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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dev tells Ishwari that he will take her for shopping in the afternoon as she is important to him than work. Garib ki beti Radha gets jealous. She goes to dining table and munching fruits provokes Ria and Nikki that everyone knows that Dev is in love except them. Nikki asks how can this be. Garib ki beti Radha says even Bhola knows. Nikki asks who is it. Garib ki beti Radha says Sona. Dev passes by. Nikki stops him and acting as reporter asks how can he hide about his love from his sister, he stole her friend Sona from her and even she did not tell anything. Ishwari comes and asks Nikki to let Dev go to office. Garib ki beti Radha says it is sister’s right to know. Ishwari says she is not depriving anyone from their rights. Dev leaves for office. Ishwari


says Garib ki beti that she is going to market, if she needs anything. Garib ki beti says she has a long list. Ria thinks if mom is happy about Sona and bhaiya’s relationship.

Sona comes for work. Dev says he was waiting for his girlfriend and starts usual romantic discussion. He says he is going for shopping with Ishwari and insists her to accompany them. Sona says mom may feel bad. He says mom is happy about them, so will be happy if she comes.

Mamaji goes to Ishwari’s room and starts conversation. He says she is looking happy. She says she is going for shopping with Dev today. He says that is why she has baby smile on her face. She says Dev always takes her to icecream palor and buys her icecream. He says orange ice cream, her favorite. Sona comes and Mamaji leaves. Sona asks Ishwari if she will have kofta/vegetable balls. Ishwari says she stops her from eating oily food. Sona says she bought air fryer and it cooks food without oil. Ishwari says she will try then and then apologizes her for being rude now a days. Sona says it is okay, she must have done some mistake. Ishwaris ays she is going out for shopping with Dev in the evening and may come late, so she can leave home early. Sona thinks mom does not know even she is coming.

Ranbeer with Neha goes to his brother’s house and sees bhabhi tensed and asks bhaiya had to take mom for eye checkup, what did doc say. She says mom got cataract and needs to be operated. Ranbeer says it is a simple operation. She says his brother has taken home loan and debts, so does not have money, even Ranbeer has shifted to new house, so even he may not have money. Ranbeer says they will do something.

Ria insists Ishwari to take her also for shopping. Ishwari says she is acting immature like Nikki. Ria asks her to bring lots of chocolate ice cream for Nikki, else she will create a scene. Dev comes and asks Ishwari if she is ready. Ishwari says yes. He calls Sona. Ishwari says they should inform Sona that they are going. Dev says even Sona is coming with them. Ishwari gets disheartened but acts as happy. Ria asks how can he take Sona with mom. Dev says Sona will help mom in shopping. Ishwari acts and says let Sona come. They all 3 reach a shop. Owner says if he had called, he would have brought items home. Dev says mom wanted to shop personally. Dev goes aside while Sona and Ishwari start shopping.

Ranbeer tells Neha that he spoke to his brother who told mom’s cataract surgery should be done soon. Neha says they can take bank loan. Ranbeer says he has exhausted his eligibility limit. Neha says they can take Dev’s help. Ranbeer gets angry.

Sona selects a cloth and even Ishwari selects one. Sona says Ishwari’s selected one is good and ishwai says Sona’s selected one is good. Dev smiles watching them from a distance and walks towards them. Ishwari asks to select which one. Dev selects Sona’s choice. Ishwari gets disheartened.

Precap: Dev’s family gathers for family pic. Dev asks Sona to join. Ishwari and mama get angry.

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