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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode 16

*Maha Episode*
***Summary of Episode 1-15 given.***

Hi all. I am finally back with the next episode of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. Finally my exams are over and now I am having my semester break. I feel like dancing. And thank you so much for supporting me so much. What made me happier is that many silent readers and new readers also commented in previous happier. Gave me a boost to do better for my exams  Thank you so much everyone again. Anyways, here is today’s episode. Hope you all still remember my fan fiction ?


By any chance if you didn’t read this fan fiction before.
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Summary of episode 1-15:-
This fan fiction is about devakshi n shraman as u all know. Well the concept of my fan fiction is about love marriage and arranged marriage. Devakshi’s story is about arranged marriage and Shraman’s marriage is about love marriage. Sona and Sumo are sisters, Dev and Shravan are friends. Well, here Dev is Sona’s boss and Shraman are BFFs. Same in their shows. And then Dev and Sona becomes friend and they initially hated each other. Sumo and Shravan they didn’t realize when they fall in love. Shravan confesses his love to Sumo and they both r happy. Dev helps Shravan in telling this to their families. Their families agree. Shraman gets married. Dev and Sona becomes even better friends and Ishwari sees the bond between devakshi n decides to make Sona her daughter in law. Dev and Sonakshi agrees and they also get married. Later Devakshi n Shraman goes for honeymoon and they share some cute and romantic moments. After the honeymoon, for Devakshi their marriage life is on track, as Dev realizes his love for Sona. Dev falls for Sona for her innocence, understanding, maturity and the fact she cares for his family a lot. And Dev feel lucky to have a wife like Sona. On the other hand, problems start in Shraman’s life as Sumo tries to unite Shravan and Nirmala which Shravan misunderstands and he gets angry on Sumo and term their marriage as burden. This made Sumo angry and she leaves and comes to Sona. Sumo gets to know that she is pregnant and later Devakshi also gets to know about it. Devakshi tries to unite Shraman, but Sona doesn’t as she promised Sumo she wont do anything. Dev continues which leads Devakshi to fight but later they understand why they did so. Things become worse between Shraman until Dev explained Shravan why Sumo did so and also Shravan gets to know that Sumo is expecting. Shravan tries to persuade Sumo, but fails. On the other hand, Devakshi comes closer to each other be it intentionally or unintentionally, and their love story is about to begin, but they yet admit that they love each other, but they share a very special bond of friendship though. Shravan tries to talk to Sumo, but she again doesn’t agrees and as Shravan was about to meet with an accident, Sumo saves Shravan from the accident but she suffers a miscarriage due to that. Shraman are sad over the loss of their baby and they unite after sharing some emotional moments. Dev knows he is in love with Sona and Sona is slowly falling for him and she gets more feelings towards him after Dev gets Sumo out of depression. Shraman decides to start their lives afresh and they again carry out their friendship and decided to carry out the promise that they made to each other that was to be friends first and husband-wife later. And they start teasing each other and all that. Dev is nervous to confess love to Sona and takes help from Shraman. And the next day, he manages to confess his love to Sona but in funny and awkward moment which scares Sona and she ignores Dev, and she herself becomes more confused. Like this Devakshi and Shraman share some more cute moments.

Here is episode 16.
Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 3, 6, 10: KRPKAB part only
Scene 2, 5, 7, 9: EDKV part only
Scene 4, 8: Both

Scene 1: Devakshi’s Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
The episode begins with Sonakshi getting ready and looking at herself.
Sona: Maa must be on her way, I must get ready
Sonakshi looks on the mirror and just then she remembers how Dev confessed his love to her.
Sona: Is he for real? Did he really meant so or he was joking? I am so confused.
Just then Dev comes,
Dev: You thought it for real?
Sonakshi looks at Dev surprised,
Dev is laughing.
Dev: I was just joking.
Sona: What?
Dev continues laughing.
Dev: Yes.
Sona: You cheated my feelings.
Dev: Me and cheat? Feelings? Sona, you are saying like this.
Sona: I was a fool.
Dev: Good you understood.
Dev leaves.
Sona: (in her mind) How can he do like this?
Dev comes and holds around Sonakshi’s waist.
Dev: I love you Sona!
Sona: You must be tricking me again.
Dev: No, I am not.
Sona: Let it be.
Dev holds Sonakshi closer to her.
Sona: Dev, what are you doing?
Dev: Listen Sona, I really really love you a lot.
Sona: What if you again?
Dev: I know the way I confessed my love was weird but what to do, I really love you.
Sona: Are you for real?
Dev: Yes.
Sonakshi is super confused.

