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Love Is Blind (Episode 39)

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Recap: The story takes a 6 year leap. Kunj has a 4 year old daughter, Prisha. Kunj is in a flashback remembering what happened in these 6 years. We are still in the flashback…



Kunj leaves to London. Twinkle is heartbroken. Twinkle suddenly gets up and starts running out of her room shouting for Kunj.
Twinkle- Kunj no stop please don’t leave me. Please!
She runs down the stairs quickly and almost falls but Uv catches her.
Uv- Twinkle calm down!
Twinkle- No bhai Kunj is leaving I have to stop him. Bhai please let me go to Kunj!
Mahi- Twinkle, Kunj left. His plane took off.
Twinkle is shocked listening to Mahi’s words. She faints.


Kunj sees Prisha sleeping on his arm. He lays her properly on the bed. Then he opens a drawer and takes out Twinkle’s picture. Kunj sits on the floor next to the bed and looks at Twinkle’s picture. He holds the picture to his heart as silent tears fall from his eyes.


It has been two years since Kunj moved to London. He has not been making any contact with Twinkle or any of the other family members. Occasionally, he picks up Bebe and Usha’s phone. One day Kunj sees a man while coming back from work. He recognizes the man to be the same man in the picture. The picture of Twinkle in the same bed as this guy. He quickly runs to the guy and turns him around. The guy is shocked to see Kunj and tries to run away but Kunj catches him. Kunj holds the guy by his collar.
Kunj- Tell me! Why did u do this? Why did u ruin my life? Who told u to do this?
Guy- I…I…didn’t do anything…
Kunj- How dare u touch my Twinkle! How dare u!
Guy- Sir please let me go!
Kunj- After ruining my happy family, u want me to let u go?
Kunj punches the guy’s face and he falls to the floor. On the floor, he begs to Kunj but Kunj makes him stand and again holds his collar.
Kunj- Now tell me why did u do this?
Guy- Sir I’ll tell u everything. Please trust me.
Kunj listens intensely, still having a tight hold on the guy.
Guy- Sir I was ordered to do this. Ur wife is innocent. Twinkle madam never even saw me. One day, while she was sleeping I took a picture of her. Then I edited it to make it look like she was sleeping with me. Sir Twinkle madam is innocent. The guilt of doing this has been haunting me for two years. That’s y I came to London to try to find u and tell u the truth.
Kunj- Who told u to do this. ANSWER ME DAMN IT!
Guy- Sia madam (echoes).
Kunj- Sia….
Kunj lets the guy go and thinks about what just happened.
Kunj- I doubted my Twinkle. I hurt her! How could I not trust her? For two years, I lived with this pain, this guilt. For two years I stayed without my Twinkle….and my child…..Mera bacha….my baby is two years old now. With this anger, I didn’t even keep in contact with my child. How old he is, how he is?
Kunj wipes away the tears from his eyes.
Kunj- But no more pain now. I’m coming Twinkle. Ur Kunj is coming back to u.

(Taneja Mansion…)

