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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (Kattappa KILL ME) #11

Esme here with the next chapter of the FF.Thanks for all the love and support and sorry for not commenting on all the fan fictions.I appreciate everyone’s work.
FATARAJAO aka FARHIN…your FF drives me crazy.
ASMITA…I was waiting for you and you came with a BANG…Very nice FF and detailed written episode…just mind blowing…

AARU aaru how can I forget you dear….Your OS was amaaaaaaazing.
Piya ke Rang,Rang Deeni Odhani by KALPANA ……wooooooow supppppperrrrrrb ……aweeeesome imagination.
Every relationship has its colour by pinky….Ye toh super se upar hai bhai….Well written
Where is DevShi by Harshan …I just love it.Well done…
Living a Lie by DevSona…Ufff…maar daala….Jhakas hai bidu….i mean aweeeeesome…mind blowing.


Sorry if I am forgetting anyone.All the FF writers and readers.Very good job.I just love the way you guys are up to….this sort of cool and aweeeeeeeeeeeeeesome work.



Dev kisses sona’s forehead with his arms around her waist and sona’s palm on his bare chest.
Sona-Do you know where is Dev of Devakshi???
Dev-Standing LIVE in front of you and yeah I know where is KSHI of Devakshi….hoon….here in my mind,heart… everywhere and the chudail is standing infront of me too.
Dev acts fearful.
Sona-you’ll get the answer just wait for some time.(jumps like a kid.) Show me …show me the bites …I wanna count them.

Starts counting.
Slides her palm on the wound.He feels her touch.Suddenly stops .
Dev- What happened??
Sona-Oh my god!!! Oh my god !!!
Dev- Ab kya hua???
Sona-aaaahhhh…Love Bites …..no ..no..no..How to conceal them???especially these on my neck.(shows it)
Dev jokes-Tell them you got it while cooking.
Sona-haha….very funny…as if I was chopping potatoes on my neck.

He notices something.
Dev- Whottt??? No bite on my neck.Sona !!! Not fair yaar.I want a love bite on my neck!!!

Sona takes out a Swiss Army Knife from the rack and puts it on his neck.
Sona- Get the love bite from knife!!!Suits you.

He laughs.


Mr. Gujaral enters Natasha’s room.
Mr. Gujaral-Natasha ….where is my trimmer???
Natasha (giggles)-I don’t know.
Mr. Gujaral-Natshaaa….see your diary…
Natasha- dad…

Jumps like a frog.

Mr. Gujaral-I have…
Natasha-I know very well…you haven’t read it.I trust you.My sweett Daiddy…
Hugs him.
Mr. Gujaral(in mind)-Sorry beta but I read the half diary…now I am conformed….i can’t see tears in your eyes.


Funny music plays.
Elena is angrily going from here to there.
Asha-Elli ki holu beta.
Elena-See mashi …vicky’s message.

Message from @Vicky
Sleeping with 69 others.
Elena- now what is this new joke.Iss Vicky ko bhi na jokes crack karne hi nahi aate.Aane do khabar loongi…Sleeping with 69 others…huh..
Sourav comes there shouting-What?? Elena you are sleeping with 69 others!!!

All laugh.She throws pillow on him.
Elena-maashi….uuuuun… aaaaeeen Kasam se dada ko nahi chorungi.
She runs after him.Asha,Bejoy and dadi laugh.
Asha’s smile vanishes.
Bejoy-What happened Asha???
Asha- Nothing ….just missing Sona.
Bejoy-Then let’s go and meet her on this weekend.
Asha-ok nice idea.
Bejoy-Ab toh smile kar do…sona’s mom.


Dev manages to hide love bites by wearing a full sleeve shirt.Sona hides bite on the neck using her hair and wears full sleeve kurti to hide those on her hand but yes wound on wrist….a bit visible.

