Hi guys..This is Saanvi back with episode 20..

I completed 20 episodes successfully..I can’t believe it and I’m so happy..I thought of sharing this happiness with you’ll, so I’m giving a long episode today ?


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Episode 19

Same day:
Laksh angrily comes into his room while Sanskar is playing video games..
He comes and kicks the couch..
Sanskar: Bhai..You disturbed my game..
Laksh: My life is disturbed and you are worrying about game..
Sanskar: But what happened bhai??
Laksh: You know na I said yes thinking it is Swara but Laado is a different person..
Sanskar: So..
Laksh: Don’t test my patience Sanky..
Sanskar: Bhai you planned something but your plan backfired..Anyways Laado also seems to be a nice girl…
Laksh: Shut up!!
Sanskar: Why bhai?
Laksh stays silent..
Sanskar: Should I say why..It is because you love Swara and cannot marry other girl..
Laksh nods in a yes…
Sanskar: Then why don’t you tell mom and dad about it..I hope they will understand…
Laksh: I know but..
Sanskar: But your stupid ego is stopping you from doing so..
Laksh shouts : SANSKAR
Sanskar: If you shout truth will not change bhai..You thought to pre-plan this alliance according to you but it turned out to be something else..
The great Laksh Maheshwari who never makes a mistake has done one..Your ego is stopping you from accepting it..
Laksh: It is not my ego but I’m thinking about Laado..What will she think? What will Shekar uncle think?
Sanskar: LOVE CANNOT BE PREPLANNED Bhai..It happens unexpectedly only..
If you confess your feelings..Then they will definitely accept..
Laksh: But Swara is misunderstanding me..
Sanskar: Tell Swara bhabhi about your love before it is too late..
Laksh is lost in thoughts while Sanskar leaves…

Scene 2:
Swara cries remembering Ragini’s words..
Swara’s POV:
I would support my love Ragini but he haven’t confessed anything..I’m guilty that I have snatched your right..Whatever Laksh feels is for you..His love, his care and his commitment is for Laado..I’m not his Laado..
Once..Only for once if he says he doesn’t want to marry you then I would have spoken to you but I don’t want to break your marriage for my one-sided love and selfishness to have Laksh for myself..

Scene 3:
Ragini comes inside the room and finds Swara weeping…She comes forward to console her but remembers Sanskar’s words..
Ragini: Laksh was my crush..So my parents assumed that I still like him..So they fixed this marriage..
Sanskar: What? You had a crush on bhai but you didn’t even see him..
Ragini: He was my childhood best friend..I found no one more understanding than Laksh so I maintained my illusion of marrying Laksh…
Sanskar is shocked once again..
Ragini: I know you are going to hate me for this but trust me I realized what is love after meeting you..I’m loyal towards you..I never thought about Laksh after I met you..I even told dii about us..
Sanskar bursts out laughing while Ragini gives a confused expression..
Ragini: Why are you laughing?
Sanskar: I’m not so orthodox that you are explaining me everything in detail..
He cups Ragini’s face and says – My dear teddy bear we like so many in life but that doesn’t mean we’ll marry everyone..I even had girlfriends but no one stole my heart like you..Love happens with only one person and that magic stays for lifetime..I know that..
I love you darling..How can I hate you?? That’s why I laughed…
Ragini is relieved and smiles..
Ragini: One problem solved? But how will we convince our parents for SwaLak marriage..
Sanskar: We will not convince but they will do it themselves..(He gives a evil smile)
Ragini: But how?
Sanksar: I saw so much of love in bhabhi’s eyes for my bhai..So she will tell your parents about her love and problem is solved..
Ragini: Flop idea..Dii will not say anything as she is the most obedient child to our parents..
Sanskar: Then we’ll make bhai confess his feeling..
You say yes to marriage then bhai will try convincing you that he loves bhabhi and will explain all the misunderstanding..You silently agree..Then bhai will convince mom dad..
Ragini: What if Laksh doesn’t confess?
Sanskar: I’m there na..I’ll provoke him..I’ll make him remember all his moments with bhabhi (he winks)

Scene 4:
Laksh comes to Gadodia house…
Laksh: Uncle I want to talk to..
Shekar interrupts and says: She is in her room…Go and speak…I don’t have any problem..

Scene 5:
Laksh knocks on the door and Ragini opens it..
Laksh thinks- Oh my god..I wanted to talk to Swara but instead I’m made to talk to Ragini..I don’t know when will this misunderstanding end!!
Ragini: You are here?
Laksh: I wanted to talk…
Ragini thinks: So Sanskar’s plan is working..Now he will confess his feelings about my dii..
She smiles and says: Yes tell me..
Laksh thinks- I can’t be rude by speaking to the point..I will start the conversation and in between I will tell about Swara…I hope Ragini understands…
Laksh: Wo Ragini..Your room is nice..Seems like you are a organized person!!
Ragini: Hmm.. Thank you..
This way they have a casual talk while Laksh finds her more similar to himself and they both are very compatible..
Just Janki calls Ragini..
She excuses herself and goes to see her mom..
Swara unknown of the fact that Laksh came, she comes into her room freely as usual..
Laksh was in the balcony seeing the view..He hears a sound and turns back to see Swara..
Swara doesn’t see him as her back was facing Laksh..She throws her dupatta on bed and unzips her top part of the dress..
{Guys don’t imagine too much she is still in her dress..Just her dress back zip is open now ? }
Laksh coughs and says: Kabhi kabhi aas paas bhi dekh liya karro..Sab mere jaise shareef nahi hothe..kuch batameez kubsurat cheezo ko dekthe hi reh jaate.. (See your surroundings also sometimes..Not everyone is decent like me..Some idiots adore beautiful things)
Saying this he winks..
Swara immediately covers herself with dupatta..
Swara: When did you come? And how dare you keep quiet despite seeing me?
Laksh: I came long back..Ragini was called by aunty so she said me to wait here for her…
He smiles and continues – Only I have a right to see you without..He pauses and says but everything has a right time..I thought of enjoying this moment after our marriage so I stopped you from doing anything further..
Swara is totally astonished and her eyes are wide open as she couldn’t believe Laksh speaking those words…
Laksh moves forwards while Swara steps back..After a moment she stops and her back touches the wall..
Nervousness is evident through her face..Laksh pulls her towards him and hugs her..
She tries freeing herself while Laksh places his left hand on her waist and zips her dress with his right hand closing his eyes..
Laksh fingers touch her and she feels current passing through her spine..
She feels secure in his arms and is about to hug him but then both Swalak hear someone’s footsteps coming towards the room..
So Laksh breaks the hug..While Swara stands there embarrassed..
Ragini comes and says “Lunch is ready..Come!!”
Laksh: Some other time..I have a important work and leaves..
Ragini is confused while Swara looks on with mixed emotions of happiness and sadness..

Scene 6:
Laksh reaches home..
AP: Sanskar said you wanted to speak to me about the engagement..
Laksh: Yes Mom… I want the engagement to be simple and marriage will happen in a grand way..
AP smiles while Sanskar is shocked..
Sanskar: Bhai..You wanted to tell this only?
Laksh: Yes..
Sanskar is shell shocked now as Laksh hasn’t objected to marry Ragini..

Precap: Sanskar’s tension ?

Must be wondering Saanvi gave a naughty episode and ended it with a twist..What to do..Previous episode was little drama filled..So this one is like a relaxation ?

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Credits to: All those who are following my ff and commenting on it ?

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