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kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 42)

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The episode starts with abhi asking aditi about her mumma.aditi looks at him and hears ragini calling aditi.she says uncle ..my mumma is the best and tomorrow let’s meet and runs from there.abhi thinks for sometime and thinks may be he is thinking about them he senses like that and leaves after aditi turns back and nods her head.he remembers when pragya was In her home she used to do like that.abhi gets sad and sees his coat and laughs.


He reached to hotel .when akash sees him says where you eent and sees his coat.oh bhai..I think we have to clean it and takes it from him.abhi says no..I don’t want ..it’s previous.akash looks at him and thinks today he is happy..he should remain like this…

ADITI and RAGINI reached home and sees pragya sitting with her laptop in the living room.aditi runs to her and hugs her from behind..pragya closed her laptop and pulls aditi to a tight hug.asking so madam..finally you reached home.aditi smiles and says ha..to see my pragya.pragya says don’t call my name.aditi asked your name is pragya n.a…pragya looks at her .aditi holds her ears saying sorry..pragya hugs her saying it’s ok..

Next day ….
ADITI comes to park with ragini as same as ragini sat on the bench and aditi throws her ball and goes to place where abhi was sitting on the last day.she sees no one there and was sad and takes her ball and turns to leave when aditi hears a sound. She turns back and smiles and runs and hugs him.abhi asked you missed me.aditi says yes..I am and kissed his cheeks.abhi returned her.aditi asked where is my chocolate.abhi gives her and aditi starts to eat.abhi admires at her.aditi asked you want but abhi nods no. Abhi asked whats your mumma name.aditi says her name is sweety. Abhi asked sweety. ADITI says yes.abhi thinks she is confusing him and thinks not to take tension as aditi is with him and takes a selfie. ADITI too gives funny poses and both smiles.aditi says ok uncle..oh.I forgot to ask about you..

abhi says I am abhishek mehra.aditi says it’s so long.abhi says simple abhi…the rockstar.aditi asked rock..star.abhi asked you never see in tv.aditi says ha..first itself I thought that I have seen you somewhere..ya but mumma will turn off when tiur program telecast.abhi asked really may be ..she hates me.aditi says but you are too good n.a.. abhi says you know but your mumma doesn’t.aditi says hmm..I’m bye rockstar uncle…it’s Time to leave..and runs. Abhi looks at her when aditi turns and gives flying kiss to him where abhi catches it and puts in his pocket…aditi laughs at him and runs from there.

Precap: aditi sees abhi and runs towards him.the crowd pushes her.aditi shouts pappa. ..

Thanks and lots of twist and turns are waiting for you…soon I am gonna end as I am going to start new ff.so these fast updates..

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