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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode13




Hi all I am back. I am happy with the fact that most of you still remember about my fan fiction despite the fact I publish it super late. I thought you all must have forgotten about my fan fiction till now. And thanks for waiting for my fan fiction patiently. And I hope you all still remember about my fan fiction. I am afraid that you all forgot about my fan fiction. Well, this is episode 13. And I am happy to inform that my fair have been successful, managed to sell everything. And thanks to all of your support I have managed to write this fan fiction till date despite my busy schedule. I was too busy last week over projects and I spend my weekends over the project. You all know from Saturday to Monday, I slept at 3am due to my projects  And Tuesday I was a little free and then Wednesday I was busy due to my programming test. And now all my projects are done and I have no tests before 11 August so I got some free time now so i decided to upload this episode.
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Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 5, 7, 9: EDKV part only
Scene 2, 4, 6, 10: KRPKAB part only
Scene 3, 8: Both

Scene 1: On the Road
(EDKV part only)
The episode begins with Suman walking on the road and thinking how Shravan said that marrying her was his biggest mistake. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste sad music plays. Shravan on the other hand, is shattered and he sits down on the bed crying. As Suman is walking, a car was about to hit her, the lights flashes out which irritates Suman’s eye. Just then a guy comes out.
Guy: Sumo, you and here?
Sumo: Aditya!
The guy was none other than Aditya.
Aditya: Yaar, how are you doing now?
Sumo: Fine.
Aditya: It doesn’t seems like that
Sumo: No, its fine.
Aditya: What are you even doing here at this time and that too in this condition?
Sumo: No use of saying anything now.
Suman cries.
Aditya: Okay, come with me I will drop you home.
Aditya brings Suman to where she wants to go.
Shravan on the other hand is sad, and he sees a picture of his and Suman’s marriage.
Shravan: Sumo, you shouldn’t have done so. You are the one who said that trust is the most important thing in a marriage then why did you do so? Why? You have no idea how much I love you.
Shravan takes his and Suman’s portrait and in anger as he was about to break it.
Shravan: No, I can’t break it.
Shravan keeps the picture frame safely.
Shravan: You should have told me once, Sumo.
Shravan is teary-eyed.

Scene 2: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev is thinking about Sonakshi.
Dev: (in his mind) What is going on here Dev?
Just then Dev imagines himself.
Imaginary Dev(Angel type): You are in love.
Dev: Is it?
Just then another dev comes
Imaginary Dev(Devil type): Dev Dixit and in love? Impossible.
Dev: Yes, how can it be?
Angel Dev: Dev, you are a human can’t humans fall in love.
Devil Dev: Love is just a weakness, time is money. Don’t waste your time in useless things.
Angel Dev: Feelings is the most special thing in one’s life.
Devil Dev: Oh please, this only looks good in literature.
Angel Dev and Devil Dev debates and then
Dev: Stop it! Enough! I already know what is happening to me?
Angel Dev and Devil Dev again argues.
Dev: Oh can you please stop it?
Dev in anger throws the book in his hand and just then Sonakshi comes in the room and the book hits her.
Sona: Ouch!
Dev: I am so sorry!
Sona: What were you doing Mr.Obhodro? What kind of behaviour is this?
Sona: Oh now I got it, you are taking revenge as I smeared cake on your face right?
Dev: What!
Sona: Yes
Dev: Seriously, Sona?
Sonakshi gives Dev weird look.
Dev: (in his mind) Say what you have to Sona.
Dev: Sona, I want to say that I
Sonakshi looks at Dev.
Dev: I
Dev comes near to Sonakshi just then the bell rings.
Sona: I will go and check.

Scene 3: Dixit Residence
(Both part)
Sonakshi goes to open the door.
Dev: Who can it be at this time?
Sona: I have no idea.
Sonakshi opens the door and is surprised to see Suman.
Sona: Sumo!
Suman comes and hugs Sonakshi and cries.
Sona: What happened, Sumo why are you crying?
Sumo: Sona, Shravan
Sona: What about Shravan?
Sumo: Shravan he said that
Suman tells how she and Shravan had an argument and Shravan said that she shouldn’t have married him.
Sumo: How can he say that this marriage was the biggest mistake in his life?
Sona: It’s also your fault, you should have talked about it to Shravan once.
Sumo: How can I? Don’t you have any idea how much short-tempered he is!
Sona: That’s true.
Sumo: In that case, how could I do so? I would have never been able to unite him with mother-in-law if I did so.
Sona: I got it, now at least speak to Shravan.
Sumo: No, I won’t. How can he say that our marriage is a
Suman cries.
Sona: Cool down, Sumo. Just relax. Come with me to my room. We will discuss about it.
Sonakshi goes and as Suman is about to follow her, she feels dizzy and she faints.
Sona: Sumo!
Sonakshi rushes to Suman.
Sona: Someone call the doctor.
Dev calls the doctor.

