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Love blossoms (a shraman ff) prologue

Hey guys kashish well I write Swaragini ffs so I am new here in edkv page want to write a ff on shraman because I love them so much.

This is a story of police officer daughter and a boy who hides his identity from her……the girl eventually falls in love with him unaware of his real identity the boy is also in love with her so he decides to tell his real identity…. what will happen when the girl knows about his real identity the story is based on this….
Will the girl forgave the boy even after knowing his real identity???
What is his actually identity and why he is hiding from it????

To know more stay tuned guys to this ff. Hope you guys liked it please comment and support me…. love u all guys so it’s a bye from kashish or your kashu sisso and anyways I am in 12th class and you guys are of which age and class??? Take care of yourself and do enjoy your tomorrow holiday hehe lol…..so bye edkv and shraman fans….

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