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KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 18

Hii!! I’m back widy crazy ff..I hope u all liked d new entries, I introduced in previous episode. So let’s start d episode..
RECAP: Shravan, Suman, Kunj n Twinkle’s characters introduced. Some emotional melodrama n family fun.
Episode 18
Bose House
Sona is getting ready for going to Dixit house.(I know dat today they’re gonna fix d engagement date if Devakshi, but for Sona, work comes first) Sona, as usual, dresses simply, but Elena comes n teases her.
E: Sona, u’ll go like dis!?
S: y, wats wrong in dis??
E: ohho dis girl!! Your engagement date will b fixed today, n u’ll go like dis!! So simple!!
S: yes I’ll go like dis only..I can’t do any taam-jhaam.
E: shut up Sona. It’s not any taam-jhaam. Today, u’ll take your first step towards being Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit..u shud look beautiful today.
S: I look beautiful everyday..
E: for Dev..not everyone. Wait, today I’ll make u ready..
Elena applies kajal n mascara on Sona’s eyes n lipstick on her lips. She makes her wear beautiful dangling earrings.
E: done..now see, u look so damn gorgeous.
S:(wid a smile) thank u Elena. Ok now, I’m getting late.. so bye!!
E: bye
Sona quickly finishes her breakfast n leaves for Dixit house.
Dixit House
Ishwari, Suman n Twinkle are sitting in d hall n r discussing something.
S: maa, we hv to do so many things. We hv to prepare guests list, we hv to call d caterers, decorators. N maa, when should we call d jeweler. We hv to select engagement rings right..
I: let d date be fixed first, then we’ll think of all dis. N we’ll go to d jeweler, next week.
T: but maa, if d priest says dat d engagement should b done in two days, or else it can’t happen till six months, jst like movies, then..
Suman n Ishwari laugh.
I: then, we’ll call d jeweler home wid some rings, n we’ll select d rings n do d engagement then n there..ok
Three of them laugh. Jst then Dev, Shravan n Kunj come down.
Sh: wat happened, lots of giggles r heard..
Su: we were jst discussing abt d arrangements of Dev n Sonakshi’s engagement.
K: so, d date is fixed??
I: no, Bose family will come n then d priest will fix d date.
K: ohh..
Jst then Sona enters Dixit house. She comes to Ishwari n wishes her good morning. Dev n Sona look at each other. Kunj sees dis.
K: mera piya ghar aaya, oh ram ji..mera piya ghar aaya, oh ram ji..(a song)
Sona blushes n goes to d kitchen n Dev gives an angry glare to Kunj.
D: shut up Kunj!!
Sona comes back wid some papers in her hand.
So: Dev, I wanted to discuss abt maa’s health reports.
T: ohh reports!!
Su: ok let’s go. Let them discuss abt d reports.
Sh: no no..send them to d lawn. There they will discuss better, right Kunj..
K: yeah..let’s send them there. N no one will go to d lawn today. They will discuss reports there.
Sona was all red blushing. Dev was also shy.
I: ohho, stop it all of u. Dev, Sonakshi, u both go to d lawn. These four won’t let u discuss anything here.
Dev n Sona go to d lawn. They sit on d chair. Sona takes out d reports n she starts explaining him something. But, Dev is continuously looking at Sona n is lost in her. Sona sees dis.
S: Dev!!
D: hmm(still lost in her)
S: Dev!!(bit louder)
D: ya..wat happened?
S: did u hear wat I said?
D: ya, I did..
S: accha, wat did I say?
D: umm..wo..umm
S:(laughs) Dev, concentrate on d reports..
D: I can’t do dat..I can’t concentrate on anything, except u..
Sona smiles.
S: Dev, plzz!!
D: ok
Sona explains him abt Ishwari’s reports. After explaining all dat to Dev, Sona gets up to leave, but Dev holds her hand. He pulls her closer.
S: Dev..
D: Sona..
They were really close n.. NRN come.
R: bhai, time up!! Sorry
Ni: wow, u discuss reports like dis??
D: shut up Nikki..
Ne: bhai, if your report romance is over, then come to d hall. D Bose family n d priest hv come. Maa is calling u both.
S: ok, let’s go.
D: yeah, let’s go(sad)
Devakshi come outside.
A: shona, Dev Babu, where were u both?
Shravan, Suman, Neha, Kunj, Twinkle, Ria n Nikki together: they were discussing reports.
Sona shies n looks down. They give Dev n Sona’s kundali to d priest. D priest analyzes them n then says
Pr: there is a date after 10 days. After dat, there’s no date till three months.
D:(spontaneously) ok then, after 10 days’ date is final.
All stare Dev, n then burst out laughing. Dev looks down.
A: but, Dev Babu..how we will do all preparations in 10 days?? We need some time..
Sh: aunty, everything will b done..u don’t worry.
Ku: ya, n if we wait till 3 months, then bhaiya will run away wid bhabhi..
All laugh.
