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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 1)

hey guys i am back and this my new fanfuc i hope u all miss me and i miss u all alotttttt and i hope u all will like this new story also and plz plz comment

swara wakes up with a jerk she was sweating and taking deep breaths.she looked here and there and then jump from her bed and runs toward a room opens the door slowly and looks toward her two kids and sighed.
swara murmured:bad dream and closes the door slowly and looked toward her watch it was sticking 5:30.she shook her head and tie her long black hair in bun which were coming to her waist.she quickly clean the house.she take shower and lite diya infromt of god idol then do arrangements for breakfast and set the table and looked toward wall clock it was sticking 6:30.she quickly went toward the kids room and first look at them and a smile appear on her lips she sit beside a 7 year old boy.
swara:sunny wake up..and caresses his forehead.

sunny in sleep:let me sleep.
swara make him sit gently and said:wake up otherwise u will get late for school.sunny make faces and goes toward washroom.swara goes toward another bed and a small girl of about 3 years was sleeping peacefully covering herself in pink blanket.swara places a kiss oh her forehead.
swara:pari wake up.girl wake up with a smile and jumps on swara’s lap
pari in sweet melodious voice:good morning MAASI…(SHE IS HER MAASI)
swara:good morning…now come on and pick her up and take her to her room.swara give her bath,make her wear clothes…tie her hairs in ponytail and make her sit on dinning table.
swara shouted:sunnny…..come fast how much time u will take?
sunny came running.swara looked at him and giggles.he was standing with a messy hair and shirt was on his hands.

sunny looked toward swara with puppy dog eyes.
swara come near him and make him wear shirt and comb his hair.
swara:itns barre ho gye ho…still can’t wear your shirt.
sunny in assuring voice:maasi….i trying to learn how to wear this shirt…trust mee…i will learn soon.
swara smiling:okay come on have breakfast and give him bread after putting jam on it and a full glass of milk and then make pari eat breakfast with her hands.
swara:come on fast she make their bags ready and put water bottles around their neck.
swra:sunny finish your tiffan today and kiss him on cheek.
sunny in irritated voice:maasi don’t kiss me its a girly thing and rub the place where she kissed.swara laugh and then kiss pari.she too kissed her.
swara make them leaves and looked toward clock.

swara hit her palm on her forehead
swara:ohhh god…7:10 and quickly run toward her room and open her bun and make simple choti and put duppta around her neck….pick some files,keys,phone,purse and rushed outside.lock the house and went for work.
swara reached her office and looked toward long building.it looked like reaching to sky.and at the top ‘MAHESWARI INDUSTRY’ was written she quickly goes inside.
swara:good morning MISS.ROSE.
mis.rose:good morning swara.
swara:did sir came?
mis.rose:no…go fast

swara put hand on her heart and said:thank god and went to her boss cabin and open the door quickly and put files on his table.and make things correct and opens the curtains and went toward her cabin which was right beside it.

A black BMW was stopped infront of office.whole staff get worried and start looking at their work as if they had completed it na.a man in black suite and white tie stepped out from the car.he was looking at his phone and walked from long corridor without looking at them.everyone stands up from where he passed.he goes toward his cabin and sit his chair and then take his eyes off from his phone and his face revealed.(HE IS OUR HERO SANSKAR MAHESWARI)
he looked toward his table as scanning everything and then looked toward curtains and a satisfied look come at his face.he picked up files from his glass table and start reading it.

AT 8:30

swara knock on the door.
sanskar in stern voice:come in
swara looked upward and murmured:oh my god he is again angry…god help me…help..help me and stepped inside murmuring hanuman chalesa.
swara in steady voice:sir your medicines
sanskar without looking at her take the medicines.she was about to turn but sanskar stopped her.
sanskar in stern voice:swara….her B.P drop down with 200 speed.
swara:yess sir

sanskar:find a house for one month in 24 hours
swara’s eye widened and she said:any problem sir…sanskar finally look at her with angry cold eyes.he crossed his arms around his chest
sanskar in angry tone:do i need to give you a explanation miss swara…..swara’s throat get dry in one second.
swara:sorry sir
swara in mind:i am going to loose my job….
sanskar narrowed his eyes and said in sharp voice:should i give u invitation for leaving my cabin.

sanskar a bit loud and angry:then get back to work.swara nodded and runs from there and first thing she do after entering her cabin was drinking a full glass of water to make her throat wet.
swara take deep breath and murmured:u idiot who told u ask question from him….idiot and start doing her work.

she called almost every company to arrange a house.but they were not ready to give a luxury house at this short period of time.
swara put phone on her forehead and said:another rejection at the same time sanskar entered her cabin.she quickly stands up.
sanskar busy in phone:did u arrange a house?
swara stammering:sir no…no…one …is ready to give house?
sanskar looked at her with a jerk.swara wondered if his neck didn’t get break.
sanskar angry:u can’t arrange a house for me?…then what are u doing in my office
swara’s face get pale and she said:sir there is awared function in 5 days therefore hotels and houses are full…..

sanskar stopped her from his raise his hand and said in sharp tone:i don’t want to listen your lame excuses.just arrange a house in 15 mins otherwise type a resignation letter.i don’t want a useless person in my office and leaves from there.
swara holds her head.her hands were shivering and she called last number of list.
swara:god plz save my job…plz…plz
manager:how can i help u
swara:i want a house for one month today

manager:ma’am i am sorry but houses are full due to functions in this city.we are very sorry for inconvenience but guest are arrived from whole country.sorry and he cut the call.swara’s whole world revolved.she looked at the ended call and type a resignation letter with teary eyes. and went toward sanskar’s cabin.she looked toward her cabin.she worked there for almost eight months.she took deep breath…wipe her tears and went inside.sanskar was sitting on his chair.he looked at her and then at her hands and after seeing the letter his face turned dark due to anger.
swara:sir this letter.
sanskar:put that on table….swara put that on table and turns to go.

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