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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Maamaji comes to kitchen. Ishwari says she will not give him food before time. He says she looks happy. She says why should she get sad thinking about Sona and her family’s words, even if they are right, she has right to express her opinion to her son. Mama smiles. She says she wants to go to a particular temple. He says car is in a garage. She says that is why she wants him to take her. He says he is going to pension office and will drop her on the way, how will she come back. She says she will come back somehow. Dev comes and says he will pick her up from temple and says he is hungry and needs food. She gets happy seeing him smiling and asks to stand with her for sometime. He says he will change and come. Ishwari says mamaji she told him, Dev will move ahead


in life.

Bejoy goes to Sona’s room and asks if she is not getting sleep, he will sing lori for her. Asha asks not to, else whole locality will not sleep. Sona smiles. Bejoy says he wants her married soon and go to Rithvik’s house soon.

Rithvik goes to Sona’s office tired and says his loan got cancelled twice today. She opens lunch box and to cheer him up tells story of one of her patients. He says really weird things are happening, even with proper papers loan is getting canceled and the place he selected for clinic is bought by some big company. That place was vacant for 2 years and he had even given advance, suddenly someone called and told a big company bought it paying heavy amount. Sona thinks when Dev wanted her as his mother’s dietician and did not let her work anywhere, same thing is happening with Rithvik.

Ishwari with Nikki waits for Dev after temple darshan. Her friend asks if she should drop her. Ishwari says no, Dev is coming to pick her up. Friend says her son is Shravan kumar and is mom’s obedient son and leaves…

Sona enters Dev’s cabin. Dev is business in meeting and sends his staff out. Sona confronts him why is he using his powers and troubling Rithvik. He says he did not. She asks then why his agent is not letting Rithvik get his loan and bought Rithikvik’s selected clinic building in Ishwari communcations’ name. He shouts she belongs to only him and he will not let her marry Rithik. She says she is already engaged to Rithvik. He says she is not. She says he is acting as stalker again and challenges that even if he brings Rithvik on road withh his money power, she will marry Rithvik at any cost. She leaves. Dev breaks things in office and shouts Sona cannot marr anyone else.

Ishwari continues waiting for Dev. Nikki calls Dev and he does not pick call. Ishwari calls Tina who says Dev is still at office. Ishwari is shocked to hear that and thinks why is not he picking call then.

Precap: Mamaji tells Dev that Sona can be happy only with him. Dev says he will not let Sona ruin her life.

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  1. Very. Sad that sons is getting with rithvik

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