Later, doctor comes and checks Suman who regains consciousness.
Sona: Dr, how is my sister? Why did she faint?
Doctor: This is due to low blood pressure and stress.
Sona: Oh.
Doctor: You should have take more care of her in this condition.
Sona: What are you talking about doctor, I didn’t get you.
Doctor: Suman is a month pregnant. She should take care of herself.
Dev and Sonakshi listens to this and gets happy.
Sona: Thank you so much for this news doctor.
Dev: I will drop you home, doctor.
Dev brings the doctor home.
Sonakshi hugs Suman.
Sona: I am so happy for you. Thanks for making me an aunt.
Suman is sad.
Sona: What happened?
Sonakshi remembers about Shravan.
Sona: Sumo, does Shravan knows about it?
Suman nods no.
Sona: You should tell him about this. He has all the rights to know about this. After all he is the father of this child.
Sumo: Shravan shouldn’t have referred our marriage as a mistake. And if he had so many problems why did he marry me? And as for this child, what will he do after knowing about this? He may forget about it and then again these fights will happen. And I can’t tolerate this.
Sona: But what is the fault of the baby in this?
Suman cries and she remembers how she got news in the phone that she is pregnant.
Sumo: I was so happy. I wanted to share this news with Shravan immediately, but he.
Sona: Okay dont cry. I wont ask you, and dont take stress. It’s not good for you and your child.
Sonakshi makes Suman sleep and she gets thinking.

Scene 4: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is looking out at the window and tears drops from her eyes as she is thinking about Suman. Just then someone comes and wipes her tears and it is Dev.
Dev: This doesn’t looks good on you.
Sona: Why? Why is all this happening with Sumo?
Dev feels bad for Sonakshi.
Sona: Today my sister is in such a difficult situation. She isn’t even sure if she should be disappointed with her marriage being on the rocks or she should be happy as she is going to become a mother.
Dev: It is Shravan’s fault, he is so short-tempered. He never thinks.
Sona: You know Mr.Dixit, my mom said that when a woman becomes a mother she feels so complete. I am not a doctor, but a nutritionist and every time a woman who is a mother or going to become one, they are so happy. And also it’s not easy for one when their marriage is on the rocks. For Sumo, she
Sonakshi cries.
Dev: Don’t cry Sona, if you break down who will take care of Sumo?
Sonakshi wipes her tears.
Sona: Yes, you are right we must do something to make her feel better.
Dev: (in her mind) Sona, you are so nice. You care about your sister so much, as if her pain is your pain. But I can’t see you in pain Sona, I can’t.
Sona: Dev?
Dev gets out of his thinking.
Dev: I think we should tell Shravan about this.
As Dev is about to call Shravan, Sonakshi holds Dev’s hand and denies.
Dev: But why? Shravan, he should know about this.
Sona: Yes, I know Shravan have all rights to know about this, but I promised to Sumo that I won’t tell Shravan anything so I can’t just break this promise.
Dev: Okay fine, I wonn’t.
Sona: But how to make Sumo feel better? There must be some way.
Dev: Does Sumo have any hobby?
Sona: Yes.
Dev: What is it?
Sona: Just like you.
Dev: Meaning?
Sona: The Cooking Fever.
Dev smiles.
Sona: Its like the game. It looks good but is such a big headache.
Dev smiles.
Dev: Oh that. I have got an idea.
Sona: What is it?
Dev: Why don’t you send Suman to her catering center. She will go there and feel better, and she will be away from all the worries.
Sonakshi looks at Dev.
Dev: Is it a bad idea?
Sonakshi hugs Dev. Dev is surprised.
Sona: It’s such a nice idea. Thanks Mr.Dixit.
Dev: (in his mind) The only way is to make Suman and Shravan meet but how.

