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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode 18


Hi all. I am back with the next episode of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. Now I am on Fast and Furious Mode in terms of posting because holidays na ? And hope you all enjoyed your weekends 

By any chance if you didn’t read this fan fiction before.
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Here is episode 18.
Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 6, 8: Both
Scene 2, 4, 9: EDKV part only
Scene 3, 5,7: KRPKAB part only

Scene 1: Bar
The episode begins with Devakshi and Shraman after dancing and they four talk among each other. All the other people there praises them.
Shravan: Wow Dev you turned out to be the star tonight.
Dev: But your climax is amazing.
Sona: Dev, I didn’t understand one thing. Few months ago you couldn’t do a step properly suddenly how did you turn into an excellent dancer?
Dev is silent and Sonakshi stares at her.
Shravan: Actually Sona, he cannot do romantic type of dance he can do hip hop and rock and roll dance.
Sona: How?
Shravan: Ask him.
Sonakshi looks at Dev.
Dev: I have been a fan of hip hop and rock and roll type of dance. I like romantic dance but I just don’t know how to dance on those kind of songs. Something happens to me whenever I listen to the song. Dil Mein Kuch Kuch Hota Hain.
Sonakshi is surprised.
Sumo: Wow Jiju what romantic dialogues.

Dev: Thank you.
Dev smiles, Sonakshi stares at Dev angrily and Dev stops smiling.
Sona: Mr.Dev Dixit for your kind information, by saying Shahrukh’s dialogues one doesn’t becomes Shahrukh Khan especially when he doesn’t know how to dance on romantic songs.
Dev makes faces.
Sona: Now stop making cartoon like faces.
Dev: I look like cartoon to you?
Sumo: Aww Sona, why are you always angry at Jiju. And Jiju, Sona only know how to speak nonsense,
Sonakshi looks at Suman surprised.
Dev: No need Sumo no use.
Sumo: On one hand, Jiju is super romantic and on other hand there is this Shravan who don’t even know the ABC of romance.
Shravan looks at Suman shocked.

Sumo: Now why are you looking at me like this? Look at Dev Jiju aww so romantic and you only know how to get angry. Angry Malhotra. You know if angry birds owner saw you that would have named their game Angry Malhotra instead.
Sonakshi and Dev tries laugh. Shravan fumes.
Shravan: Oh really! And how about you, did you even see your tactics, anyone would get annoyed.
Sumo: You only know how to complain.
Dev: Okay both of you stop fighting.
Sumo: You tell me if anyone sees us like this, will they say mine and Shravan’s is love marriage?
Dev smiles.
Dev: Not at all.
Shravan: Dev, you also?
Sumo: Look, learn. Dev Jiju and Sona did arranged marriage and it seems they did love marriage and ours arranged.

Dev and Sonakshi looks at each other. Music plays. They share an eyelock.
Sumo: See this is called as romance.
Shravan: Is it?
Sumo: Yes, learn something.
Shravan pulls Suman closer to him.
Sumo: Shravan, everyone is looking.
Shravan: Let them see.
Suman and Shravan look at each other, and they also share an eyelock. Music plays.
Later, some people come and Devakshi and Shraman comes out from their eyelock.
Sumo: Sona, let’s go.
Suman and Sonakshi goes somewhere.
Shravan: This Sumo know only how to talk nonsense.
Dev: Your wife still speak, my wife she just scares me by the way she looks at me.
Shravan laughs and pats Dev.
Suman and Sonakshi goes somewhere and they see someone and smile. They start speaking with him. Dev and Shravan walks.
Dev: Now let’s do the most difficult task in the world.
Shravan: That is to convince our wives.
Dev and Shravan are walking and then they see the guy holding Suman and Sonakshi’s hands. They are stunned and they get angry.

Dev: He is teasing our wives.
Shravan: You call the police, I will teach him a lesson.
Shravan comes.
Sumo: Please!
Sona: Yes Please!
Shravan pats the person.
Shravan: How dare you tease my wife and also my
Shravan is shocked, as the person looks around. It is Kapil Sharma XD.
Shravan: Kapil Sharma!

