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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona goes to Dev’s house. Ishwari is shocked to see her. Sona asks how is her health now. Ishari saays fine. Sona says she left her anklet here in cupboard. She checks cupboard and says it is not here, asks how is Dev. Ishwari says Dev is fine, everything is fine, she came here not to take anklet. Sona says she left everything away. Ishwari asks why did she come here then, to Dev then. Sona says if Dev’s car was parked inside, she would not have come here. Ishwari says she is sorry for her and Dev’s relationship, but she should uderstand that Dev has moved on and even she should, some goals are not achieved in life. Sona says she must be happy that she met her goal. Ishwari says her son is grown up to take his decisions. Sona says she as not

let him grow up to take his decision. Ishwari says she came here to point at her upbringing. Sona says she did no mean that, she has lost everything. Ishwari says she will get another boy and has not lost anything. Sona says she is Dev’s friend first, he saw his childhood and love wth her, he lost that. He loves his mom more than anything and sacrificed everything for his mom, no mom will not get such an obedient son, even mom should follow her duty. She did not play who will get Dev game, even then mom would have won it again.

Radha comes and shouts how dare Sona is to misbehave with Ishwari. Ishwari says forget it, Sona is frustrated after losing her love. Radha says she will show Sona’s real place. She fills glass, drinks half and says Sona’s place is like this half glass water, of no use, she should get out of Dev’s life forever. She does not work here, then why she comes here again. Sona says she is right, she does not work here, so she does not think she should listen to their words, they think so cheap, she will not come here again. Radha yells that after she left, Dev is very happy and is progressing in life. She was never fit for Dev and they will find a better girl for Dev. Sona says if her words are true, she is happy for Dev. Whatever she knows Dev in 3 months, Ishwari could not know him sice 28 years, else she would not have snatched his happiness.

Dev sitting in his car near Sona’s house reminisces her telling she will never leave him, their meetings, etc. Sona comes and says he should go from here. He says it is public road and not private property. She asks why is he following her like stalker. She says he is not. She asks to stop acting as 16 year old and grow up, she has moved on and he can come and meet his fiance to confirm. He says he knows whoever is inside home is not her fiance as they are not engaged at all. She says then he is following even her profile, he wanted to break up himself, he should go and ask his mother what he needs as he does only what his mother says. She leaves and he stands dumbstuck.

Sona reaches home. Rithvik says hi. She does not respond. He says during childhood when his grandpa used to come late, he should to wait and pull his mostache, luckily she does not have moustache, asks if she is okay. She reminisces Ishwari’s words. He says in word there are 2 kind of peopel, one who wait to listen and one who for someone to listen them, third like him who don’t wait at all, but he will wait for her and will not judge her at all.

Inebriated Vicky walks in hall calling servant to give some snacks and falls down. Dev holds him and asks how he come home inebriated, he has sisters here, his mom stays here and he considers this as temple, how can he enter temple inebriated. Vicky says it is his thinking. Mama comes and beats Vicky. Radha rescues him and takes along. Ishwari says Dev she has prepared halwa for him. He says he is not in mood and walks towards his room.

Ria and Nikki come to Ishwari’s room and say Bhola told Dev scolded Vicky. Ishwari says Dev has right to scold his younger brother, asks them to go and sleep.

Rithvik continues his moral gyaan and says she can discuss her problems like a true friend. She starts crying and says she cannot get away from her past and still her ex-boyfriend’s memories are haunting her. She keeps her head on his shoulder and he feels emotional.

Precap: Dev’s friend on Dev’s insisence calls Sona and fixes appointment for his daughter at a hotel. Sona reaches hotel and sees Dev there already present.

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  1. It is a wrong picture of dietitians/nutritionist conveyed in this serial. That Ms Sonakshi does not know cooking is totally erroneous. The academic course has a grueling cookery sessions including quantity cookery in hotel setups. To also convey that she is petty about what must be included and excluded and recommends uninteresting non appetizing meal composition is also totally false. I was excited in the beginning to find my profession being brought into limelight but thoroughly shocked and dismayed and utterly disappointed for presentation in such poor light Ms Sonakshi comes across as boring wrt being a dietitian/nutritionist and someone who does not love being a vital link that restores good health in ill infirm people A vibrant dietitian/nutritionist conveys the positive message “You are what you eat” so what is the best for every individual in their given environment. Please do us no harm with this negative image

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