Scene 2: Shraman’s Residence
(EDKV part only)
Suman is reading magazines and just then Shravan comes in.
Sumo: Finally you came.
Shravan: Sumo! Sumo! I am so happy.
Shravan spins Suman around,
Sumo: Why what happened?
Shravan: I won the case.
Sumo: I knew it. My Shravan is the best.
Suman pulls Shravan’s cheek.
Shravan: What Sumo?
Suman smiles.
Shravan: By the way, where is mom is she home?
Sumo: She is still outside. She called me she said she will be late.
Shravan: Then we can romance for a while?
Shravan comes close to Suman.
Sumo: What Shravan?
Suman pushes Shravan. Suman is walks, and Shravan holds her close.
Sumo: Shravan, what if anyone sees us like this?
Shravan: Let them see.
Sumo: Shravan, look.
Sumo: Look mom is here.
Shravan: I won’t get fooled so easily.
Sumo: Really?
Shravan carasses Suman’s hair,
Shravan: Sumo, you know when you were not here for many days, I missed you so much.
Suman becomes teary-eyed.
Shravan: No don’t cry.
Sumo: Even I don’t know how I spent those days without you. I felt so bad.
Shravan: It was my entire fault.
Sumo: No it was mine. I should have listened to you. If I did, then our baby would have been alive today.
Suman cries and Shravan consoles her.
Shravan: Now we will forget all the differences and start our lives afresh.
Suman looks on.

Scene 3: Devakshi’s Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Sona: Dev, you are making me so much confused.
Just then Sonakshi finds Dev disappeared and realized that she was imagining.
Sona: So, it was my imagination.
Sonakshi looks at the mirror and talks to herself.
Sona: Mrs Sonakshi Dixit, from when did you start daydreaming?
Sonakshi smiles and Dev comes for real this time.
Sonakshi looks at Dev and becomes silent.
Dev: Look Sona, whatever happened today I was just. I know it’s so weird.
Sona: (in her mind) Sona, ignore again you are day dreaming?
Sonakshi gets into work.
Dev is feeling weird.
Dev: Sona please agree.
Sonakshi gives a weird look to Dev.
Dev: Please.
Sonakshi tries to ignore Dev.
Dev: Please Sonakshi I really love you. But your decision matters.
Sonakshi leaves.
Dev: (in his mind) she is not agreeing. What to do? How to know that whether she feels for me or not?
Dev gets thinking.

Scene 4: Conversation
Sonakshi is walking.
Sona: I don’t know what is wrong with me. What to do? I am so confused, this Dev
Just then Sonakshi gets an idea and smiles.
Sona: This will be great. I call Sumo, maybe she may help me out.
Sonakshi calls Suman.
On the other hand, as Suman and Shravan were getting close, just then Suman’s phone rings.
Shravan: Wow what a timing.
Suman picks up the phone.
Sumo: Hello, Sona?
Sona: Thank god you picked up the phone.
Shravan: (in his minds) Now she is going to talk to her sister for hours, and I.
Shravan leaves.
Sumo: What happened? You called.
Sona: Sumo, I need help.
Sumo: What is it?
Sona: Actually, if one imagines something like she daydreams what does that indicate? Like how to explain. Is it like she is suffering from any disease?
Sumo: I don’t understand, you are the one who studied medical and asking me what disease is that? Wow.
Sona: I was just asking.

On the other hand Shravan is speaking with Dev.
Shravan: Hello?
Dev: Is your wife next to you?
Shravan: No, she is busy talking with your wife.
Dev: Great. She ignored me and now speaking with Sumo.
Shravan: Why what happened?
Dev: I confessed my love to Sona as you know, and then she?
Shravan: She what?
Dev: She ignored me.
Shravan: What!

Suman and Sonakshi’s conversation
Sumo: Are you talking about yourself?
Sona: Huh? Me. No. Not me. One of my friend.
Sumo: Really?
Sona: Yes
Sumo: What about her?
Sona: Actually her husband confessed love to her and she is confused whether she loves him or not, and she keeps on daydreaming about him. Now what should I tell her?
Suman smiles.
Sumo: (in her mind) Sona, I know you are speaking about yourself only and no one else. Because I know Dev Jiju confessed his love to you.
Sona: Sumo say something?
Sumo: That is called Sona.
Sona: What!