Dev: I have tried to call police,
Dev is also surprised.
Dev: Kapil Sharma!
Shravan: I am so sorry.
Kapil is surprised.
Sumo: Shravan, Kapil Sharma is here and you scolded him!
Shravan: Sorry, I thought you were teasing my wife
Kapil: No, it’s okay happens. I was just introducing myself.
Sona: Kapil sir, we are big fan of you.
Dev: Even my mom sister and wife as you can see loves your show. They never let me change the channel.
Kapil: You don’t watch my show?
Dev: I do, just saying.
Dev: You and here?
Kapil: I just came here to chill. It was nice meeting you all.
Devakshi and Shraman smiles.
Kapil: And remember to watch Kapil Sharma show on Sony TV only.
Sumo: We never miss an episode.
Sona: One selfie is must.
Devakshi, Shraman and Kapil Sharma takes a selfie.
Kapil Sharma leaves.

Devakshi and Shraman come out of the bar.
Sumo: We had so much fun today.
Sona: We should frequently hang out with each other.
Shravan: I agree.
Dev: But where should we go together next time?
Sumo: Movies.
Sona: That’s a great idea.
Shravan: It’s very late now, we should leave.
Dev: We will talk about it later.
Devakshi and Shraman leaves.

Scene 2: Outside
(EDKV part only)
Shraman are in the car.
Sumo: I am so hungry.
Shravan: Then what is my fault in that?
Sumo: In the bar, we were about to order food but then it was too late.
Shravan: You are such a foodie!
Sumo: You are not hungry?
Shravan: I am but
Sumo: See you are also hungry and now you are calling me a foodie?
Shravan: Okay baba sorry.
Sumo: Now no use, no restaurant is open at this time.

Shravan: Well don’t worry, we are going to reach home soon then we can eat there.
Sumo: I can’t wait to reach home.
Suman sees Shravan going somewhere else.
Sumo: Shravan, you just passed from the way we go home.
Shravan is silent.
Sumo: Shravan are you listening?
Shravan: One shouldn’t talk much while driving.
Sumo: Oh god! You and your discipline, uff!
And then Shravan reaches a place and applies brake. Suman is surprised.
Sumo: Where is this? Shravan?
Shravan: Shh!
Sumo: Now please don’t tell me you have some of your law work here.
Shravan opens the door.
Shravan: Come out.
Sumo: What!
Shravan: Just do as I say.
Suman comes out and Shravan brings her to a restaurant. Suman is surprised.
Sumo: Restaurant?
Shravan: This restaurant is 24/7 open and I booked it.
Sumo: Aww Shravan so sweet of you.
Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Now let’s go.
Suman and Shravan are in the restaurant.
Shravan brings Suman to a separate dining place. The table is decorated with flowers. Suman is super happy. Suman orders her favourite food happily. The waiter goes
Sumo: I am so sorry Shravu for scolding you for no reason.
Shravan: Hmm!
Suman pulls Shravan’s cheek.
Sumo: You are so cute.
Shravan: Don’t do that. I hate it.
Sumo: Okay baba fine.
And later, the food comes and they eat.
Shravan: You want ice-cream?
Sumo: Wow what’s the matter? Today you seem to be in a romantic mood.
Shravan calls the waiter. Suman and Shravan orders their favourite flavours.
Later, Suman after eating the ice cream who is super happy finds Shravan missing.
Sumo: Shravan?
Suman looks around and she looks down she sees Shravan sitting on the floor.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan brings a flower out and gives to Suman. Suman feels shy and takes it. Shravan holds Suman’s hand.

Shravan: I am so sorry for not speaking you well these days. I have misbehaved with you, not treated with you well. What to do my situation was like that. I am still so disappointed dad did this! I can’t believe it. But you have always been there for me.
Sumo: Shravan I understand very well how you felt.
Suman becomes emotional.
Shravan: Never leave me alone.
Suman hugs Shravan and Music plays.
Later, Shravan realizes Suman is crying. He wipes her tears.

Shravan: No tears, now?
Shravan forwards his hand.
Shravan: Want to dance with me?
Sumo: Again?
Shravan nods.
Shravan and Suman dances on Rabta from Agent Vinod. They share an eyelock and they hug each other.

Scene 3: Devakshi’s Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev and Sonakshi reaches home. Dev is tired so he goes to sleep. Later, after a long time, Dev finds Sonakshi missing.
Dev: Where is Sona?
Dev finds Sonakshi everywhere. But she is not anywhere.
Dev: Sona?
Later, Dev realizes that the kitchen light is on and he finds Sonakshi who is trying to find food in the fridge.

