
Kunj is over the top happy. He somehow controls his emotions and keeps a straight face.
Anju- Y do u care? And how do u know all these details, his eyes, and how soft his lips are?
Twinkle- Because he is my husband and I love him a lot!…..more than myself.
Kunj smiles.
Anju- Then y are u staying away from him?
Twinkle- I don’t want to. Everyday mein tadap ta hoon. Everyday I feel like running away to him but I can’t. He left me.
Anju- He didn’t leave u. Maybe he realized his mistake and is waiting for u now.
Twinkle- I doubt it. Otherwise he would be with me now.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle can’t u see, I’m right in front of u. Come on Twinkle, recognize ur Kunj.
Anju- But if he came back, would u forgive him?
Twinkle- Never! He left me alone with our child. I won’t forgive him…..unless he can make me forgive him.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj thinks- Fine, then I’ll make u forgive me.

(Kunj’s room…)

Kunj is taking off his disguise and again complaining. He looks in the mirror and is shocked to see Uv standing at the doorway looking at Kunj furiously.
Kunj- Bro….
Uv closes the door then storms over to Kunj and SLAP!… gives one to Kunj’s cheek.
Kunj is shocked. Uv holds Kunj’s collar.
Uv- How dare u come back! First u break my sister’s heart then show ur face in this house again?
Uv looks at Kunj, half dressed as Anju. (Funny tune plays).
Uv- Oh wait, u didn’t show ur face, u showed Anju’s face right?
Kunj- Bro I can explain.
Uv- What will u explain now huh?
Kunj explains everything to Uv.
Uv- Omg that Sia I will kill her right now.
Kunj- No bro forget about her. I will take care of her. But please don’t tell Twinkle. I need to get her back.
Uv- Wow this is true love. This is the first time I am seeing a husband dress up as a girl just to cool his wife’s anger down.
He laughs. Uv hugs Kunj. Kunj jokes around and acts like a girl.
Kunj- Aww y would I cool someone else down when I have a handsome hunk in front of me?
Kunj kisses Uv’s cheek. Uv rubs his cheek.
Uv- Chi yaar. I’m married and so are u!
They both laugh.
Uv- Ok put ur wig back on before someone sees. Kunj puts his wig back on. Uv goes and opens the door. There he sees Mahi standing right in front of him. Mahi sees the lipstick mark on Uv’s cheek then runs away crying. Uv makes a oh no face then looks at Kunj. Kunj slaps his forehead.
Kunj- Not again! This Twinkle is out to make me gay!

Precap- Twinkle’s mission to expose Anju….

“Life always gives you a second chance…it’s called tomorrow”
Keep calm and love Twinj (Sidmin).

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