Shravan and Dev’s conversation
Shravan: How can Sona ignore you?
Dev: I seriously have no idea.
Shravan: It’s not shocking, have you ever seen anyone confessing love like this like falling down from the bed. Look Dev, even Devdas have never done so.
Dev: I feel like Devdas right now.
Shravan: So what do you think? How will you persuade Sona?
Dev: You tell me, this is why you called me.
Shravan: Me?
Dev: Yes, you Mr.Shravan Malhotra.

Sonakshi and Suman’s conversation.
Sona: What about me?
Sumo: I know that’s you only.
Sona: No.
Sumo: Look Sona, now you don’t lie to me.
Sona: Yes, it’s me.
Sumo: Wow Jiju so romantic. Aww so cute. Dev and Sonakshi what a pair.
Sona: I didn’t call to listen to your useless talks that’s why I didn’t want to call you.
Sumo: Okay fine. Dev and some other girl what a pair.
Sona: No!
Sumo: Getting jealous hun?
Sona: No nothing is like that.
Sumo: Yours and Jiju’s story is just too good, one is confused and one confessed love by falling down from the bed.
Sona: How you know Dev confessed love to me after falling from the bed? I never told you.
Suman gets surprised as she remembers that Sonakshi doesn’t knows that Dev took advice from Shravan.
Sumo: No nothing.
Sona: Look Sumo you.
Sumo: I need to help Shravan, will speak to you later. Bye.
Suman quickly declines the call.
Sona: Hello, Sumo, you just can’t cut the call like this tell me?
Sona: (in her mind) Uff this Sumo, how does she knows?

Dev and Shravan’s conversation
Dev: Love guru, please tell me?
Shravan: From when did I become love guru? You were the one who were given this title.
Dev: Look Shravan, yours is love marriage and mine is arranged marriage so there is difference.
Shravan: Whatever
Dev: So now you help me?
Shravan: Now how I help you? You are so strange.
Dev: You are strange yaar, not helping me.
Shravan: Okay fine, relax. Just arrange a romantic dinner for Sona dii.
Dev: Wow, that’s all and you think she will agree?
Shravan: Let me think,
Dev: Love Guru please.
Shravan: Now can you please stop calling me that. I hate it. Even with this, Sumo irritates me.
Shravan is shocked as he sees Suman, who seems angry.
Shravan: Sumo, you here?
Dev: Now Shravan is gone.
Sumo: What are you complaining about me? And who are you complaining to?
Shravan: Sumo, actually I , that I was, I
Sumo: Whatever, you know Sona called me.
Dev was about to keep the phone and he doesn’t do so when he hears Sonakshi’s name
Shravan: Sona dii called you?
Sumo: Yes,
Shravan: What did she say?
Sumo: How Dev jiju confessed love to her and she is confused?
Dev listens carefully.
Sona: You know when I took other girl’s name she got so jealous. I am sure she loves Jiju too.
Dev smiles.
Shravan: Jealous?
Sumo: You won’t understand. Remember how you used to get jealous seeing me and Aditya together?
Shravan: Now don’t take his name infront of me.
Shravan gets angry,
Sumo: Now see you got angry for real. You are jealous.
Dev smiles as he gets an idea.
Dev: Now, you and Sumo meet me tonight. I need help from both of you.
Shravan: You were listening to our conversation?
Dev: So what mistake I did, you and Sumo also listened to mine.
Shravan: Okay fine we are coming.
Dev smiles.
Dev: Now Mrs. Sonakshi Dixit get ready.

Scene 5: Shraman’s residence
(EDKV part only)
Shravan keeps the phone.
Sumo: So what were you complaining about me to Dev Jiju?
Shravan: Nothing.
Sumo: Shravan you better tell me.
Shravan: Love Guru.
Sumo: Oh please don’t make excuse, I know very well you must have complained about something for real.
Shravan: Are you for real? Oh god.
Sumo: Tell me.
Shravan: I told you.
Sumo: Fine don’t tell me.
Just then Suman gets a call from Aditya,
Shravan: Now why is he calling you?
Sumo: Why should I tell you?
Shravan gets angry.
Sumo: Why do you get so hyper whenever you listen to Aditya’s name?
Shravan: No. Now let’s go,
Suman and Shravan goes together but they don’t talk to each other.

