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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Promo Updates- Possessive Ishwari

ESME LUNA GREENWOOD ia here with the brand new promo of KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI

Fire ignited …


Radharani background voice – haye haye jiji .suna hai koi bhi apne pehle pyar ko aasani se bhula nahi paata hai….(haye haye jiji. I have heard nobody is able to forget their first love easily ….)

Ishwari is in the kitchen. Puts a container on the gas. She is tensed bcoz of Radharani’s words. Adds water to the vessel.


Radharani’s background voice – …aur ye toh bengalan ke pyar ka jadoo hai….jadoo….dobara sar chad ke bol sakta hai. (….and this is magic of bengalan’s love…a magic….love show its magic again.)

Milk boils . Ishwari tries to crack coconut using some kitchen device.****Esme-u know how ‘good’ cook i am…can’t name even d kitchen devices. …lol*****

Radharani’s background voice – aapko koi na koi tod toh nikalna hoga. (U need to find some way.)

Pressure cooker’s whistle. Then again its whistle. Ishwari hits the coconut on some hard thing. It breaks n some drops of coconut water falls. Pressure cooker makes its full sound.

Ishwari background voice – bas bahot ho chuka …ab rishta mai jodungi… (enough….now I ll join a relation. )

Scene changes.
Ishwari on phone-bhai sahab mai aapse milna chahti hoon….ek rishta jodna hai … (brother !!! I want to meet you. …..need to join a relation. )

A male background voice – dekhiye Somvaar raat sadhe nau baje sirf sony par. (Watch it on Monday 9:30 pm only on sony)

So Ishwari has gone totally mad.arre koi khatri ko bulao re….plz someone call Khatri. I am waiting for the jealous Dev when he ll see sona with the new entry. I am waiting to watch him in Devdas mode. Bechara Dev !!! Feeling pity on him. Still I am not going to quit watching this show bcoz this is what Die Hard Fangiri is called !!! I request everyone plz don’t stop watching this show just bcoz there are no Devakshi romantic moments. This kinda breakup n jealousy is the new color of love in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

Do read this plz I know not that good but still …plz

Let me know whether the link is working or not.



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