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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ishwari speaks to her marriage broker and thanks him for finding an appropriate alliance for Sona. Mamaji asks why is she finding alliance for Sona. She says she just found a good alliance appropriate for Sona, nothing much. He says she did not do right.


Sona continues chatting with Rithvik and dicusses about her childhood memories, how she used to trouble Sourav, etc…

Bejoy tells Asha he will go to Ishwari’s house right now confront her. He reaches Ishwaris house and asks why did she send this bracelet for Sona..She says Dev had bought it for Sona, so she sent it for her. Bejoy says she must be super rich, but he is also not beggar and will ont ask for happiness or compensation for his daughter’s happiness. He continues that Dev loved Sona,

it was his weakness, and Ishwari thought only about motherly love and broke Dev and Sona’s relationship, it was her selfishness. She ruined her son’s happiness for her ego and sent him in sorrows. He will not let her decide her daughter’s fate and ruin her life like she ruined her son’s life. He contnues confronting her and leaves. Ishwari sits in a shock. Mamaji comes and asks why Sona’s dad came. She asks if she broke Dev and Sona’s relationship and ruined Dev’s happiness. He alleged that she is trying to ruin even Sona’s happiness. Sona came here to take care of her and she did not tell her to dream of becoming her bahu. Mamaji consoles her and thinks he cannot say now that she is wrong.

Bejoy returns home and Asha asks what happened. He says how can a mother snatch her son’s happiness, how can she be so cruel. Our whole family gets worried when even a glass breaks, Ishwari broke her son’s heart and is not repenting at all. Even he oversaw what is good and what is bad for Sona, he pushed her daughter in sorrow by letting her with Dev… He continues his emotional talks.

Sona’s patient consults her and thanks her for giving her perfect diet plan. Sona sees bangles in her hands and complements her. Once patient leaves, she cries reminiscing Dev gifting her bangles and telling he saw a small girl selling these bangles and bought them, felt sorry for the girl as she is losing her childhood to earn money. Sona continues crying thinking Dev gave her so much happiness and took it back suddenly…

Dev waits for Sourav on a road and speaks to someone that Sourav is coming. Sourav tries to catch auto unsuccessfully. Dev horns and says he will drop him. Sourav says he dropped Sona midway and why he wants to drop him now. Dev insists and gets him into car, strikes conversation and says he heard Sona is engaged and getting married. Sourav says engagement has not happened yet. Dev feels a ray of hope.

Precap: Rithvik informs Sona that the place he selected for his clinic is bought by some big company. Sona angrily goes to Dev’s cabin

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