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Love is always alive wherever we are…..(part 4)

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Lets go to out episode.

Pragya stood lik a dumb….she dont no how to react n Just touches her lips where he kissed…thinks y he kissed me..did he thought am a girl lik his fans..too y he said my name Miss Pragya along with his name…oh god..did he loves me.no no no..it wont b lik that…..its getting irritate,whatever sure am not going to fal for his charm..let him do as his wish..first I should maintain the distance from him..but something in me goes to him, thinking about him..something is happening me..says to herself, listn Pragya nothing is ther.he was trying to mak fal on his charm.b careful..thinking this she came to out of college…she sees abi standing near his car n smiling at her.pragya gets irritate n moves otherside..but abi rushes to her…abi, pragya listen to me once…pragya, pls leave me…dont disturb me..abi holds her hand..pragya just listen me once..she turned to his side n gives a angry look n abi leaves his hand.as soon as he left the hand a tight slap he got..pragya, dont dare to near me..abi stands lik a innocent boy places his palm in cheeks..thinks, for her abishehk style wont work, she b in control oly in abi the rock star style..asual, he walks in rockstar style, stops opp to her..pragy, what u want now..do u need another n stand by crossing her arms near chest..he gives a naughty smile n pragya dont understands . immediately he lifts her n puts kn his shoulder by her stomach..pragya shouts leave me.wher r u taking…put me down relse I ll kill u…dont play with me n pokes at his back…but abi don’t bother. He walks to his car n opens the passenger seat door n put her inside n locks.then he moves to driver seat n opens n settles ther..pragya begins to pokes his arms n leave her..suddenly, he takes a knife n theards her..abi, close ur mouth.one more word if it comes out means I ll kill u.even no one can file the case against tis rockstar..got it..pragya gets fear n. Sits quietly.In entir ride, abi was glancing pragya…she was siting with angry n watching outside the window….abi was smiling himself n entered the MM.pragya was about to speak but he took the knief.again she closed her mouth…abi got out from his seat n smiled naughtily. He opened her side of door…but she refused to get down..so he again took her in his arms..she started to protest n scolds louder…he successfully reached his room n thrown her in his bed… pragya stood on bed n shouted, hey Mr.what are u thinking about urselfs…sure I ll give a kindnap case on u…just wait n watch Mr.Rockstar..dont underestimate me…abi listening her with a smile…pragya, hey Mr.am not lik ur fan gals…who ll fall for ur charm..better stary away…I think ur planning to propose me…but don’t think I ll accept…..even I ll marry a begger not u…he s more better than u…abi felt little sad of he words.thinks she hates me this much.how I ll convince her…abi, u r rockstar man…don’t giv up…again he smiles….she again irrated by his smiles..pragya, are u music man r mental man..keepon showing ur teeths…first stop showing ur teeths relse I ll break it..be careful.am I taking any toothpaste add..always showing ur teeth…idiot….abi was shocked by hearing he scolding..abi, hey wild cat….turn back n see…pragya, how dare u…calling me wild cat…I know u r planning something. I wont turn back. Abi, ya…u r acting lik wild cat oly…so hot in angry said with taeasing smile..immediately pragya adjusted her dupatta n says…look Mr.am not a gal whom u thinking lik…am a lecturer..abi, I know sweetheart. But turn back n see…pragya was confused n turns back n sees…seeing a huge fram of her marriage phot with abi…slowly she back….n reaches end of the bed n about go fal….but abi holds her by waist….she closed her eyes in fear..slowly opened her eyes, noticing a pair of eyes watching her with longing love n care….both shared a eyelock for a while…immediately pragy Moves away from him…pragya, I know u trying to tap me…abi, y am going to tap u..it was true..dou how much gals are dieing to b with me..but u r not even trusting me…so bad wild cat…I need to tie n bell around ur neck..then oly u b in my control n ll not go away….pragya gets angry…fine Rockstar…go n b struck with ur stupid fans n about to move…but suddenly she was feeling uneasy n pukking sensation..feeling dizzing….abi tries to go near her…but she stopped by showing her hand..pragya, washroom… abi was siting worried. She left to washroom about half n hr…he got restless n knocked the door…immediately he searched for spare key n opened the door hesitatly…abi thinks how can I go inside…no abi..dont think…u dont no what happened to her…come on man.u r her husband….finally with full courage he entered the washroom…..pragya was lying unconscious in floor…..abi got panic n rushed to lift her…he placed her in bed n called doctor n too informed dadi..abi n dadi was siting on her sides.. doctor arrived….doc, pls abi…can u wait outside. Let me check her…dadi was moved to leave. But his kid grandson was siting lik a stubborn school kid for a chocolate. Abi, no problem doctor.i ll b here.u just her…nothing was hidden I between us..so sure I ll help u in al ways…dadi felt ashame of her grandson…dadi, abi come out n dragged him out…it was almost 15 mints crossed…abi was walking to n fro lik a cat for fish…..dadi smiled at his activities…finally, doctor came out.abi was rushed to him.abi, what happened doc.is she fine…any thing serious…..y she fainted….dadj, stop ur questen bank abi.let him stop..abi, sorry dadi..doctor, its k Mr.Abi…really she was lucky to have a husband lik u..abi, oh…doc u shall praise me later even v shal have a session….doctor, kkk abi…relax…congratulations….u r going to b dad soon….dadi was in shock..upto her information, it cant b..dadi, r u sure doctor. Abi interfe In between…doctor, thanks doctor. Meantime purab comes ther…seeing doctor he asks abi, hey man what happened. .y doctor came here.is everything k…abi hugs him….abi, ya man….its a great news…a. going to b dad……purab was equally shock with dadi…purab sees dadi….she nodes her head….purab, r u sure….abi, y man….cant b she perganent…abi knows y both were confused…he was njoying their confused state…how many times he would b confused. For a change let them b…abi, what happened purab. She s my wife n now perganent….any crime is ther is This…Both were looking lik a criminals..k dadi.a. going inside.once she waked up I ll infrom u…he went by whistling..pura , dadi….how could b di b….I can’t believe it…dadi, for me also…..even v cant ask pragya…she forgot her past too……lets wait till pragya wakes up…both left to their rooms. Abi went inside happily….sits beside her n holds her hand….says, u know how much happiness u have given now….really am happy…but dont no u ll react..sure I ll not allow alone hereafter….u have decided to leave ne forever.but see our destiny…now u even u cant move away from me .by u oly I have understood whats the meaning of love…how I ll allow u to move away…by u oly I have understood that ove is always alive wherever we are….. kissed her forehead n lied next her…pulled her into the hug n placed her head to his chest n holds her waist….
(Think so all ll quest How she got perganent, I ll say u in next episode…it was on the way)
sugan, nasima, dhivi,abiya, sandy, zara, abhigya, di, durga, soni, joy, saranya, laksh, maahi, nirmal, trisha, darkness, rutu, sethidisha, maaya, samanna, sakshi, deepi, aytac…hope u dont mind for ur short nike names, if so sorry guys..remaining names I ll add in next part…
Love u…..


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