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Hii guys, this first part of love and hate. There is small change Ragini is not Sanskar sister. She will be his friend. Still story is love triangle ,swasanlak..
I had already updated it but it not appear in swaragini forum, so again updating it…
Now its third time, really wanna kill Tu. This time they don’t even updated.
Hope u like first part…

A big mansion is shown.
A lady of late forty is shown to scolding some servants.
“ what the hell is this ? How many times I had warn u all whenever he( pointing toward someone) come with injury, don’t allow him. Answer me who allows him come inside. “ lady said with full anger
“ vo mam we don’t know” Ramu( servant )
Guy is listening all this silently. His face is blue red due to so many bruises.
“ I am not giving u salary in free. I want proper answer who allows him come inside or I will fire all of you” lady
“ mam, baba don’t come from door. Like always he use window” Maria(another servant)
“ Who the hell leave window open ? “ lady said with more angry expression
“ mam, vo shabh order us to open baba room” maria
Lady turned toward mid aged man.
“ does they are saying right” lady
“ vo sujata, I don’t order them anything with my constant. Ur son blackmail me and sujata leave all these na( went toward that guy and held his face with his palm) see toward this innocent boy how that bastard son beat me” man


“ dad, don’t insult me he don’t even able to touch me . only I show him his real place. This wounds are common dad, I am not any child. And mom y u always servants and dad, u know in this world no one has power to stop Sanskar maheswari to enter in his own house. “ Sanskar
“ Right beta, I am proud of you. He and his son deserve that. What is his son name? , leave that how he even try to touch you.” Man
“ Ram, only due to your love for ur son and rival with Dp. Spoil him, why u both don’t understand ur rivalries spoiling both boys life” sujata
“ mom, I am not any mood in listening ur lecture. Give me some first aid.” Sanskar
“ take ur self, “ sujata said while angrier leaving from there.
“ dad, why you choose her. Still u r handsome one , if u are giving me permission. I will find someone for you” Sanskar said playfully
“ Sanskar, now u have to find girl for ur self. Don’t repeat my mistake” Ram said while laughing
“ dad, don’t worry my girl will be most pretties not only from upper aappearance but also from inner. She will be example of beauty with brain” Sanskar said while dreaming
“ Stop dreaming , these types of girls not exist. If you also find her in any cases, what is guarantee she will also love you.” Ram
“ My heart is saying soon I will find her” Sanskar
“ u and ur dream” ram

Scene shift to another mansion.
“ laksh again you come here after fighting with him.” Guy
“ why r u shouting at my son, don’t u r seeing how much he had beaten” lady
“ exactly, why he don’t kill that boy. Laksh u are useless one, every time u come home with wounds. I don’t expect it from you. “ guy
“ sry dad, “ laksh said while controlling his tears
“ stop shedding your tears, you are not any girl. Sometimes I think u are not even my son. I don’t know how u become my son, so wicked person you are” Guy
“ dad, don’t speak like this. I promise one day I will give that bastard biggest wound” laksh said with hurt
“ u and ur useless talks. “ Dp said while going angrily
“ mom, y dad don’t like me. Mom believe me I also give him many wounds but dad never praise me.” Laksh said while sobbing
“ he loves u that’s y he scold u na. Don’t worry my son one day he will be proud of you.” Ap said while creasing laksh hair.
“ pakka na, ma” laksh
He places his head on his mom lap
“ yes, one day he will come and say laksh I am very proud of you. You are Dp singnania son.” Ap
“ mom , I will destroy Sanskar maheswari and his father. Only due to them dad don’t love me” laksh
“ leave all that, tell me something about ur gfs.” Ap (lovingly)
“Mom, u too na. I don’t have any gf, I will will directly choose my solumate”laksh
“ what kind of girl u want” ap said while doing first aid
“ just like you. She should be beautiful from outer and inner both. She should always love me more than anything. She will be one in crore . My heart is saying soon she will enter in my life.” Laksh
“ waise , laksh ur choice is not bad. And ya I forget to tell you mitra’s family returning India.” Ap
“ so what, I don’t have any interest in it” laksh
“ waise laksh they have daughter also of ur age, may be u like her” ap
“ mom, it’s not possible I will like that girl” laksh

At mm
“ sanskar and ram come here fast.” Sujata
“ what happen now ? You are looking so happy mom , did u find better son than me” Sanskar
“ plz sujata say it is lie, it can’t happen. U can’t leave us, what we both pure soul do without you” ram said with fake pale face
“ ha mom, how we both manage without you. Atleast wait for some days na once I will find right girl for my dad u may leave us” sanskar said
“ U both stop ur drama, I am happy because tomorrow my best frnd is coming. “ sujata with full happiness
“ you broke our all dreams, I don’t care who is coming or not” Sanskar
“ Sanskar, her best frnd has daughter also may u like her” ram ( playfully)
“ dad, her best frnd and that girl must be like mom only. If she always give me lecture than” sanky
“ I will also not let u destroy that girl life. She deserve someone better than you.” Sujata
“ mom, No one is better than me” Sanskar

Precap; sanlak face off and another fight. Ragini entry and Their dream girl intro.

First time I am trying to writing love story. This will be totally diff from my first ff, plz support me and forgive me for mistake.
If any mistake is there, plz tell me. So I can improve my self….

Bye, take care and love u all…

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