Scene 5: Suman’s catering centre
(EDKV part only)
It’s been a few days after this, and Suman comes to the catering centre.
Sumo: It feels so much better to come here after so many days.
Dev sees Suman going to the centre.
Dev: Yes, she is there.
Just then Suman gets a call.
Sumo: Yes Sona, I have reached safely no need to worry about me.
Okay, I will take care of my health.
Suman keeps the phone. Suman walks around and she smiles seeing this. Just then Preeta comes,
Preeta: Sumo, how are you? After so many days you came here.
Sumo: I am fine.
Preeta: I heard about the good news from Sona Dii, I am so happy for you and she gave me the responsibility to take full care of you.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Okay, you continue to cook, and I will taste the food if I find any problem. I won’t spare you.
Preeta: Okay.
Suman walks around and she sees the place and she remembers how she and Shravan fought over the food and they used to fight and enjoy. Suman smiles, and later she holds her belly.
Sumo: I wish I could tell this news to your papa.
Suman is teary-eyed, and just then someone pats her, and Suman looks.
Sumo: Aditya you and here?
Aditya: Yes yaar, I came to visit my friend after all.
Sumo: Your patients?
Aditya: I am on lunch break now so just chill.
Sumo: Oh okay great; you should taste some food here.
Aditya: No its fine.
On the other hand, Shravan comes.
Shravan: Today I will solve all the problems between me and Sumo. It has been quite long. And I was also at fault, I got way too angry on her.
Shravan comes there.
Sumo: I won’t listen to you. I will bring food for you.
Suman goes and as she was about to go, she slips and Aditya holds her and saves her from falling. Just then Shravan comes in and he sees this and gets angry.
Shravan: (in his mind) Oh so this was going on. I thought I was wrong but no Sumo is still the same. I shouldn’t have wasted my time coming here.
Shravan leaves from there angrily.
Aditya helps Suman to stand up.
Aditya: You should be more careful in this condition. What would have happened if I wasn’t here?
Sumo: I am sorry Aditya.
Aditya: You should be more careful and not forget that you are pregnant.
Sumo: Thanks for being such a nice friend.
Aditya: No problem, Sumo.
Aditya leaves.
Scene 6: Outside
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev sees Shravan coming out and he smiles and as Shravan goes in the car and leaves.
Dev: (in his mind) What happened?
Dev calls Shravan.
Dev: That Sumo.
Shravan: Don’t even talk about her. I hate her a lot.
Shravan keeps the phone in anger.
Dev: I wanted to make sure that all becomes fine between Suman and Shravan, but this became the opposite.
Dev looks behind and is shocked to find Sonakshi.
Dev: Sona!
Sona: So you are the one who tried to call Shravan here?
Dev: Look Sona, you are getting me wrong.
Sona: Just answer me yes or no.
Dev: Yes.
Sonakshi gets angry.
Sona: I have told you not to do so, then why did you do so?
Dev: No Sona, it’s not like that.
Sona: Look I know you are my husband and I am happy that you care about my family a lot, but this isn’t the right way.
Dev: Look Sona, if they wont meet then how will it happen?
Sona: Let them speak among themselves.
Dev: Shravan and Suman both are very egoistic, it won’t be easy.
Sona: But I am sure they love each other a lot even now, and they would have definitely met on their own will.
Dev: Look Sona, Shravan is my friend and I can’t see him in pain.
Sona: What are you trying to say? Shravan is not related to me, he is like my brother. And you are saying like this?
Dev: Sona, sona please not now.
Sona: I am sorry to say but after this I will say that you are a very selfish person.
Dev is stunned.
Sona: Look Mr.Dixit, I don’t want any problems in my sister’s life so you better stay away from this.
Dev: I am just saying that and Suman is also related to me. Why would I?
Sona: No need to explain. I got your point.
Dev: No you didn’t
Sona: Oh let it be.
Sonakshi goes and is shocked as she sees Suman who overheard the conversation. Suman leaves angrily, Dev and Sonakshi tries to follow her.