“Aarav. Where are you?” A girl is shown with a bowl in her hand searching around the whole house. She turns around and it is revealed to be Twinkle.
Twinkle- Aarav where are u come out.
She stops at a table and then looks under the table. There, a cute little boy, two years old, is sitting and smiling.
Twinkle- Aarav.
She pretends to be mad. Twinkle pulls Aarav out from under the table.
Twinkle- Aarav y can’t u just eat ur food calmly for once. Now open wide and say ahh.
Aarav runs away and Twinkle sighs. Leela laughs seeing this.
Leela- Aarav y are u troubling ur mumma so much? Puttar please come and eat.
Mahi comes there and catches Aarav.
Mahi- Aarav will eat with mami right?
Aarav smiles at Mahi. Twinkle pretends to be sad and sits on the couch. Aarav runs over to Twinkle and crawls on top of her lap. He looks at Twinkle and opens his mouth. Twinkle smiles and feeds him. Aarav hugs Twinkle.
Aarav- Mumma sad?
Twinkle- No beta. Mumma not sad anymore.
Twinkle hugs Aarav and he gives a cute little kiss on her cheek.
Twinkle- Ma did u find any nannys or babysitters for Aarav?
Leela- Yes I did. She should be coming now.
Suddenly the door bell rings. Twinkle opens the door and stares at the person standing in front of her. The person is wearing a blue patiala salwar and her hair is in a braid. The lady folds her hands in a greeting manner.
Lady- Sasriakal. I am Sundhri Anju Singh. U can call me Mrs. Anju. (I’ll call her just Anju)
Twinkle- Uhhh hello Mrs. Anju. I am Twinkle Taneja.
Anju- Ahh Twinkle, Leela ji’s daughter. How beautiful u are.
Anju suddenly hugs Twinkle. Twinkle is surprised by the sudden action.
Twinkle- Wow Mrs. Anju, u have such strong arms.
Anju- *cough cough* ummm…actually, u know I run after children all day and take care of them so thoda sa muscle ho gaya. Now where is the little monster I have to take care of?
Twinkle points to Aarav. Anju looks at Aarav and tears up. She walks over to Aarav. (Abhi mujh mein kahin from Agneepath plays). Anju hugs Aarav and wipes a tear from her cheek.
Twinkle- Why are u crying?
Anju- U have any problem? Mein thoda sa emotional hoon. So every child I take care of, I treat as my own child. And this one is just too cute!
Twinkle looks at her weirdly.
Twinkle- Ok Mrs. Anju. I am busy with work so u need to take care of Aarav when I am gone. Like make sure he eats properly and has a healthy hygiene. Did u understand everything?
Anju- Yes Twinkle. This time I will listen to u.
Twinkle- Matlab?
Anju- Nothing…I mean I will listen and follow ur instructions carefully.
Twinkle- Ok good. Ma I’m leaving for a meeting. See u later.
She kisses Aarav’s forehead.
Twinkle- Be a good boy ok?
Aarav- Bye mumma!
Twinkle laughs and then leaves. Leela looks at Anju.
Leela- Kunj?
Anju looks at Leela then goes and touches Leela’s feet. Anju is actually Kunj.
Kunj- Thank u so much ma for giving me another chance and helping me get my Twinkle back.
Leela- Puttar I’m just glad u realized ur mistake. Now everything will be back to normal. U will get ur Twinkle back and ur child.
Kunj looks at Aarav playing with his toy cars.

Next Scene…

Twinkle comes back home from work. She goes to her room and sees Anju (Kunj) playing with Aarav.
Twinkle- Baby! Mumma’s home!
Aarav runs to Twinkle.
Twinkle- Look what I got u!
She gives him a chocolate and Aarav happily takes it and runs out the room.
Twinkle- How was Aarav today?
Anju- He was a good boy! He ate all his food and even drank his milk.
Twinkle- Ok thank u. U can go to ur room. Good night.
Anju- Ok. Good night.
Kunj leaves Twinkle’s room. He realizes that he left his phone so he enters Twinkle’s room again. There, he sees Twinkle opening the knot to her salwar suit. Kunj is stuck at the door. Twinkle holds the zipper then starts to zip her dress down when she sees Anju standing at the doorway.
Twinkle- Oh it’s u. I got scared for a second.
Anju- Voh…actually I left my phone…
Twinkle- Oh yea yea sure u can take it.
Kunj takes his phone.
Twinkle- Oh Anju, can u please help me. My zipper is stuck.
Kunj is shocked.
Anju- Me?
Twinkle- Yes. U are a girl and I am a girl so what is the problem?
Anju- Right…I’m a girl…
Kunj walks over to Twinkle. He takes the zipper and unzips her dress. In the process, his fingers touch Twinkle’s bare back. Twinkle feels the touch and closes her eyes. Flashes of Kunj and memories of their first night comes back to her.
Twinkle- Kunj…..

Precap: Uv finds out Kunj’s truth….

“Life always gives you a second chance…it’s called tomorrow”
Keep calm and love Twinj (Sidmin).

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