Scene 6: Devakshi’s Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is on video call with Ishwari,
Sona: Maa, you can’t come today? Then when you will come?
Ishwari: I will come in 2-3 days time.
Sona: Okay fine. Me and Dev miss you.
Ishwari: I miss you both too.
Just then someone calls Ishwari,
Ishwari: Sona, I will talk to you later, where is Dev?
Sona: He is still busy.
Ishwari: Okay, just give me a moment.
Ishwari leaves.
Sonakshi is waiting and later she leaves for a while. Dev comes and sits down on the bed and looks at the bunch of flower.
Dev: If I give this to Sona, I will say Sona will you be mine forever?
And then she will say I love you too, you are mine forever.
Dev smiles looking at the flowers. Just then Ishwari comes back and is surprised to see Dev like this.
Ishwari: Dev?
Dev looks around.
Dev: Ma?
And then he sees her in the video call.
Dev: Ma! You in video call.
Ishwari: Beta, how are you? Yes Sona.
Dev: I am fine. But Maa why you come so late? I was in office that’s why couldn’t speak much.
Ishwari: I understand, but your Mama is unwell that’s why.
Dev: What happened? Hope all is fine.
Ishwari: He is a bit sick. That’s it.
Ishwari sees the flowers.
Ishwari: By the way flower is beautiful. Who is it for?
Dev: For you?
Ishwari: For Sona right?
Dev nods.
Ishwari: I am happy for you.
Dev: Ma, now I realized what you tried to tell me all these days. I got it now. I will try my best to be a good husband.
Ishwari: I know you will be the best husband just like being the best son.
Dev: Maa, I miss you.
Ishwari: I miss you too beta.
Later, Ishwari
Ishwari: I will speak to you later. Bye.
Dev: Bye.

Later, Sonakshi sees flowers in Dev’s hand.
Sona: These flowers are for me? Aww so nice.
Dev: Who said it’s for you?
Sona: Then who is it for?
Dev: It’s for Ma.
Sona: Maa? But she is coming 2-3 days later.
Dev: Oh really?
Sona: You don’t know? Can’t be.
Dev: So?
Sona: So I keep it for you.
Dev: Don’t even touch it.
Dev leaves.
Sona: Why is he behaving with me like this?

Scene 7: On the Car
(EDKV part only)
Shravan and Suman are in the car.
They are angry with each other and they look at opposite directions.
Just then they listen to the radio, and Suman changes to the romantic song.
Suman smiles. Shravan changes the radio and listens to cricket commentary.
Suman changes it again. Shravan changes it again.
Sumo: Shravan let me listen to what I want to don’t you dare.
Shravan: Look Mrs Suman Malhotra this is my car and I will listen what I want to.
Sumo: Okay fine. Listen to whatever you want to. I am leaving.
Suman gets out of the car.
Shravan: Seriously Sumo?
Shravan gets out of the car.
Shravan: Sumo, get in.
Sumo: No, I won’t.
Shravan holds Suman’s hand.
Shravan: You won’t agree like this. Let’s go now.
Sumo: I am not going.
Shravan: Okay fine stay here.
And then it starts lightning and storms. Suman gets scared and hugs Shravan. They both share a hug. Music plays. Later, they separate.
Shravan: Now let’s go.
Suman agrees.
Shravan listens to music.
Shravan: Someone said right, after marriage independence is taken away.
Suman changes it to the cricket commentary.
Sumo: Now listen to commentary.
Suman takes out her phone and listens to music.
Shravan smiles a little, Suman looks at Shravan angrily. Shravan also becomes angry later.
Suman listens to music. And later Shravan listens to the commentary and a player gets out.
Shravan: Out!
Suman looks at Shravan surprised.
Shravan: Sorry.
Sumo: Also concentrate on driving.
Shravan: Nothing will happen to you so no need to worry.
Suman makes faces and listens to music.
Sumo: He is overacting as if he is the bowler
Shravan: And you are the batsman.
Suman ignores Shravan and listens to music.
Shravan: The way she is listening to romantic music, in actual she is not at all romantic.
Suman gives an angry look to Shravan and they look at opposite directions.