Scene 7: Shraman’s room
(EDKV part only)
Shravan is working in his laptop and he remembers about Suman and Nirmala’s planning and also how Aditya hold Suman and he gets angry. And just then Suman gets into the room angrily.
Sumo: What do you exactly want Shravan? What’s your problem?
Shravan: Who told you to come here? And what do you want you tell me first?
Sumo: I never wanted to come here.
Shravan: Then you can leave now.
Sumo: Not so easily Shravan
Shravan: Oh I see, so finally you came to the point. What do you want?
Sumo: I didn’t know you were so stone-hearted. I was foolish that I fell in love with you. The guy who couldn’t even respect his mom how will he respect his wife at the first place?
Shravan: Look Sumo, you dont talk about all this its better. You betrayed my trust what about that.
Sumo: Look Shravan, I am not at all in mood to fight with you but its about Sona and Dev Jiju.
Shravan: What about them?
Sumo: Today Dev Jiju and Sona had a big fight all thanks to you.
Shravan: What!
Sumo: Yes.
Shravan: Why did they fight?
Sumo: Just to bring us closer. But I dont want them to suffer. What’s their fault?
Shravan: Yes.
Sumo: So Shravan if you ever thought about anything that can affect Dev Jiju and Sona’s relationship I won’t spare you and I will forget that you are my husband.
Suman leaves angrily and as she was about to go, her dupatta gets stuck at Shravan’s watch and they both look at each other and share an eyelock.
Sumo: (in her mind) Please Shravan forget about all this and lets have a fresh start. I want to tell you something.
Shravan: (in his mind) Dont leave Sumo, please.
Suman and Shravan look at each other. Later, Suman frees her dupatta from Shravan’s watch and they look at each other angrily and Suman leaves. They both hide their tears.

Scene 8: Outside Shravan’s Residence
Here Suman leaves, and one of her earrings drop. And Shravan sees this and picks it up and later he gets angry.
Shravan: I don’t want a single symbol that reminds me of Sumo.
Shravan goes to give Suman the earring.
Here, Dev and Sonakshi reaches and Suman is here.
Sumo: So, you both came here?
Sona: Look Sumo, I know you must be feeling bad but what your Jiju did was for your own benefit.
Sumo: (in her mind) At least all is fine between Dev Jiju and Sona.
Sumo: Dev Jiju, I know you did this for me and Shravan, but I have a request please dont do like this. Its great of you, but I really dont want this. I need time to overcome this.
Dev: I am so sorry Suman, its my fault. Please forgive me.
Sumo: It wont be easy, but I will.
Shravan sees this and misunderstands.
Shravan: Oh so now I get what the problem is?
Sona: Shravan?
Shravan: The problem is you Sumo.
Suman gets angry,
Sona: Shravan, you have no right to say this about my sister.
Shravan: Sona Dii, I respect you a lot, but what Sumo is doing is not right.
Sumo: Let’s leave Sona. There is no use of telling him anything.
Sona: But Sumo?
Suman leaves with Sonakshi.
Dev looks at Shravan angrily,
Dev: Do you have any idea what you just did Shravan?
Shravan: I did the right thing. I should have done so long time back/
Dev: What exactly happened between you two?
Shravan tells Dev.
Dev: You must have forgotten Shravan that Sumo is not only your wife but also the daughter-in-law of Malhotra family. And as a daughter-in-law, she couldn’t see Nirmala Aunty like this that’s why she did all this and you?
Shravan feels a little bad.
Shravan: But she shouldn’t have lied to me.
Dev: You have lied to her before whether you admit it or not, can’t she lie a little especially when she did this for someone else. She just wanted to see you and Aunty happy that’s why she did so.
Shravan feels more bad
Shravan: Yes yaar, you are right. I am too short-tempered I shouldn’t have done so. I did a little bit too much?
Dev: A little bit? It was way too much. You shouldn’t have behaved with Sumo like this especially when she is in this condition?
Shravan: Condition?
Dev remembers.
Dev: Nothing.
As Dev was about to go,
Shravan: What happened to Sumo? Tell me.
Dev: Nothing.
Shravan makes Dev swear on him.
Dev: Okay fine, I will tell you.
Shravan is worried.
Shravan: Is everything fine?
Dev: The thing is Suman is pregnant.
Shravan gets happy.
Shravan: That means I am going to become a father soon?
Dev nods and Shravan hugs him.
Shravan: I am so happy today, I am going to become a father.
Shravan remembers about his fight with Suman,
Shravan: Oh no, what have I done?
Shravan remembers how Suman wanted to tell him something.
Shravan: Sumo tried to tell me but I scolded her instead.
Shravan feels very bad.
Dev: Now only you make her agree.
Dev leaves.