Sonakshi tries to find something in the fridge and she doesn’t find anything. Sonakshi looks behind and she gets scared and screams. As she was about to scream, Dev holds her mouth with one hand, and as she was about to fall, Dev holds her hand with the other hand. Dev and Sonakshi look at each other and shares an eyelock. Music plays.
Dev: What you are doing here?
Sonakshi tries to say but fails as her mouth is covered.
Dev: Why are you not saying anything?
Dev removes her hand.
Sona: If you remove your hand only then I will be able to say something na.
Dev: Okay now I have removed my hand say something.
Sona: What do I say?
Dev: What are you actually doing in the kitchen?
Sona: Actually I in the kitchen I ,
Dev looks and stares at Sonakshi.
Dev: Say.
Sona: Actually I am very hungry. We didn’t eat in the bar that’s why.
Dev: Then why are you hiding and eating in the kitchen?
Sona: When did I hide? And also there is no food but I am so hungry.
Dev: Then cook something.

Sona: There was no much of groceries left and I used them up while cooking today as I kept some food for Ma and Nikki. But those food also don’t have. I will do shopping after coming from hospital tomorrow.
Dev: Oh god, what is there in this kitchen?
Sonakshi shows Dev.
Dev: Nothing? There is so many things in the kitchen.
Sona: Where?
Dev: There is flour you can make chapatti using that. And there is lady fingers you can cook the bindi vegetable with that.

Sona: Oh yes, but lady fingers? I don’t even know how to cook that. I only know how to cook everyone’s favourite dish and salad.
Dev: Okay, I will teach you.
Sona: There is another problem.
Dev: What is it now?
Sona: I don’t know how to make chapatti that’s why I always cook rice.
Dev is stunned.
Sona: If I make then it will become like a map.
Dev: Okay relax, I am here. I tell you and you make.
Sonakshi tries to roll out the shape of the chapatti properly and Dev comes and helps her in the rolling out the shape. Later, they also cook the lady fingers vegetable together. Sonakshi and Dev smiles looking at each other. Later, the food is ready.
Sona: Finally, it’s ready.
Sonakshi and Dev sits in the table. Dev is happy to see Sonakshi happy.
Sonakshi takes the first piece and feeds Dev. Dev smiles.
Sona: You also didn’t eat anything. You must be hungry also.
Dev takes the piece and feeds Sonakshi. And they end up feeding each other. They smile.

After a few weeks,
Scene 4: Shraman’s bedroom
(EDKV part only)
Suman and Shravan are sleeping holding each other’s hand. Suman wakes up and smiles looking at Shravan.
Sumo: I don’t want to wake him. He looks so cute while sleeping. But I have to?
Suman wakes Shravan up.
Sumo: Shravan wake up!
Shravan: No I don’t want to.
Sumo: Look Shravan don’t be stubborn.
Shravan is still sleeping,

Sumo: Okay fine don’t wake up.
Shravan wakes up.
Sumo: Now get ready you have a case to fight right?
Shravan holds Suman close.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: I don’t feel like going to work today.
Sumo: You have to.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Okay fine I am going.
Shravan goes. Suman prepares all the things for Shravan. And she finds something in the wallet and is surprised. Shravan comes and Suman hides the card with her
Shravan: So all ready?
Sumo: Yes
Suman makes Shravan wear his suit.
Sumo: Good luck to my Shravu for the case.
Shravan smiles.
Suman gives Shravan his belongings. Shravan kisses Suman.
Shravan: I will come back soon.
Shravan leaves.
Suman sees the card.
Sumo: I have to ask Sona about this.
Scene 5: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is keeping all the clothes in the wardrobe. And she feels dizzy. She still does the work. And as she was about to walk, she injuires her leg due to dizziness. Dev sees this and rushes to Sonakshi.
Dev: What happened?
Sona: I got injuired.
Dev: How?
Sonakshi holds her head.

Dev: Sona are you okay?
Sona: I am feeling very weak these last 2-3 days. And also my leg, ouch!
Dev tries to get Sonakshi up, but she doesn’t. Later, Dev carries Sonakshi in his arms. Sonakshi looks at Dev. They share an eyelock. Music plays,
Dev puts her on the bed.
Dev: I told you so many times not to stress yourself. You never take rest due to your work and household work also.

