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Kya karu haye.. kuch kuch hota hai…

hello guys.. im shilpa back again…


kk.. i know u guys are wondering with which story im gonna bore you..
guys listen.. i always compare our yuvani with srk and kajol.. i donno y.. i feel suhanis charachter has some similarities with kajol in kabhi khushie kabhi gham.. so i thought having a small difference.. if suhanis character was similar to kajol in kuch kuch hota hai how would it be.. ..

so wat say.. r u guys interested.. ill post it if u all really want me to…

but i wont make it the same as movie.. but ill write it in my own way.. u know.. its not good to completely copy others.. so ill make it in my way..

in the movue srk and kajol are bestfriends from college.. but in my story yuvani are bestfriends scince childhood.. and rani mukherjee’s character will be soumya..

but one thing.. yuvi and soumya will not marry.. and the kid anjali wont be there..
mostly only the character sketches will be like of the movie.. the story will be my modified one..
so guys.. pls pls do comment whether you want me go post it or not.. .. if ur comments are less i wont post it ?..

if you like it ill give u the character sketches tmrw..

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