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Love from Eternity (teaser)

P, Where is he?
Pr, We are also not sure! We are trying to track him.
P, What u mean? I thought he had informed u and went out.
Pr, No he didn’t and we are trying to contact him but it’s not working.

The screens in the control room are have blurred images of Abhi.

Pr, Abhi! Can u hear us? A, Yes and I don’t think I can be visible in video clearly so listen to what I have to tell!
P, Where are u and why did u go without even informing me? A, Fuggi! Just listen and don’t ask me questions! I don’t think i can contact u further! Fuggi, u have to stop using the bu…..The signal is lost and Pragya and others are

Pr, What is that and how come the signal is getting lost?? It is impossible for this thing to happen!

Pragya was crying continously and she was now very worried about him. P, Go and find him! What are u waiting for? Pr, We are going but see outside! How can we go in this time?

Pragya looked out and saw something strange….Pragya was now totally lost and couldn’t think properly on what Abhi was asking her to stop using. Pragya only felt her heart will stop beating if she can’t see him anymore.

To be continued…..

Let me tell u all I won’t be able to upload the next update for this soon as i am busy with somethings. So most probably i think i will only be able to update for this nxt week…thurs or fri. Sorry for this and I am trying to give good updates as possible for this one so I also need more time to think. Hope u all can understand.

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