Sona: Don’t worry I will be alright.
Dev: I will take you to the doctor.
Sona: No need.
Dev: I won’t listen to you this time.
Sona: Dev but?
Dev: No excuses.
Sonakshi becomes sad and Dev kisses Sonakshi. Sonakshi looks on.

Scene 6: Conversation
Sumo: This card can help us.
Suman calls Sonakshi.
Sumo: Hello Sona?
Sona: Sumo?
Sumo: Yes, Sona are you busy?
Sona: No why?
Sumo: I found this card and this is the only way we can reach to Chottu.
Sona: That’s great.
Sumo: But I am really surprised over one thing.
Sona: What is it?
Sumo: He works in your hospital.
Sona: What!
Sumo: Yes, so if you don’t mind can you come to the hospital today and meet Chottu and get to know more.
Sona: Okay fine, I will.
Sonakshi keeps the phone.
Scene 7: Hospital
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi looks on.
Dev: Don’t even think about it.
Sona: Dev, I am going to the hospital only and that’s it.
Dev: No, you will again stress yourself. Take leave today.
Sona: Okay fine, but we can at least go there for checkup?
Dev: Okay fine.
Dev and Sonakshi comes to the hospital for Sonakshi’s checkup.
Doctor: Her leg is fine, just a slight injuiry.
Dev: Thanks doctor.
Doctor: And the rest we will send later.
Dev: Okay.
Dev and Sonakshi goes.
Dev sees someone’s picture on the phone and gets sad. Sonakshi sees it.
Sona: You are missing Nisha?
Dev nods.
Sona: Why don’t we go and meet them?
Dev: But Ranveer.
Sona: Nisha? Dev have you ever thought about Nisha?
Dev gets thinking.
Sona: If you think one more time also think about Neha and Ranveer? Have Neha have cried because of Ranveer.
Dev: Yes, because Ranveer didn’t had enough money.
Sona: Not again. But besides that.

Dev gets thinkinh.
Sona: Even if she did, did she cry like everyday?
Dev: No only once. But still Ranveer is Okay fine. We will go there for first. And I am going there for Nisha only,
Sona: But before that I have some work.
Dev: What is it?
Sona: I just have to meet someone.
Dev: Okay I will wait for you.
Sonakshi sees the card and goes to the room. She knocks the room.
She is shocked to see Chottu.
Sona: You!

Later, Dev and Sonakshi comes to the Neha’s house.
Sona: (in her mind) I don’t know if I should tell Sumo about it.
Dev sees Nisha playing. Dev carries Nisha.
Dev: See your Mama is here.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: (in her mind) Dev loves children a lot.
Later, Neha comes and is angry.
Neha: What are you doing here?
Dev: Neha?
Neha takes Nisha from him.
Neha: You insulted my husband yesterday and now you are here for what?
Dev: I have came here to apologize to you and Ranveer.
Neha is surprised. Ranveer comes home. Ranveer is surprised.
Dev: Ranveer I am so sorry.

Ranveer is stunned.
Dev: I know I have said and taunted you a lot for calling you a middle class family. But later, I realized that you do all you can to keep my sister and niece happy.
Ranveer looks on.
Dev: If possible please forgive me.
Dev folds hand.
Ranveer: No please don’t do that. You are my wife’s brother, which means also my brother.
Dev and Ranveer hugs each other. Sonakshi and Neha smiles. Neha hugs Dev.
Neha: I knew it! My brother will accept my husband one day.
Dev: I had to. And I realized Ranveer never made you cried much. It was just that I was thinking about luxuries.
Neha: Even I thought so, but Ranveer kept me so much happy that I never missed them.
Dev gets happy.

Scene 8: Outside
Dev and Sonakshi goes out and they walk.
Dev: I could never see the good side of Ranveer. It was all my fault.
Sona: But finally you did.
Dev: Well the credit goes to you.
Sona: What have I done?
Dev: You have told me to think over it which I never did and had a wrong impression Ranveer will never keep my sister happy.
Sona: See I told you.
Dev: And also to Sumo?
Sona: Sumo?
Dev: Yesterday, I was sad and then I was thinking about Neha. And then it was Sumo who told me to think about what makes Neha the happy the most and also how much happy Nisha is with her parents.
Sona: (in her mind) Thank you Sumo.
Dev hugs Sonakshi.
Dev: Thank you so much for coming in my life and changing my life for better.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: Now let’s go.
Dev and Sonakshi leaves.

