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Hi guys..This is Saanvi and my episode 24..

Thanks for the lovely support all my readers ?

Link of my previous episode:
Episode 23

Scene 1:
Next day morning:
In guesthouse:
Laksh: Where is dad?
AP: He went to meet his friend.
Laksh’s POV:
Dad always finds his friend’s girl child as a prospective bride for his kids..I should do something before he brings a alliance for Sanskar..
Laksh: Mom I was thinking about the bangle you gave to Ragini..
AP: Even I thought about it Laksh.. Don’t worry I’ll tell Janki to give it to Swara so that it stays with the right person.
Laksh: But it is already near the correct person Mom..
AP: How can it be?? Let me sharpen your memory..Swara is your bride not Ragini..
Laksh: I know that..

AP: Then?
Laksh: I was thinking of Sanskar and Ragini’s match..What say mom?
AP stands and gives a shocked expression to Laksh..
Laksh gets afraid seeing her..
Laksh: Mom I was just thinking..Sorry..
AP: Even I like Ragini but already once we gave her hope in form of you..I’m not understanding how to talk to her about marriage again into this house and what about Sanskar…(gives a worried expression)
Laksh: Don’t worry mom. I spoke to Sanky and then only told you. So now you just need to talk to her parents…
AP: Then it’s a yes from my side..I think your dad will also agree..
Laksh: Then mom how about their engagement today?
AP: We just now spoke about it Laksh..Why are you in a hurry?
Laksh: I thought of me and Sanskar getting married on the same day..Even for SwaRagini it will be exciting na…
AP smiles and says I’ll ask Janki..Wait!!

Scene 2:
Laksh calls Swara…
Swara: What happened? What did they say?
Laksh: There is no deal which Laksh can’t crack..
Swara: Don’t boast so much!!
Laksh: Haha..Okay..Mom agreed..Now it’s your turn..
Swara: I’ll try..

Scene 3:
Gadodia house:
Janki: Swara did you see that saree design..It is awesome (Talking about the saree which AP gifted Swara)
Swara: Mom leave all that..I need to speak to you..
Janki: I guess you are speaking to me only (In teasing tone)
Swara: Mom!!
Janki: Okay okay..Tell me..
Swara: What do you think about Sanskar?
Janki: Now who is he?
Swara (irritated) : My devar..How can you forget his name?
Janki: Oh Chote…sorry I don’t know his real name..
Swara: Okay tell me how do you find him?
Janki: Nice..But why?
Swara: I think he is perfect for Ragini..
Janki looks on suspiciously..
Swara mumbles: Wo..I just thought..

Janki smiles and says: Even I thought the same but again I felt what if he surprises us telling about his secret love like his brother….
Swara pouts and says: Mom..Laksh didn’t do it intentionally..Don’t taunt him..
Janki: Acha ji..Abhi se pati ke side le rahe ho? ( Nice..From now only you are taking your husband’s side)
Swara chuckles..
Janki gets AP’s call..
AP: I called you to ask about Sanskar and Ragini’s match…
Janki: Wow what a co-incidence..Just now I and Swara spoke about it..
AP: Really? Laksh suggested me about this and even I thought it’s nice to get both our kids get married into same house..
Janki: Yes..I guess even SwaLak thought about their siblings staying with them forever..We should fix the alliance..
Swara: Mom..Today evening we will surprise Ragini..Tell aunty to come in evening and speak..
Janki says the same on phone and AP smiles and agrees..

Scene 4:
Gadodia house:
Ragini enters home casually after college..Janki tells her to get ready and says bridegroom may arrive at any moment..
Ragini : Where is Swara dii (in a panicked tone)
Swara: She is preparing snacks for the guests…
Ragini’s POV:
How can dii do like this? Yesterday only jiju supported us and today ?
Ragini goes and gets ready unwillingly..

Scene 5:
At Guesthouse:
Sanskar comes from office..AP tells him to get ready..
Sanskar: Mom..What happened?
AP: We are going to Gadodia house so get ready soon..
Saying this she leaves from there..
Laksh thinks: Wow!! Mom didn’t tell him the whole truth..Let me play with him for sometime…
Sanskar: What is this bhai?
Laksh: Dad brought some match for Ragini..Since we became relatives to them..They invited us also..
Sanskar: But how can you let that happen? You know about our love!!
Laksh: I know about you and Ragini..But dad doesn’t know na?
Sanskar: You could have told him but I know this is your revenge plan..That’s why you stayed silent..
Laksh laughs and was about to say something but Sanskar interrupts..
Sanskar: You asked for bhabhi’s hand before her parents..Even I’ll propose Ragini..I can solve this problem on my own..
Saying this he leaves from there and gets ready..

Scene 6:
At Gadodia house:
Laksh family enters with a broad smile while Sanskar is sad..
Shekar: Why is Sanskar like that?
Laksh: Uncle he had loads of work today..So he is just tired..Don’t worry..
Sanskar gives a angry glare to Laksh..
Shekar and DP talk about the alliance but don’t mention RagSan’s name..
Sanskar’s POV:
My one and only brother was not enough to create hurdles in my love story..Now my dad came and built a wall between me and Ragini..Ufff..My family..Why can’t they keep quite..
Just then Ragini enters..Her head is lowered and she is looking towards the ground as she was least interested in looking at some unknown person (Bridegroom)..
Laksh: Mom..Start the rituals..
AP takes out chunri and the sweet box for doing rokha..
When Sanskar is about to speak..Swara says- Ragini.. mom wanted to know your decision as Sanskar already said a yes..
Laksh places his hand on forehead and gives a death flare to Swara while Swara signals ‘what happened’ kind of expression through her eyes..
Sanskar looks on shocked while Ragini is surprised to see Sanskar there..
Ragini nods happily in a yes..
AP does the rituals and DP and Shekar make each other eat sweets..

So guys..How was the episode?
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