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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #8

ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with the next part.I m really sorry for being late.
anshika….aapne toh mera bhaav badha diya…mujhse ye puchkar ki mera agla FF kab aayega.ll come soon.thatz all I cn say.

Dear pinky aka haniya writer of Every relationship has its color…aap mujhe itna sweet bolte ho ki mujhe dar hai ki kahin mujhe diabetes na ho jaaye…just kidding..plz don’t take it seriously.n yes Mujhe aapki writing skills kaafi acchi lagti hain.plz keep writing.

RECAP :- All seats occupied !!! Driver’s seat left fr Dev. All keep torturing the lovebirds Dev n Sona.


Vicky-Arz kiya hai. …
Dev- irshaad…irshaad..
Vicky- saanson ko rok kar
Tujhe chune ki tamanna….
Elena – aww…hw sweet n rommmmmaaaannnnttttiiiccc..
Vicky-julphon ko na chu
Paane ka afsos….
Elena – waah…kya izhaar e mohabbat hai.mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum itni acchi shayri karte ho..
Vicky-aage suno…
Halke se chukar
Jaise saare
Jahaan jeet liya….
Aur phir bandaron ki tarah chillana…
Abbe o…mohabbat ke marizon..
Kabhi KHO-KHO khel kud liya karo…

Hides his face n elena beats him….s*****.

Sona – sabka ho gaya…mai kuch boloon
All-yes why not???
Sona – ok an old song.. (looks at dev via car’s front mirror)…
Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara ho gaya…
Baith baith jeene ka sahara ho gaya…

Esme – waah waah
Funny tone plays.
Bunty pulls her leg- arre tere toh kaan nahi hain phir tujhe kaise sunai diya.
Esme – shut up
Bunty-wait wait what was ur nickname given by me in college days….
Dev-kacchua (tortoise)
Sona-o hello slow and steady wins d race
Esme – thanks fr asking in behalf. ..
Sona – my pleasure
Esme – n u bunty. ..rem…after dev I was d one with whom u used to talk to.
Bunty jokes- actually I used to flirt with u but then that black day and u tied Rakhi on my wrist…just kidding
Esme – sa**** ka*****

They keep doing their nonstop nonsense.
Dev and sona look at each other.
[Imagine the below conversation in the same way that happened in neha’s wedding. Rem..mute convo….wedding vows.]

Dev in mind- if they continued doing their bak bak n keep eating my brain then I ll become brainless.
Sona in mind- don’t worry. Don’t worry. U ll look hautt n handsome as usual even if u get brainless…haan bas harkatein thodi ajeeb hongi. . (Yeah bt ur actions ll be a bit strange. )
Dev in mind- u too pulling my leg !!! Miss Bose.
Sona in mind-its sonakshi fr u.
Both smile.

So here d destination comes.
Firstly dev steps out.all others are still sitting.
Dev – ab utro bhi log. (Now step out guyys)
Esme – vo jabse maine ‘3idiots’ movie dekhi hai mujhe na no. 2 se bahot darr lagta hai.i don’t wanna be d 2nd one fr anything….makes puppy face.
Bunty-bidu same problem here.
Elena – mine too.
Vicky – I ll support elena.
Elena – oooh… doing homework to be a husband..good going..
Dev – u 4 r just big duffers.
“”Heyyy hw dare u”””
Dev – see sona. She doesn’t have any problem.
Sona – now bcoz of their words, same feeling developing inside me.
Dev – u too
Dev opens the car’s back right door.
Esme – sona is sitting in d middle.i m to her right side. I think I need to jump like a frog to reach d driver’s seat.
She jumps.elena gives bg voice- tarr..tarr
Dev – now step out.
Sona – not like this.
Dev – then hw.
Sona – u don’t understand
Dev – hw can I know whatz going in ur mind ???
Sona – look forward around u n guess what I want.

Backside elena n esme keep signalling….hand…. hand..

Dev in my mind-kahan phas gaya…hand…ohho….got it.
He extends his hand.
Sona-this is what I wanted.

She puts her hand I his hand and steps out.
So devakshi walks with sona holding Dev’s arm.
Our 4 ‘musketeers’ giggle bcoz of the nonsense no. 2 thing they just did.
Dev to sona- this no. 2 thing was all their plan to pull our leg.
Sona – I know.i know.

Following devakshi, vicky n elena holding hands and in the last bunty n esme walking in ‘bidu’ mode.the way two bidus walk putting one hand on each other’s shoulder.

Funny tone.

Esme to bunty- bhai
B-bol behna.
E-do u remember that ‘khaike paan banaraswaala…’ amitabh bacchan dance on which u performed in college days.
B- let’s do that dance here and…
E-…and d audience will throw joota chappals at our dp and face.thank god d person in my dp is not me but hw to save d face ??
B-stick some photos on ur face just like PK .


Dev – what is d purpose of this hangout ??? Any idea.
Funny tone.all In funny mood.
Esme – hehe….get idea.
Sona – n then search encyclopedia.
Vicky – run away from media.
Elena – let’s study abt multimedia.
Bunty- o re piyaaaaaaa…aaaan o re piya..

Dev – purpose purpose. .

Sona – umm…friendship’s day ???
Vicky – gone.
Esme – don’t worry. This is India. We celebrate festivals fr 2-3 weeks.

Dev – new year’s eve ???
Sona – gone n ll come after 6 months.

Elena – independence day ???
Vicky jokes-wow u r allowing independence. let’s drink champagne n go in talli mode.
Elena beats him.

Esme – Rakshabandhan day ???
This time elena n sona beats esme.
Dev – sona tie Rakhi on my wrist.
Sona – shut up.
Vicky – Dearest elena tie Rakhi on my wrist.
Elena – I ll tie it on ur neck.

