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Leave With A Reason- Prologue

Before the intro of characters I would like to say this is a Swasan ff. Looking at the prologue and first few episodes you will get a feeling that it is ragsan and swalak. But it is NOT. I hope you guys will enjoy my story.

Sanskar Gupta:
Ragini, you are the soul of my life. From now, your dreams are my goal. All I want is you to be happy. I want you. No, no I need you badly. You are mine. I’ll never spare anyone who tries to interfere in our bond.


Ragini Bose:
Which path shall I choose? My heart and soul are directing different directions. I can’t betray anyone. One is my love and the other is the reason to live. I am unable to solve the destiny’s puzzle.

Swara Rao:
Fake! This word describes men. I’ll never be the servent of these creatures. I’ll destroy everyone who tries to play with my emotions. Women is not helpless and Love…… it’s just bullshit.

Lakshya Maheshwari:
How long will you run away Swara? You should surrender yourself in front of my charms and guess what……. I have found my target to reach you. Your so called PLAYER will haunt you………..

This story is a game of emotions. There is pure love, friendship, betrayal and revenge. Four people with four different definitions for love and life. You have to continue to know what game fate plays in their lives.

Rest of the characters will remain same, but Sanlak and Swaragini will are not related to each other

Hey guys, this is my first attempt. Earlier I had written a ff but I couldn’t continue. There might be many grammatical errors. Please do forgive me for all the mistakes and do guide me. Critics and suggestions are most welcome. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the response of you guys. So, shall I continue? I’m eagerly waiting for your response. Plz do share your views……..

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