I: ok then, after 10 days..ok
A: ok, Ishwari ji. Now we must leave.
I: ok..n plzz don’t worry abt d preparations.
Bose family leaves. Ishwari goes to her room. Sona comes there.
S: aunty ji..
I: arey, nutri..Sonakshi!!
S: plzz call me nutrition only..
I: ok baba, nutrition..tell me, y hv u come here?
S: actually, aunty ji, I wanted to talk to u..
I: ya tell..
S: can we call mamaji also, in dis engagement..
I: nutrition!!
S: aunty ji, I don’t want dis family to break..bcz of me..
I: it’s not bcz of u, it’s bcz of vicky..n bhabhi too supported him!!
S: aunty ji, we can’t call Vicky, but mamaji is your bhabhi..n I know dat u’ll feel bad by not finding your entire family, at your son’s engagement. So, can we call her??
I: ok..
S: thank u aunty ji..
I: but but but..for dat, I hv a condition..
S: wat condition??
I: see, Twinkle is Kunj’s life partner, but they r not engaged, still she calls me maa..y don’t u??
Sona smiles n says, maa. For d first time, Ishwari hugs her. Sona feels so happy. Dev comes there n feels happy seeing them hugging.
D: accha, so Saas- Bahu bonding is on here!!
Both Sona n Ishwari smile. Sona moves n stands besides Ishwari.
S: y, r u jealous dat maa is hugging me!?
D: oh hello!! She’s my maa, if she hugged u once, then don’t fly..
S: maa, can u smell something burning..or shud i say, SOMEONE burning..
Dev pulls Ishwari to his side.
D: no one is burning..
Sona giggles n says, wo to dikh rha h..(that can b seen). She leaves. Ishwari talks to Dev abt calling mamaji in his engagement. Dev denies at first, but then ishwari convinces him n he agrees.
Evening time
Shravan, Suman, Kunj, Twinkle & NRN hv gone out..kinda hangout. After all, they hv come back from London after so many years. Ishwari is in her room, taking rest. Sona is in d kitchen, preparing Ishwari’s diet chart for next day. Dev comes there.
D: well, y dis makeup today?
S: elena did dis.
D: is Elena in a mood to kill me..
S: y?
D: already you’ve got such pretty eyes, I always get mesmerized by your eyes. I lose myself in your eyes. N if u’ll apply kajal, then, I’ll forget breathing.
Sona blushes. She tries hiding her blush n moves here n there. Dev holds her hand.
D: don’t hide your blush from me, atleast..
He pulls her close. Pehla pehla pyaar hai song from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plays.
*Pehla pehla pyaar hai..pehli pehli baar hai (x2)*
He takes d pen from her hand n keeps it on d counter.
*Jaan ke bhi anjaana..kaisa mera yaar hai..ho..
Pehla pehla pyaar hai .pehli pehli baar hai..*
Sona turns towards Dev. They look into each other’s eyes. Sona moves backwards, while Dev moves forward, towards Sona.
*Uski nazar..palkon ki chilman se mujhe dekhti..uski nazar..
Uski haya..apni hi chahat ka raaz kholti..uski haya..*
Sona is stopped by d wall. Dev moves closer. He holds Sona’s waist. Sona closes her eyes.
*Chhup ke kare jo wafa..aisa mera yaar hai..ho*
Dev goes closer to Sona’s face. Sona’s eyes r still closed. He kisses her forehead. Sona smiles. She opens her eyes n looks at Dev.
*Pehla pehla pyaar hai..pehli pehli baar hai..*
Dev holds Sona’s hand n both of them look towards their hands, n entwine their fingers.
*Wo hai nisha..wo hi meri zindagi ki bhor hai..wo hai nisha..
Use hai pata..uske hi haathon mein meri dor hai..use hai pata..*
They both join their foreheads n Dev pats Sona’s nose wid his nose. (Aww..such a cute moment) Sona laughs at dis action of Dev.
*Saare jahaan se juda..kaisa mera yaar hai..ho
Pehla pehla pyaar hai..pehli pehli baar hai..*
On d adjacent wall if d kitchen, falls d shadow of Dev n Sona kissing each other.
PRECAP: Mami ji returns. Devakshi engagement shopping.
Ty so much Manya, Chithra, krish, Varsha94, Nishi, Shreyansh, Esme, Y.balamirra, Bhoomi, simplesweety1. Manya, I nvr feel bad of anything u ppl say, coz u all r my telly frnds!! Chithra, hope u luvd d romantic flavour. Well commented krish..family fun in Ishwari mansion is like a dream.. Varsha, Twinj n shraman will add, not spice, but little bit sugar n salt to d show!!lol.. It’s ok Nishi..but from now onwards, I want your comment, ALWAYS.. Shreyansh, Y.balamirra, Bhoomi, simplesweety1 n Esme, tumhare comments padhke mere bhav badh gye!! N us episode pe comment nhi kiya na, to sab ko personally msg kr k KATTI bolungi!!

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