Vicky – teacher’s day ???
Esme – students first chapter of relationship !!!
Sona-plz plz
Esme – I don’t know.
Bunty – duniya waalon dhyaan se dekho….this girl is defaming d word teacher….teacher hai ki gizar.

Bunty – children’s day ???
Vicky – nanha munna rahi hoon desh ka sipahi hoon.
Elena – wrong. …mohabbat ka sipahi hoon….bolo mere sang jai mohabbat.

Dev – sabhi ke bayanon ko maddenazar rakhte hue adaalat ka ye phaisla hai ki this hangout is not thirsty of a purpose.name it anything. Thanx.

Elena – ok then . let’s order some bear….a very very diluted one.
Vicky – wow elena. U r too too good….(pecks her cheek)
Dev-ahem ahem.
Elena – its ok.u can do it with ur love too in front of us.
Esme – ho gaya. …n yes u can do french kiss. Hihi..
Dev pulls her left ear n vicky right.

After 10 minutes. A phone call n esme leaves giving a lame excuse that her legs are aching. Soon one by one other three too leave excusing of some pending work.

Dev balances his chin on his hand.
Sona – so we r alone.
Dev – hoon…time to get romantic. …come on..

He takes her towards d car n blindfolds her.
Sona – whott r u doing ??? Again in a mood to play Pokemon Go ???
Dev- a surprise. Be like that.
Sona – sometimes I hate ur surprises.
Dev – o hello..my surprises are d world’s best .
Sona – what ??Bessst surprise !!Are u taking me to Tom Cruise???

Dev – sonakshi.
Sona – dr. Bose.
Dev – hmm… (opens d door)…sit inside.
Sona – hwwww??? (Points her eyes. ….blindfolded !!!)

Dev lifts her in his strong arms.
Sona – now I can speak via mike….the great billionaire dances on my fingertips.
(Pulls his cheeks. )
Dev- stop it. Else I ll go to Scarlett Johnnson.
Sona – nai …nai…nai.. (no…no..no..)
Dev giggles.

He takes her somewhere. Again lifts her in his arms n puts her down.removes d blindfold.
Dev – welcome to the nightmare.

She opens her eyes.
Beautiful place !!! A dream comes true !!! A place beautifully decorated !!! A nightmare !!! And d most important thing decoration. ….ecofriendly !!!

Sona-whoooooowwww…dev thatz awwwwweeeeeesooooommmmmeeeee.
No reply.
Sona – Dev where r u ??

Scene shifts.
Elena comes to esme.esme hides something which she was reading bt elena has already noticed.
Elena – kam**** !!! Tu chali aayi phir vicky bhi chala gaya mai vahaan akele baith kr kya karti.tu toh frnd n neighbour kehlane ke layak hi nahi hai.ab vahaan kya chal raha hoga.

Sits on d couch with a ‘dham’ sound.
Elena – I need to know d climate.
Esme – oye detective.they must be in talli mode by now bcoz of ur bear.hihi…
Elena – today nobody can stop me from being an aunt.
Esme – u can get a niece. …bt I want a sibling. ..hihi
Elena – hihi….very funny. ..by d way what were u hiding ???
Esme – what nothing…doston se bhi kuch chupaaya jaata hai.

Scene shifts.

Meri duniya mein tha mai apne hi dhyaan mein….
Dev appears before sona singing. …
Dev – kuch toh badal gaya hai mere aasman mein…
Sona – hmm….some change. I think stars.
Dev – no d whole sky.
He extends his hand. Asks-may I ??
Sona(in a killing romantic voice ) – nothing to ask….
Dev- babes ???
Sona – dear.
Dev – oh

He twirls her.
Sona – I think you should take part in the Olympics.
D – which event ???
S – umm…a new event..ROMANCE…u ll definitely win the gold medal.
Dev pulls her closer-not without u.

He again twirls her. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi…..
S – Do u remember our first dance ???
D – of course.hw can I forget it.

He caresses her hair and cheek.
D – every moment…. I think I can’t love you more than this but at the very next moment…I feel….I feel I was wrong. U r in my mind, in my brain, in my heart, in my eyes everywhere. I can’t imagine my life without you. I want days to start with you…end with you. It is said a couple is like one soul and two bodies. No I say…this is all rubbish. Sona you are inside me. You are my soul. You are my body, my thoughts, my words. I ll love you till the last breath of my life.if I died of….

He bursts into tears.
Dev – I am sorry fr all that happened…. Those misunderstandings,those incidents…I m sorry.
Sona puts her fingers on his lips.
Sona – its okay. U can weep. Plz take out ur emotions. U ll feel better.
He tightly hugs her and cries. Shez like patting his back.like consoling him.
Sona- better.
Dev – huuunn
Sona – don’t say S O R R Y.n don’t talk about dying. Okay.even if you die…I ll come n ll make ur spirit eat bitter gourd.
Both laugh.
Dev – I love you.
Sona – tumhe kya laga mujhe nahi pata.i love you.
Dev-tumhe kya laga mujhe nahi pata.

He takes her hand and kisses every finger including the wedding’s ring. N then kisses d world’s most most most beautiful eyes.

PRECAP : Sona is tading dev.Dev-If you keep tading me then u ll definitely fall in love with a ‘paraya mard’.what ll be ur husband’s reaction ?Dev goes to mr. Gujaral’s house and gets shocked seeing something.


Guys gear up for a new twist in this fan fiction. So why Dev is shocked in the precap ??? Any guesses ??? Plz write down below.goodbye till then keep laughing.

Thanks for reading.



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