Scene 9: Dev’s residence
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman is taking rest, and she sees the time.
Sumo: It’s time for the medicines.
Suman gets up to have the medicine and it drops. She have difficulty in picking it up and then someone comes and picks it up for her. Its Shravan.
They look at each other and music plays.
Shravan: Have the medicines.
Shravan makes Suman have the medicine.
Sumo: Why have you come here?
Shravan: I have come here to take back you home with me.
Sumo: It’s not my home anymore.
Shravan: I know I shouldn’t have said so. And I am really feeling guilty about it, I am so sorry Sumo.
Sumo: You thought what you will just say sorry and I will forgive you. No never.
Shravan: I know I dont deserve to get forgiven but please give me one more chance.
Sumo: How can I trust you again Shravan? I tried to speak with you but you never bothered to listen.
Shravan: I know that was my mistake and I am really feeling sorry about it. Please forgive me Sumo.
Suman denies.
Shravan: Please.
Suman still denies.
Shravan: Sumo, just give me one more chance. At least for the sake of our baby.
Suman is surprised.
Shravan: Yes, I got to know about it.
Sumo: Our baby? Really Shravan? No this is my baby only. You have no rights. And you think this marriage is a mistake right? So no need to worry.
Shravan: Sumo, please don’t say like this. I am sorry Sumo.
Suman leaves angrily. Shravan cries.
Shravan: I am sorry Sumo.
Suman cries.
Sumo: (in her mind) I will not forget what you said. It may be minor for you but those few words literally broke my heart.

Scene 10: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Dev is doing some work and Sonakshi comes and sits besides Dev. Dev is surprised as Sonakshi is just sitting there.
Dev: Is there anything you need?
Sonakshi nods.
Dev: What is it?
Sonakshi holds her ears.
Sona: I am sorry Mr.Dixit, I was too rude to you that time. I shouldn’t have said so,
Dev comes to Sonakshi and seperates her hands from her ears.
Dev: Now this is fine.
Sona: What to do, Sumo is my sister. I couldn’t see her like this.
Dev: Look Sona, even I have two sisters, so I understand your situation very well. Yes, it was my mistake I shouldn’t have done so in hurry.
Sona: No, its not yours, its my fault. You were trying to make things better between Shravan and Sumo, but I made it worse by telling the truth. I am so sorry.
Dev: You no need to be sorry.
Sona: No I am sorry.
Dev: I am sorry.
Sona: I am sorry.
Dev: I am sorry.
Sona: I am sorry.
Dev: It’s okay.
Sonakshi smiles.
Dev: No I mean.
Dev and Sonakshi laughs.
Dev: We are very strange.
Sona: Indeed, but you are more strange.
Dev: No you are.
They both again laugh.
Sona: I just hope all will be fine between Sumo and Shravan soon and they solve their own problems.
Dev: Don’t worry all will be fine soon.
Dev is feeling tired.
Sona: You seem tired?
Dev: Yes am having a headache.
Sona: No problem, let me give you an head massage.
Sonakshi gives Dev a head massage.
Dev: Mom went to her village for few days, I was missing it so much but now I feel so much better.
Sona: I hope you feel better.
Dev: Much better,
Later, Sonakshi leaves and some oil spills on the floor. Sonakshi keeps the bowl and then while walking she slips and falls on Dev on the bed. And her mangalsutra gets stuck with Dev’s shirt and they both share an eyelock. Music plays.
The episode ends.

Precap: Shravan tries to convince Suman but she denies, and just then a car comes towards Shravan and hits him and Suman shouts Shravan’ s name. Sonakshi is walking around and she looks through the window and on her mind why do I feel something more for Dev? What is it? Later, Dev and Sonakshi gets a call about the accident and they get shocked.

I am sorry, but I may be late in publishing the next episode that is Episode 14, which I will be publish only after 11 August. My last lesson for my first semester is today, but after that I would be going to Indonesia for holidays and family outing during my small break till 10 August. And my Physics test is on 11 August. So, my plan is to study even in my free time this week and also the work load in last week of lessons is less, but I need to study as I will not do so during my trip. So instead of writing fan fiction, I will be studying. I hope you all understand. Thanks for understanding. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction. I will try my best to upload the next episode before going to Indonesia for holiday, if not I will publish a promo if I can. And the next episode will be published most likely on 12 or 13 August. Thank you 

And to all the readers, can tell me what parts do you read, do you read both Devakshi and Shraman parts (both KRPKAB and EDKV parts) or only Devakshi parts (KRPKAB only) or only Shraman parts? (EDKV part only)

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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