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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ishwari gift wraps Sona’s bracelet and asks servant to courier them to Sona’s house. She thinks when Sona is not in Dev’s life now, why should her things be in Dev’s cupboard.


Sona leaning her head on Rithvik’s shoulder continues crying and pouring her emotions out. He tries to cheer her up and says he used to drink tea and someone told she makes perfect coffee, so he wiill drink coffee from today. She smiles.

On the other side, Dev weeps on his bed reminiscing Sona. Ishwari comes and asks why is he crying, what happened. He says nothing… She shows her fake concern for him.

In the morning, Elena taunts Sona and their nok jhok starts. Sona leaves for job. Elena says Asha that Rithvik is a very nice man and Sona

will be happy with him.

Dev’s detective gives him Rithvik’s info and says he is a nice man and respestable, says he did his work as he said. Dev says he needs one more work. Detective calls Sona and says his daughter is ill and he needs to consult her urgently and asks her to meet him and his daughter at a hotel..

Dev reaches hotel first and waiter says he usually sits on different table with Sona, what happened today. Dev gives him 500 rs and asks him to serve Sona onn same table like before and keep the table empty for her. Sona comes and sits on table. Waiter wishes her and asks if he should get her favorite capucino and coconut cookies. She asks how does he know. He says she is their elite customer and comes with Dev here often. Sona asks him to bring plain coffee.

Bejoy receives courier, opens it and sees bracelet with Ishwari’s note that since Sona has moved ou of Dev’s life, her jewelry should not also be with Dev and blesses her for her brighter future. Bejoys fumes and kicks furniture angrily. Asha asks what happened. He says Ishwari sent jewelry to Sona and showing her richness, who is she to bless Sona. He will go right now and confront her. Asha says it is not right time to go and calms him down.

Waiter gives plain coffee to Sona. She sips it and asks to bring her usual capucino. Dev hears that and gets happy that Sona has not changed yet and still loves her. Rithvik comes and joins Sona and says some people come to restaurant with friends to enjoy and some to escape from bill, she came alone. She says she had come to meet client, but he did not come at all and is not picking calls. He says next time even if he invites her to restaurant, she will pay bill. She smiles. Their conversation continues and try to leave. Waiter asks them to go from other side. Someone greets Dev and asks how is he. Sona hears that and tries to peep in, but Rithvik takees him. Dev says someone he is fine and smiles.

Sona reaches home and at night, Elena tells her about a new Chinese restaurant and suggests her to go with Rithvik. Sona says she does not want to go with Dev, then says Rithvik to restaurant. Elena says she should forget Dev as he must have already moved on and found a new girl. Sona says Dev broke up as he cannot see her mother unhappy, his mother sacrificed her life for him and other children and he sacrificed his love for his mother. She says he comes wherever she goes and waits for her glimpse and tries to talk to her. She starts weeping and continues….Dev in his room thinks Sona still loves him and he will not let her forget him easily.

Precap: Dev takes Sourav in his car in lieu of dropping him home and says he heard Sona is engaged and is marrying soon. Sourav says engagement has not happened yet.

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