Scene 8: Devakshi’s Residence
Suman and Shravan comes to Devakshi’s house.
Dev: Good you both are here. I hope Sona doesn’t see you both here. Then she may doubt on us.
Sumo: Don’t worry Sona won’t see us.
Suman and Shravan looks at each other angrily,
Dev: What happened? Things doesn’t seem to be good in between both of you.
Shravan: No, nothing like that.
Dev: You both had a fight, right?
Sumo: Leave it Jiju, tell me how to help you?
Dev: Upstairs, in the room at the left.
Sumo: Okay.
Suman goes upstairs.
Dev: What happened you both had a fight?
Shravan: Leave it yaar.
Shravan goes upstairs.
Dev: (in his mind) Shravan I know you very well, I am sure you both had a fight and you always get angry for no reason and you will cool down soon also. I am sure all will be fine while you both work together.
Dev looks at Sonakshi coming and acts to ignore.
Sona: Listen Dev I wanted to
Dev talks to someone on the phone.
Dev: Hey dear, lovely sweet heart, baby I miss you.
Sonakshi is surprised. And she hides and listens.
Dev: I have a surprise for you.
Sona: (in her mind) Who is he speaking to?
Dev: Sweetheart for that you have to come to the garden, I will be waiting for you.
Dev leaves. Sonakshi follows Dev.
Shravan and Suman on the other hand, Shravan holds Suman’s hand tight and makes a poem.
Sumo: Why did you hold my hand tight?
Shravan: What were you trying to do there? That we had a fight?
Sumo: None of your business. And Dev didn’t know right.
Shravan: Don’t take things for light.
Sumo: I have to complete everything before it’s late night.
Suman leaves.
Shravan: What’s wrong with her? Why is she acting like this?

Scene 9: Room
(EDKV part only)
Suman and Shravan are angry with each other, and they do different arrangements.
Shravan is arranging the curtains and Suman is arranging the table. Later, they both complete their work, and then the both hold the flower basket together. Suman and Shravan remembers about their honeymoon and they smile looking at each other.

Shravan: It’s okay I will do.
Sumo: No need to worry I will do.
Shravan: Sumo, I said I will do.
Sumo: Shravan, let me do.
They pull the flower basket towards each other.
Shravan: Sumo!
Sumo: Shravan!
And later, Shravan suddenly flunks it and the basket falls from his hand and flowers drop on Shravan and Suman. They look at each other and share an eyelock. Music plays and they lovingly stare at each other.
Sumo: See, Shravan what have you done?
Shravan: Why are you blaming me?
Sumo: What will Jiju do? What will he think?
Shravan: Let him think. It’s your fault.
Sumo: Shravan, you!
Shravan: Look Sumo, I am not in mood to fight with you.
Sumo: I am also not interested.
Later, Dev comes.
Dev: So all done?
Shravan and Suman looks at Dev, and Dev is surprised.
Dev: Wow instead of helping in my love story you all are busy in your love story.
Shravan: Nothing like that.
Later, Sonakshi is coming, Suman sees this and Suman holds Shravan’s hand. Shravan looks at Suman surprised.
Shravan: Sumo?
Dev: Wow enjoy your romance.
Sumo: Sona is coming here.
Shravan: You should have told us earlier.
Sumo: Okay I am sorry, now let’s go.
Suman and Shravan hides and Dev tries to distract Sonakshi and talks on the phone. Sonakshi is surprised to see the room.
Sona: What is this? (Eita Ki?)
Dev: Oh so you are there already baby? I am coming right now. Love you sweetheart.
Sona: That means, I was right. Dev likes someone else also?
Sonakshi follows Dev.
Suman and Shravan who are hiding behind the curtains.
Shravan: Thank god they didn’t see us. Sumo we can come out now.
Shravan is surprised as he sees Suman struggling with the curtains.
Shravan: Quick before they come back again.
Sumo: It’s your fault who told you to put the curtain like this.
Shravan: Oh so now this is my fault also. Nothing happened to me.
Sumo: The way you hanged this curtain only you know how it get out from this tangle.
Shravan: Okay fine I will help you.
Sumo: No need.
Shravan waits and Suman manages to untangle herself and then she is about to come, she slips on the curtain and as she was about to fall Shravan holds her, and they share an eyelock. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays.
Later, they break eyelock and Shravan forwards his hand. Suman looks on and Shravan holds Suman closer to him, Suman hugs Shravan. Music plays. Suman whispers on Shravan’s ear.
Sumo: Thank you!
Shravan: Okay now let’s leave.
Sumo: I am sorry. Please forgive your Sumo now.
Suman holds her ears. Shravan looks on.
Sumo: Dev Jiju told me what you said about me. You are right and I am wrong. What to do I act like a possessive wife. I am sorry.
Shravan hugs Suman.
Shravan: I am also a possessive husband because I love you.
Sumo: I love you too.
Shravan kisses Suman on her forehead.
Shravan: Let’s go now.
Suman and Shravan leaves.

