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Scene 1:
At Gadodia house:
Mehendi preparations are going on..
The person applying mehendi asks Ragini the bridegroom’s name so that she can write the same in Ragini’s hand.
Ragini blushes and says Sanskar..
When the mehendi lady is about to fill Sanskar’s name in it Ragini stops her and says something which is muted.

Scene 2:
At Maheshwari house:
Sanskar goes to Laksh’s room while Laksh is getting ready for the evening..
Sanskar: Bhai..I need to talk to you..
Laksh: I’m listening..
Sanskar: What gift can we give to our lover which can bring instant smile on their face??
Laksh recalls Swara and how he asked her for a kiss as gift..
Sanskar waves hand before Laksh’s face and says: Bhai..What happened?
Laksh: Nothing..
Sanskar: You didn’t answer my question..
Laksh: Anything given with love will bring smile on their face…
Sanskar: Bhai..Suggest me something..
Laksh: This is not business where you can take my advice..It is the matter of love and every individual should create their own ideas for their love story..
Sanskar: But you always drop me in the middle when I need your help…
Laksh: When you are alone then only you creative brain gets work…
Saying so Laksh leaves the place…
Sanskar thinks: I irritated bhai so much today but also he didn’t scold me..Is everything fine?

Scene 3:
At Gadodia house:
SanLak, AP, DP come..
Elders get busy with their talks..
Swara comes towards SanLak and says: Sanskar go to Ragini..She is waiting for you..
Sanskar: Thank you bhabhi..You are the best!!
Swara smiles while Sanskar leaves the place..
Swara: Laksh listen to me..
Laksh: If it is about what happened in the office then we’ll talk later..
Swara: But Laksh..
Laksh tries to leave but Swara holds his hand..
Laksh: What are you doing?
Swara: Come with me..
Laksh: Where?
Swara: Just keep quiet and come with me..(in a serious tone)

Scene 4:
Sanskar goes near Ragini..
Sanskar gives a warm smile while Ragini gives him a angry glare..
Sanskar: What happened?
Ragini: I think you got short term memory loss..Did you forget what did I say in office?
Sanskar: I remember and brought my gift too..
Ragini blushes and says: How will you give me the gift now..Everyone is here..
Sanskar: What if everyone is here..I can gift my would be wife..I have that right!!
Ragini gets shocked while Sanskar gives a cute smile..
Sanskar takes a cover from the table nearby and says: Here is your gift my dear…
Ragini frowns seeing it..
Ragini: Where you speaking about this gift?
Sanskar: Yes!!
Ragini: No thanks..I don’t need this gift..
Sanskar: But I brought it with so much of love..At least open and see it..
Ragini: I’ll see it later..
Ragini puts the gift aside uninterestingly and Sanskar looks at her with sad face..
{Actually Ragini expected a kiss as return gift for her flying kiss..So she is disappointed}

Scene 5:
Swara brings Laksh to her room..
Swara: I’m sorry for what has happened..
Laksh: No need to be sorry..I expected a bit more from our relation..
Swara: It is not like that Laksh..
Laksh: It is like that Swara..
Swara: Even I want our relation to progress but..
Laksh cuts her midway and says: But you don’t trust me..(in a angry tone)
Swara gets shocked seeing Laksh so serious for the first time..
Laksh: I was trying to be romantic so that you wouldn’t feel that I’m boring kind of person who knows only to do business but don’t know how to love..
Swara: I know Laksh but I’m not that open minded person..
Laksh: But instead of understanding my intent you questioned my character..Do you think I behave like that with my employees?
Laksh Maheshwari always keeps professional and personal life different..The same way I treated you but mom yelled at me for calling you a employee and hurting you..
Even I felt mom is right so I thought of being a fiancée to you rather than boss but you insulted me by saying no boss behaves with employees like that and I’m bad…

Swara: I’m sorry Laksh..I’m really sorry..I didn’t mean it that way..
Laksh: I’m not angry Swara but I’m disappointed that you don’t trust me..You don’t consider me as a good human being..
{Many readers felt Laksh as Khadoos but his point of view was this and he is also a soft hearted person}

So guys will Ragini get convinced by the gift given by Sanskar?
How will Swara cool Laksh?
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