On the other hand, Shraman’s residence
Nirmala opens the door and gets happy,
Nirmala: Chottu!
Nirmala hugs Chottu. And then Shravan and Ramnath also comes. Ramnath gets emotional. Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Chottu! I am so glad you are here.
Suman comes downstairs and is surprised to see Shravan, Nirmala and Ramnath speaking with Chottu.
Sumo: (in her mind) Thank you Sona, I know you are the one who can bring Chottu here.
Shravan goes to hug Chottu.
Shravan: Finally my Chottu is here.
Chottu: I am not your Chottu!
Chottu pushes Shravan, Suman helps Shravan and is shocked to see Chottu!
Sumo: Aditya!
Yes, Chottu is none other than Aditya.

Scene 9: Shraman’s Residence
(EDKV part only)
Sumo: So you are Chottu?
Adi: Yes, I am Chottu. The younger son of Nirmala Malhotra.
Suman is stunned.
Adi: This Shravan and Ramnath Malhotra are not related to me.
Ramnath and Shravan gets sad.
Adi: See Sumo, I have come here because of Sona dii only just because you are my friend. And now I also know you are the wife of Mr. Shravan Malhotra.
Sumo: Chottu, please listen to them once.

Adi: No, I still can’t forget how Ma used to cry because of them.
Sumo: Okay fine don’t listen, but you can listen to me , your childhood friend once.
Suman shows Aditya.
Sumo: Did you see their face? Look at Ma, now she is happy with Dad and Shravan and she is sad now because you are not accepting them. And look at Shravan and Dad they are so regretful.
Ramnath: Chottu!
Adi: Don’t call me that.
Ramnath: It was not Shravan’s fault, I was the one who showed Shravan a wrong impression that Nirmala is responsible for all this instead of me.
Adi: And you don’t have any shame saying this?
Ramnath: Beta, please forgive me.
Adi: No I can’t.
Sumo: Adi Enough! Everyone in this world does a mistake.
Adi: But their mistake is so big.
Sumo: Yes it is. But can’t you see how much they regret?
Aditya looks on.
Sumo: Everyone does a mistake. Don’t they deserve a second chance? If you did a mistake, and no one forgave you what would you have done?

Aditya looks on.
Sumo: Rest is your choice.
Aditya hugs Nirmala.
Adi:Maa, I have decided to give Dad and Bhaia another chance.
Nirmala, Ramnath and Shravan gets happy.
Aditya hugs Shravan, Ramnath and Nirmala. Suman smiles.
Later, Shravan comes to Suman.
Shravan: My Sumo is my princess, my super heroine.
Suman smiles.
Shravan: The day since you came to my life, all goes smoothly. You did the impossible.
Sumo: It’s nothing like that Shravan, it was just a special bond that families have among each other. Anyways Aditya had to forgive you all one day, like you did to dad and I did to you.
Shravan hugs Suman.

Later, Aditya says something.
Adi: Actually I have something to say to you all.
Nirmala: What is it beta?
Adi: Actually I hid something from all of you, even Maa.
Shravan: What is it?
Adi: I married someone secretly.
Nirmala, Ramnath and Shravan are surprised.
Nirmala: That’s great but why you didn’t tell me?
Adi: I want to but I feel you all won’t be happy.
Ramnath: Chottu, bring our daughter-in-law home tomorrow.
Adi: Okay fine.
Shravan whispers to Suman,
Shravan: You know about this?
Sumo: I seriously have no idea about it.
The episode ends.

Precap: Devakshi and Shraman goes to watch movies together. Suman says to Sonakshi that Aditya’s wife is coming. Aditya’s wife comes.Devakshi and Shraman are surprised and shocked to see Aditya’s wife even their families. Sonakshi sees something and she gets mixed reactions. Suman gets a call and is shocked and cries. Sonakshi tells Dev something and Dev says don’t even think about it.
Sonakshi is surprised. And later, Shravan holds Suman’s hand and says that he is always with her and that they have to do so.

Next episode, when will I upload? Okay answer is very soon, maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow ? I don’t know but will be super soon ?

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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