In the hall,Nikki sees the love bite on Sona’s wrist.
Nikki-SIL ….what is this???
Dev (smirks)-yeah yeah…I was about to ask the same thing.
Sona(angrily eyes Dev)-Nothing….just got them while cooking.
Nikki giggles and leaves.

Dev romantically eyes Sona and she….hooh!!! I don’t wanna talk to you.She is still standing .Dev gets up from his chair.He loopens his arms around her waist,removes the curtain of hair from the love bite on the neck.

Dev(acts …#doesn’t know anything mode)-How you got those wounds??It seems your husband tortures you a lot.
Sona(acts)-What about your wife??See those wounds on your arms and shoulder…
Dev- What ???you were spying on me??…(pulls her closer and smirks)…I feel you want a night with me…Just come to me for one night…and…
Sona slides her hand on his cheek…down to his neck.
Sona- I would luuuuuv to do that but… (speaks in his ear)…see I am married.
Dev- And me too…kinda in same boat.
Hormones out!!!

He bends to kiss her.She pushes him.

Sona(irritatingly)-Ho gaya…
Leaves from there.
Dev –(confused)What happened to her??Hey Sona I was just kidding yaar…Hey listen arre mai mazak kar raha tha.(to himself) chalo bhai biwi hai sehna toh padega hi.

Sona tells Kichu to prepare her favourite juice.He prepares and gives it to her.She takes a sip and then says,’Bhaiya I don’t wanna have it.le jaiye.
Kichu wonders what happened to her.
Sona keeps having mood swings.In the hospital…feels unwell and then pucks.Goes to washroom,checks and starts weeping.
She decides to call Dev.


Dev is discussing something with Natasha.His phone rings.Natasha sees the caller and leaves from there giving some excuse.

Funny tone plays.

Dev attends the call-Yes PARAYA MARD speaking….bolo chudail bolo..
Sona-Shut up.
Dev- Okay then ….ummm…yes Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul…
Sona-Mera matha khorab mat karo.
Dev-Oh so much love…n you called me.Are you coming to me for one night.(naughty Dev)Let’s play POKEMON GO.
Sona( about to tell the thing but stops and changes the topic)-Leave all these.Tell me why Kattappa killed Bahubali???
Dev(fake anger)-You called me for this reason!!! Apun ki toh koi izzat hi nahi bachi hai!!!
Sona-Just give me…
Dev-Can’t give you.
Dev spells-K I S S
Sona-I was saying gimme the answer.Got it else this time Kattappa will play Pokemon Go with you and will kill you.
Dev-Oh how chweeeet….I would like to become Bahubali and urge to become Kattappa…KILL ME..
Sona-I have my weapon ready.Come home and you are gone today..HUSBAND…
Both laugh.
Music plays.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…

—In the room—

Dev enters the room.
Dev-Sona …Sona where are you???Why are the lights off???

Switch on the light.Somebody touches his shoulder.

Dev moves- Sona where were you?? I was dying to see you.
Sona appears wearing a saree…looking gorgeous…
Sona-Actually…I wanted to tell you something…
Sona-wo…your tie is good.
Dev-But I am not wearing a tie…
Sona in mind-Thode dhang ki baatein bola kar.
Dev(lifts her chin)…Sona what happened???
She hugs him and starts crying.

PRECAP:-Dev cheers up Sona.Natasha shouts at Mr. Gujaral.Confused Dev!!!

So this FF will end soon.My next FF will be ***Its TWILIGHT…….a Devakshi FF***.I have submitted two promos.You can check them by opening my profile.I am going to start it after I am done with the events and some works.Sorry for being late.Actually I was watching old episodes of KRPKAB.

Somebody’s question-In which episode [email protected] was written in one of the slides of the presentation???
I have the answer-It was shown in 27th june episode.Dev was in the office checking presentation with Tina and others.People have confusion who wrote that.Actually Dev himself wrote it you can say a ‘Memory Note’ and when Tina noticed ,he just excused that Nikki wrote it.

Thanks for tolerating my bak bak.


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