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Sanskar’s POV


I had chosen. I’m determined. I just hope, I get back what I want!!.. I am traveling to Kolkata today. It’s the place where we got together!!.. And it’s the same place where I’ll get you back again Swara. I wish you are fine. I still remember how we met and fell in love with!!.. And then our stupid plan of eloping…

That time we were so happy about our decision but I do really regret today. If ever we would have fought for our love!!.. Then I solely hope our love wouldn’t have been weak!!.. I would have learnt how to reconsider and relate the things! I wish, I wish!!.. But reality is, nothing can be changed!!..

We can’t change our destiny! We can’t change our fate which has already been destroyed by me. I’m the sole reason!!.. But I’m happy because I’m going to meet you now!!.. Finally, the day has come!!.. After 8 months!!.. I just want to see you nothing else!!.. I least expect to be forgiven but I want to see you…

Don’t make me wait Swara don’t. I’m dying each and every minute in search of you. But when Riya told me she had seen you in Kolkata 4 months before. I was like I got a life!!.. After Kavita allowed me to go… I was so relieved!!.. I really wanted to go to you. I was searching for you since past 2 months. I came here in search of you and I’ll not return back until I find you and take you back with me!!..

The flight took off and I arrived Kolkata within next 2 hours. I kept hugging Swara’s photo until I reached Kolkata.

I wasn’t born in Kolkata. But I love this place!!.. This place brings me the memory of Swara. The year dad shifted his business, I met her!!.. Kolkata is same as her!!.. The hustle and bustle of the city reminds me of her endless talks…

I took a cab and moved to her house. I knew she would be there!!.. I reached there but the gate was locked. People nearby looked at me as if I am some alien!!.. After a lot of enquires I didn’t know why was the gate locked. I entered a house of their neighbours and they heartily welcomed me!!..

“What do you want? Mr…? ”

“Sanskar Maheshwari”

“So Mr. Maheshwari have you come to buy the land? If you have then I’m sorry to say there’s no owner of this place right now”

“What do you mean??” I was confused to what this man was speaking.

“Actually, Mr. Maheshwari this property no longer belongs to the Kapoor’s this is owned by the bank now!!.. As they have certain debts and as the family is no more!!..” he spoke and sighed!

“What do you mean?”

“The Kapoor’s have died in an accident. No one remained. May God rest their souls in piece..” he spoke joining hands.

What was this man talking about? Has he gone mad? No no… How can Swara leave me and go like this? That too without meeting me?

“How can you say that? Nothing had happened! How can this happen?” I cried out and sat there, tears coming out.

“But Mr. Maheshwari this was the biggest news 5 months ago. Within them there was Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor, their elder daughter & her husband, their younger daughter as well as their grandson”

“What??… Swara??.. Grandson??.. Wait!!.. Swara gave birth to?? I mean was she pregnant??..”

“I don’t know much about that Mr. Maheshwari but according to the people here around she had a baby boy, who too was the victim of the accident. When this accident took place we were out of station so it’s really hard to define about what had happened exactly!!..” I stood there numb. I had a son? Swara gave birth to a son??.. She would have been so happy!!..

She loved kids!!.. But it’s all because of me!!.. Because of me he’s not here!!.. No no this can’t happen my Swara can’t go…. She can’t go leaving me!!.. Where are you Swara??.. I know you are alive!!.. My heart says that you are!!…

Come back Swara, your Sanskar needs you!!.. I started walking, I don’t know where! But I’m moving aimlessly!!..

“Swara, Swara come back please!!.. Where are you??.. I love you… Come back damn it!!.. I wont let you go this time. Please I’m sorry.. Please come back!!.. I’ll love you please come back! I want to see my child!!.. Our child! Where are you??..”

I kept murmuring until something hit me and everything went black!!..


Everyone knows where’s Swara isn’t it?
She is safe not to worry!!..
A short one!! So sorry… If you all don’t like

Precap: Swara’s POV

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