Scene 10: Outside
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev reaches the garden and smiles.
Dev: Now I will execute my master plan. Are you ready?
The girl nods.
Dev: I hope you are fine with this.
She agrees.
Sonakshi comes there and Dev pretends to hug the girl.
Dev: I am so happy that I got you in my life.
Sonakshi gets teary-eyed seeing this and she runs from there crying.
Dev breaks hug.
Dev: Oh no, I think this is too much. Okay you leave now.
The girl leaves.
Dev runs behind Sonakshi.
Dev: Sona, listen.
Sonakshi comes to the room and sees the arrangements. She gets angry and she messes it up. Dev is surprised to see Sonakshi like this.
Dev: Sona!
Sonakshi holds Dev’s collar.
Sona: What is wrong with you? Why did you cheat?
Dev: Sona, listen you are?
Sonakshi leaves Dev’s collar and cries.
Sona: I married you. Because I found you are understanding and also the love you had for your family. But you, you cheated me.
Dev: Sona, it’s nothing like that. I was.
Sonakshi looks around.
Sona: Where is she? Your sweetheart. That’s what you call her right?
Dev: Sona, you are getting me wrong. Please cool down and listen to me once.
Sona: Cool down and listen? How can I? After I saw. Yuck. I feel ashamed of what I saw.
Dev holds Sonakshi tightly and pins her to the wall.
Dev: Enough Sona! You have spoke a lot.
Sona: Let me speak. People say trust is the most important thing after marriage, and you. You know what I saw many instances like that flower, and the honey dear sweetheart I was telling myself I was wrong. Because I trusted you. But what I saw from my eyes, what should I say? How can I say I was wrong? You tell me. You hugged her right?
Dev: Yes I did.
Sona: I can’t believe this. I thought you were not like other guys but I was wrong. I feel ashamed to say that I love you.
Sonakshi continues to cry and Dev smiles and becomes happy.
Sona: But you? You just said that you loved me but you cheated me.
Sonakshi cries.
Sona: It was better I die.
Dev covers Sonakshi’s mouth.
Dev: Don’t say like this, I will prefer to die rather than this.
Sonakshi seperates Dev’s hand.
Sona: Stop your fake concern and go. Go to your sweet heart. You love her. You only care for her. She can take good care of you. She
Dev to stop Sonakshi kisses Sonakshi. Later, he stop. Sonakshi is surprised at what just happened.
Dev: I am sorry, but I had to this.
Sonakshi is shocked.
Dev holds Sonakshi closer.
Dev: Do you have any idea, how much I love you. No you don’t. And all this was my plan to make you confess my love and I was right you loved me too. And that was all plan, if you dont believe ask your sister she will tell you.
Sona: They also?
Dev: I had to. I never fall in love before. It’s my first time. I am sorry Sona. I did wrong with you.
Dev cups Sonakshi’s face.
Sona: I was scared I lost you.
They look at each other and hug.
Dev: I love you.
Sona: I love you too.
Later, Dev and Sonakshi look at each other. They dance with each other on Bol Do Na Zaara. Dev carries Sonakshi in his arms and spins around. Sonakshi smiles. Later, they share some cosy and intimate moments and they bring their relationship to the next level.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi talks to each other. Dev says that I am sorry that was my mistake. Sonakshi is surprised. Later, Sonakshi says that sorry Dev I have to disagree with you, it is not your mistake. On the other hand, Suman and Shravan talks to each other. Suman says you should give me one more chance. Shravan disagrees and says that he cannot do so. Suman is surprised. Later, Shravan looks at a picture and gets teary-eyed, Suman gets determined.

My exams are over so will try to upload the episode earlier if possible. Actually it takes me 1-2 days to write one episode so that’s why. Will try to upload the next episode tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Once I finish writing the next episode will publish immediately.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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