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LakRagSan [email protected] – A Journey to Past Birth (Friendship Day Spl)

Hi Guys, hope everyone is doing good and really sorry for the late updates as I am really struck up with the tight schedule, taking out time everyday thinking that I should be able to post it today, but not happening…. Sorry for not even able to reply anyone of you and hope u can understand me and always keep smiling and stay happy …..Belated Friendship Day guys… tc … sorry not a proof read

Recap : Episode 10


Lucky observed that Sanky used to maintain distance with Raagu and she was not aware of his feelings for her. Finally SanLak joined in the same college but different disciplines. Ragini used to work hard day and night to get into the same college where SanLak are into. Lucky was trying hard to get to know about the past and in that process and used to travel a lot and used to say at home that he is going along with his friends. Sanskar was unaware about Lucky though in the same college. Lucky used to always keep track of Sanskar even though he is out of station.

Lucky came to know, that a girl named Kavita from Sanky’s class is loving him and proposed him. Sanky never told this to Lucky, may be because he still loves Ragini or whatsoever he gave a damn to himself that Love is waste of time.

Ragini became studious and always used to dig into the books as her whole world is just revolving around the books and this has become one of the reason that distances started to build up between RagLak. She never knew that someway she is ignoring Lucky in the process of getting admission in the same college.

Lucky was the one who was observing the changes in RagSan. Sanskar in process of avoiding Ragini he started to keep himself away from Lucky and has became like a closed book of secrets. Ragini has become book bug. Whenever he used to find time he started to enjoy talking with Swara on phone, who started to become close to him unknowingly. He found out about their past lives and their connections and was just waiting for the right time.

An year passed out and Ragini successfully got admitted in the same college as Sanky’s junior. She was the most happiest person as she can always have her brother at her side but haven’t understood that she himself had turned out to be barrier between SanLak. In the holidays she understood that SanLak are not as before and neither Lucky is spending time with her.

Her next mission was to bring SanLak back together. After 2 days was Ragini’s first day of college. She was amused knowing that Lucky is going to take her along with him. She was not feeling sleepy at the night. She silently peeped into Lucky’s room, where she found Lucky holding a photo frame which has LakRagSan side hugging each other. This was presented by Sanky during last years friendship day. This year turning out to be vacuum, with everyone making their own friends, this bothered him and she found out looking at his actions.

Ragini neared Lucky and whispered in his ears, “When all of them are staying in the same locality why are you looking at a photo”

Lucky answered, “True dear, but these photos reminds us few things which cannot be recollected just by looking at each other as normally we do”

Ragini questioned, “What’s the difference Lucky?? I didn’t get you”

Lucky replied, “What would you remember while looking at this pic” and he handed the pic to her.

Ragini just took it in her hands and exclaimed, “This was presented to you by Sanky on last year’s friendship day and you know we enjoyed a lot that day. 12 in the midnight we went to marine drive along with mamma, papa, Sujatha aunty and Ram Uncle. We were shouting like hell, even elders became kids like us. Sanky, U and me surprised our parents with a cake and they had happy tears as we were celebrating as our families became such a good friends. The next day we both went to Sanky’s room to wake him but he kept pillows in that place as he knew that we would come and disturb him. He slept in our house and we were searching in his house but finally, aunty helped us and we got him. We woke him and after lunch we 3 went for a movie and from there we went to water world and at n8 when we returned back Sanky gave it to you beautifully wrapped.”

Lucky exclaimed, “See just by looking at the pic you recollected the whole day, that’s the power of memories which are preserved in some way”

Ragini exclaimed, “May be you are right. It’s your turn now, what do you remember?”

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu just look at our faces in this pic, we were drenched from top to bottom in colours, that day was holi and we went to Sanky’s house and drenched him with colours while sleeping. He got up by the sudden action and after that he again came out after a good bath wearing a nice dress, what we did do you remember??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes Lucky I do!! We again splashed colour water on him, so finally he gave up after many trials and he remained in the same clothes.”

Lucky exclaimed, “Hmm. We were not having colours anywhere, as he was not able to do as we were together all the time and protecting each other. So he played a trick with Maa’s and Papa’s help as he is their fav, they immediately helped him locking u in a room and came to me saying that u were missing and both of us went in search of you and he finally dropped the colours on me and tied me to a tree with help of papa and came to you and said that I was missing to you and did the same with you too. Both of us looked at him angrily and he was apologising to us when we broke into laughter and hugged each other, and then papa clicked this pic”

Tears were flowing from RagLaks eyes remembering all those funny and their naughty moments. Sanskar who came to wish them stood near the door hearing their convo and his eyes were misted over remembering their happy moments. He stepped back looking at Ragini and went back to his house.

Ragini exclaimed, “Are you missing Sanky?”

Lucky answered, “Not just Sanky but even you. I knew we love each other unconditionally but now we are not finding time for each other. I want my old Sanky and Raagu back on this friendship day nothing else”.

Ragini was lost in deep thoughts and silently left the room and stepped towards Sanskar’s house. She saw Sanskar sitting on the wall all alone and she silently went near him and sat beside him.

Sanskar was stunned looking at Ragini and tried to go away from there when Ragini hold his hand tightly and exclaimed, “I don’t now why you are avoiding me Sanky, I am extremely sorry if I have hurt you unknowingly but please be like before.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini just leave me, I am feeling sleepy”

Ragini went near him and whispered, “if I hadn’t hurt you then why are these tears flowing from your eyes”

Sanskar exclaimed, “That’s not for you, I am missing Lucky”

Ragini exclaimed, “If u r missing him why don’t you just go and tell him how much he means to you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “There is no need to say when we are best friends, we can understand each other without speaking”

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes I do agree, the way I understood that you are upset with me. Leave about me. Sanky it’s necessary that the one you love should always know what is their place in your life. Yes you both are best buddies, but you wont be able to talk or be with each other all the time. Even I don’t believe that we have to celebrate all these days but today I felt that yes we should let the one know how much they are important to us in our lives. These days are just to make us feel that we are spl in someone’s lives Sanky. I know my Sanky, he wants to talk to his friend so he sat here, if I am the reason, then I would go away from both of you at least for a day.”

Sanskar stopped her holding her hand , “I don’t want Lucky to get hurt because of me”

LakRagSan enjoyed the day as every friendship day leaving all the bitterness.

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