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kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 40)

Actually guys it was started as a one shot or two shots…later it is elaborated and now this has reached 40 th episode. .oh my God ..it’s because of you people..thanks a lot…the constant 16 people who will not forget to comment.a big thanks to silent readers….

The episode starts with pragya asking aliya about aditi
Pragya: hey aliya, where is aditi.I couldn’t find her.
Aliya: I too don’t know bhabhi…but one thing she told me she will come soon.
ISHANI comes there saying she went to mandhir.pragya asked mandhir.ISHANI nods her head and sits beside her.pragya thinks why she went there and calls her.but her phone is switched off.pragya calls purab.
PURAB : ha..di
PRAGYA: where are you now.
Purab: di..I am on the way there
Pragya: you please……pragya stopped saying as she saw aditi near the door.it’s ok purab .no thanks..come soon and ends the call.
Pragya: arey aditi where you want..I was calling you..but your phone is off.she sees aditi is worried.pragya asked are you fine n.a….aditi was thinking of something.pragya sighs aliya and she went near aditi and hugs her.aditi comes back to her sense.
PRAGYA: I wastalking to you.
ADITI: no…I M ok..I was just littke bit tired. And lwaves from there.


ADITI ‘s room.
ADITI sits on the bed and looks at window.it was raining.pragya comes there and sits behind her. Pragya: do you know onething…the sky can’t hide its tears ..so only it’s raining..aditi looks at her.pragya asked whats the matter.aditi says pragya .nothing and turns to other side.pragya says adhu you know..I don’t like lies or the person lying..tell me what’s the matter.aditi turns to pragya with tears in her eyes and hugs her.pragya just calmed her by running her back.she knows that something has happened and she too needs time.aditi wiped her tears and looks at pragya.
Pragya: now tell me.aditi keeps her hand on pragya’s tummy.pragya looks at her.aditi says pragya you know…our family…we are cursed by a woman…pragya asked what . ..aditi says yes..she cursed my father because my father left her and married ma…because of that she cursed that dad’s first son that’s abhi ‘s child will not come to this world. There so there will be no first heir in this family…pragya was shocked to hear and stands.aditi says she died infront of kalima’s temple and she chanted something…that lady I mean you said n.a…kallima send her…yes it’s true..I may her today.she says if we stay in this place..her power will be increased and we can’t do anything.pragya looks at her.aditi says but don’t worry…I am here n.a…I will not let this happen…aditi hugs her.pragya cries and says can we meet the lady.aditi thinks for a while and says yes…they both was about ro leave when abhi comes there.
Abhi: where you both are leaving
ADITI; woh…I want to buy some things so I am taking pragya as she is bored.
Abhi: can I come
Aditi: no..it’s ok..pragya come fast and leaves from there.
Abhi goes near pragya and missed her fore head saying he careful .pragya nods her head and leaves from there.aditi and pragya were in car.aditi was driving.pragya was lost in thoughts.she could not leave her baby…and thinks why this all happening…suddenly a truck dashed their car and the car rolled down and reached the edge of the cliff. ADITI was hanging down ..she was crying and tells pragya to open her eyes.pragya opens her eyes and sees aditi.she holds aditi ‘a hands and asked her not to leave her hand.aditi says …pragya..it’s time for me to go..I know if I went to..I will fight for you..nothing will happen to your baby..so let me leave.pragya cries saying you can’t do this…think about ma,abhi…and all.aditi says I have no time as I want to think about this baby only..and there is a diary In my drawer..don’t forget to read it once I leave..it’s your promise for me…and leaves her hand..pragya shouts aditi….and she lies unconscious.

Abhi gets the call and was shocked.he stops his phone and stands numb.all gathered and asked what happened.Abhi says pragya is admitted in hospital with that all leaves.while driving abhi was continuously thinking about pragya’s words.he slapped himself that he let her alone and all were shattered and praying to god nothing should happen.
All reached there.Abhi sees doctor coming out of emergency and goes towards him.he asked what happened doctor.doctor says abhi..please calm..we are checking. .let’s hope nothing should happen to her.Abhi remembers how he gets happy when pragya tells that she is pregnant and till yesterday.he had a flash of thoughts when doctor comes out.Abhi rushed to him asking how is she.doctor says nothing to worry ..she is fine and small scratches.Abhi asked baby..doctor says with God’s grace..your child is fine.Abhi thanks him and rushed to see pragya.pragya opens her eyes when she saw abhi standing behind her.she gets up and sees abhi crying like a kid.she tries to get up and abhi helps her.Abhi hugged her and cried…pragya asked about aditi. Abhi asked where is she.pragya remembers all the things and shouts I want to see her.Abhi asked but she came with you..right..pragya says everything to him.Abhi sits shattered and also the family members…everyone cries…..

So I know…its a big ….sad episode ..but please bear me….tomorrow there will be a twist and don’t think aditi will die. ..she will come back..but let’s see what happens…and from tomorrow..New montage and many INteresting twists are waiting for you…

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