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Kavita’s POV


It’s been a week to that incident. I still remember that night!!.. The worst night of my life!!..

**Flashback starts**
Third person’s POV

The rain and storm blowed heavily. In a corner remained Kavita! Heart throbbing, tears flowing out…. She had realized a bitter truth!!.. The truth that she wasn’t loved whom she had loved!!.. She was left alone once again on those empty roads!!.. She was selfish! She agreed but she didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life! Was it her fault? Or was it destiny that was so cruel with her? She had cried that entire night and thought about her life. She had destroyed everything, every single thing!!..

She has pointed out such a person for her and she couldn’t blame anyone, neither did she want to!!… She just wanted his embrace till she’s alive and what was wrong with that??.. She had loved him selflessly and had expected nothing! Nothing in return!!.. Just a piece of his heart!!.. That’s it!

She kept crying the entire night thinking about her faults, if she has done anything, till everything went black.

The next time she awoke was in Hospital! She wondered who brought her here??.. She never thought that Sanskar would do something like this! That was unexpected! Obviously, after a fight who would ever expect him to come to her! She thought the same, he would never return, that wasn’t impossible but wasn’t expected!!…

With him stood Rohan too. Rohan was a good brother, he had never left her, a good example of ‘Blood Relations Don’t Matter’. Sanskar sat next to her and gave her a bear hug. That was what she was in need!!.. The warmth of his body made her stable! She had been hospitalized because of cold she caught sitting there on the terrace. Rohan feared seeing her at the terrace and brought her here. Doctors warned her of complete bed rest for a month. She had a hole in her heart and that made her health even worse.

Sanskar arrived the moment he got alerted. His anger grew!!.. Kavita was after all a human and a good friend!!.. When he was depressed she had given him support, pleasure and a friendly talk. Just like Swara!!.. She would do anything possible to make him calm! And now he had her responsibility as well!!.. To return that…. He didn’t like debts!

**Flashback ends**

Kavita’s POV

He knew what I wanted! Love and care but he wasn’t ready to make up his mind. I wanted to make him mine I want to I love him so much!!..

“Sanskar, I still love you” I kissed him.

Sanskar’s POV

“Sanskar, I still love you” and she kissed me.

I want to push her apart but I was worried as well!!… She wasn’t well enough! She withdrew when she found no response!!..

“You don’t love me anymore!” she said with a faint smile.

That wasn’t her. I hate that horrible smile. It just kept her thoughts aside and revealed a bold one. Which she wasn’t!!..

“Baby! You sleep please! You are still not okay!!…”

“I’m more than okay! You go” the tone to which she spoke was something which I knew!!.. I had got her hint!

“I am here. I don’t need to go. You stay calm and sleep!” I said as I made her lay down again.

“I asked you to go Sanskar!!.. It’s good for you. I love you and will keep loving you! But I don’t want you to loose someone whom you love! Go I said” she ordered.

“But you??.. I can’t leave you alone and..”

“And what?? Go I said and bring Swara with you! I’m here waiting for you to return. We won’t have the same relation although but does that mean we’ll no more be friends??..”

“No. Will be friends always!” I smiled.

“And I am fine what happened to me??.. Nothing! But I have a condition!” she spoke waking up from the bed and playing with my shirt buttons.

“What??..” I choked. I didn’t know what will she ask. I hope she doesn’t asks what I fear for.

“A kiss. Just one, a lovely one, a last one too” she said coming close to me.

I was shocked.

“Please! Only one…” she looked into my eyes and placed her mouth upon mine.

“I want you to join too” she whispered while kissing.

I participated. It was a last one and I didn’t bugged on. I didn’t want to!!.. She wasn’t well!!.. Arguing wouldn’t give profit.

“I love you” she said and slept hugging me. I made her lay on the bed and closed the door behind her.

Kavita’s POV

He shut the door and I got up crying. This wasn’t easy. Letting your love move out of your life isn’t easy! Especially, the person you love the most!!.. I lost him. My love, my life but I’m happy because he’ll be happy with not me but someone else!!.. I kept my hand on my belly, this was new!

I let him go off but I had him inside me now. He is inside me, his blood is inside me!!.. Our symbol of love or MY symbol!!… Whatever is it I don’t care. I’m a month pregnant!!..

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m going to be a mother but for that I don’t have the support beside me! But I won’t force you Sanskar. I will never!!.. But will never stop loving you!!..

“I love you both” I kept my hands on my belly feeling blissful feeling that something is growing inside me!!.. But tears didn’t stop….


How was the part?
I know its short and not up-to the mark…
But sorry…

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